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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hi everybody! It's been a while! I've got no time to chit chat, but I'll try to pretty soon!
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Monday, October 30, 2006

   Rawl... snarl... snorrrr....
Ho hum... It's been a kinda long day. @-@ Well, I'll start it off from the beginning:

I finally got some extra rest last night! This morning, I wasn't as tired as I usually am. But I was a good bit sick. Whenever I force myself to wake up, like for school or something, I can't eat anything in the morning cuz I'll barf it back up! I get this churning feeling in my stomach, and it keeps me from even looking at food. Trust me, I've tried!
Well, back on topic, school was nothing new or interesting. But people have been discussing the loss of our rivalry game last Friday, which is the biggest BS of all time!
At lunch, we had crappy food made by lunch ladies who hate everybody and everything. Wonderful, isn't it?
I got really stressed out in band. We've been sight reading and now we're working on the "Nutcracker". There's a part in there where I always get on the wrong frickin partial and it makes me want to rip out my hair! There's also another part where I have a run (which can be a good bit complicated on the trombone) and I'm slowly getting it, but I screw up cuz I keep trying to make it a run! You know, like in scales! No, you don't know or care...

Tomorrow is my bestest brother/son/friend's B-day, and his little lover wants to get paint and write happy birthday on his truck! She's gonna keep him busy, while me and another friend decorate his truck! It'll be quite the birthday for him!

Well, I think I've said enough. Oh yeah, I'm gonna try to write a little story soon! Actually, I wouldn't say soon, but I'm gonna do it when I'm not really stressed out. ^-^


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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yep. It's been a while. I like what I've done around here, and hopefully, you guys will like it, too.
Things have been boring around here. Football season is over for us (which sucks), and concert season (band) is starting. So far, being a "freshwoman" is going pretty well! Thank God there aren't any initiations! ^_~
I really want to get a laptop. This computer is getting pretty old, and dial-up is not making anything better. If I get a laptop, I'll get all of my crap and put it on there! Smart, ain't it?
Well, I'm running out of things to say, so I finish up.

PS: I finally beat Final Fantasy V!!!!! It took me over a year to get leveled up to level 77 (I think that's the number ^^)


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Thursday, October 5, 2006

I'm back!!! But I've got no time to update or anything right now!!! Gotta go!
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Friday, July 14, 2006

   The wall is crawling...
Well, not much has happened. My ex keeps on professing his love for me, and my bf is getting a little pissed off with it.

My ex isn't really mad at my bf, but I think the guy is going kinda looney. He told me that I was the best girl he's had, and he keeps asking me if I still care about him. To be honest, I don't have anymore feelings for him. I just want to be his friend, but it might be hard to do that with him.


She just had to come along and fuck things up! X_X The whore...

My bf told me that she was obsessed with his older brother! She even started to plan a wedding! Talk about crazy! Well, that what's expected from posers! One day, I saw her wearing a Nirvana shirt! Total shocker! When I talked to my ex, I asked him if she ever talked about rock bands, and he said that she only said stuff about country! LOL! Poser alert! He also said that she probably doesn't even know the lead singer's name!

Pitiful... *shakes head*

Ugh... my ex is stressing me out! Oh well, I just gotta stop thinking about the whole thing!

I just realized something today! My bf kinda resembles the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold! Cool, ain't it? Nay, it's flippin awesome! x3

My friend Matthew, and my ex, are telling me that I should by eggs and bologna. You see, what you do is you crack the egg and get the clear stuff of the egg on one side of the bologna, and they tell me to slap the bologna onto cameltoe's car! I think it peels off the paint or something! But if I did that, she would probably eat her car!! x3 LOL!!!!

I could use A Perfect Circle right now... The "Thirteenth Step" album was the best!

Well, that's pretty much it! I know, it's not very interesting, but it's something! It's soooooooooooo boring around here. I got band camp next week, so it's gonna suck major balls.

I hope guys are doing alright! I'm gonna try to visit and comment on your sites! Make sure you make cookies! ^_~

Later guys!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sorry I haven't been online for a while! I just had to take a wittle bwreak! ^^ It was much needed!

Boy, I missed you guys!

Anyway, a few interesting things happened with me, and they have to do with my ex.

It all started when one of my sources told me that the chick he's with, cameltoe (my nickname for her x3), is planning of breaking up with him. She says she doesn't care aboot him and she just used him for sex.

Ha ha, bitch! That's what he gets!

But then, one of his friends that's also a good of mine came by Sunday. The guy told me that my ex is depressed now! x3 The guy is totally upset and he wants me back! He says he regrets what he did! I knew this would happen! When I found this out, I felt like celebrating cuz I was right!

It is a wonderous feeling indeed to know that he is now suffering. Ha ha!

But I gotta admit, I kinda felt sorry for him. I don't know why... I blame being brought up a Catholic... Who knows...

