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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

   Ugh... I haven't disappeared... I just haven't had time to get on!
I had a busy couple of weeks. For one, last week wore me out because I went to a game last Thursday and Friday. Then, I went all over town on Sunday. I think things should cool down soon.

You know, if you have:




..let me know. I check those daily, and I love getting to know people better.

Also, I trust you people on MyO. Y'all keeps it real.


What's up, people? How's school? Work?

Here's a question for you guys:

Do you know any cool jokes? If so, tell it to me!

Make me laugh!

Make me cry! (in a good way, of course)

Make me wet myself!

I want to laugh so hard that I spill the drink that I'm drinking, not literally pee my pants!

Silly gooses.

Silly, silly gooses.

Well, I'm out.


Before I leave, if you're ever bored, be sure you message me!


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