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Saturday, October 20, 2007

   When you're out with your friends in your new Mercendes Benz and you're on drugs...
Ah... you gotta love Weezer lyrics. :D


I turned in my essay about that leadership conference thing, but I'm afraid I wasn't the only one to... I was hoping I was. But hopefully, I'll please the gods and they will favor me. I guess there's a god of essays... Where's a Greek or Roman when you need one?

We didn't have a pep rally because they were polishing the gym floors. We could've had one at the football field, but no. And the principal complains that we don't have school spirit...

Shyeah right...

That's why they got that bitch so good. A bunch of dude's rolled her yard. *sniffle* It was so beautiful...

We played Carthage, and it's always a good game when we play them. We won, but the band lost. Our lovely band director says that we act like a 1A band, when he treats us like one! 3A bands are supposed to be good. WE SOUNDED SO AWFUL! I mean, how can you not notice that? Me and Daniel's (tuba player who's my bitch... I'm friend) lips were shot because we didn't warm up enough.

Does it look like I like having purple lips?! And yes, my lips have turned blue before... it was creepy, but cool!

We were pretty pissed at the band director for making us look like elementary kids in front of Carthage's band. Their band always has an awesome brass section...

So yeah. We suck. And we sound like middle schoolers.

Hoo fuckin ray.

Well, I'm about to gather awesome music together so I can make an awesome CD to cruise to.

Also, I'm in a mood for Queens of the Stone Age. =]

See ya!


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