He actually got the balls to call me. He practically told me how he felt, and how bad he regrets it. I told him what I felt, but I was telling him everything in a way that didn't sound nice. He knows aboot me and my current guy, and I think somewhere in him is kinda pissed off. But we were able to work things out. He did profess his love for me, but when he asked me if I still loved him, I told him "don't ask me that."

I don't think I have any feelings for him. I forced myself into denial and made myself stop loving him. I'm with someone else now, so I had to stop. I'm happy with that someone. I am soooo not going to fuck things up between us! But I don't know if my bf will think I still like my ex... I don't. So far nobody knows aboot me and my ex talking. But that's all it is: talking. He's more of a friend to me. He even cracks up at the jokes I make of his camel toe girlfriend! He does call me, but my bf doesn't know aboot it! I'm gonna tell him, but I'm not gonna lie. That's the best thing to do cuz if I keep it a secret for a while, then that can be some type of sign that I might be cheating, which I WON'T!

Golly gee wizz! I think I wrote alot...

Well, I'm gonna finish up. I'll be commenting the best I can on you guys' sites.

By the way, has anything big happened with you guys lately! I hope it's nothing bad! *prays*

"When you pray, you get your way, when you hope, the answer's nope." I got that from Morel Orel. It's kinda funny. ^^

Later guys! *waves*

PS: Why did France have to lose the World Cup??!!! *cries*

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Fear the power of the post! As well as the power of the dots! They make me make lemonade magically apear in my pants... I wonder how...

Yeah, I know. I can't stand to go on a hiatus. Oh well...

I would like to take the time to say that this is a great country, but the president is... well, RETARDED!

I'm pretty sure he's a homophobe, and I soooooooooo want to kick his ass!

That would be fun! x3

I'm planning on having a new layout soon, and it might be something very bright a pretty, like Fushigi Yuugi or something. But I'm still trying to decide...

Oh yeah, before I go, I would like to say that I HATE drugs, because they kill the good guys like Kurt Cobain from Nirvana and Layne Staley from Alice In Chains (May their souls rest in peace), as well as making your ex mentally retarded and making him break up with you for some stupid reason that's not even worth it: sex.

I believe in abstinence. That's why I'm glad I'm dating his best friend cuz he won't beg me to break my vow! And he's cute...xp

It seems like I'm dating the guy for revenge, but it's nothing like that! He's SOOOOOO cool! *drools*

I HATE living where accepting diversity is something that will never occur to these ignorant hicks and rednecks. But strangely, I've grown accustomed to them... But I can't wait to go to Havard! x3

Well, that's it.

Never forget; you guys are flippin awesome! *hugs*


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Friday, July 7, 2006

I'm gonna go on an extremely short hiatus. I need the rest... I'm just gonna stop upadating for a day or two. When I come back, there are going to be plenty of changes, so sit tight!

I'll try to visit and comment on you guys' sites! I can't forget about y'all! *cries*

Oh yeah, before I go, feel free to IM me if you like! I'll be here! ^^

Later! *bear hugs everybody*

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Hey guys! I hope you guys are doing fine! As for me, I'm bored. Nothing special has happened around here.

Yesterday, I went with my parents to go grocery shopping. It was ok, I needed to get out of the house before I get depressed again. When we got home, I noticed that the youngest of out two cats had something on his neck. When I looked, he had a batch of hair missing! He also had a wound there! I called my dad into the room and we took his collar off. That poor animal! It was probably the other cat that did it, cuz he's always trying to fuck the little cat's life up!

Oh well. The cat will heal with time.

My summer is wasting away...

Anyway, I've got my money on France! They are sooo gonna win the World Cup! I've got no idea how or why I'm interested in it, I guess I got hooked! We don't even have soccer at my school, which sucks... I rather go to a catholic school than stay here at this close minded public school! x( Grrr...

I need to play a video game or something...

Ho hum...

Well, I gotta go dive off a tall building and land head first on the sidewalk.

Oh yeah, don't think I'm really gonna try to kill myself! I've been saying some really disturbing stuff, but I'm not gonna do it! I'm too much of a wuss and I kinda enjoy living. ^^

I HATE drugs anyway! They killed Layne and Kurt! Damn heroin... Guns killed Dime Bag! The anti-Christ needs to hurry up and save this earth from man... or not.

X sure was a good movie!

Enough about me! How was your day? Oh, do tell! xp

Later guys!

Here are some pics! Enjoy!


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So, you like?

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

   -_- ...
It rained a LOT yesterday. It kinda ruined my plan to shoot some fireworks... I got strangely depressed yesterday. I have no idea why... But I got better. It's pretty boring right now, but the sky is cloudy... I kinda like the cloudy sky.

It's aboot time it rained! Something new needed to happen around here! Mississippi is dullsville... It's SUCKS!

Well, enough with my problems...

Have you guys been keeping up with the World Cup? I kinda have. I know just aboot everybody was rooting for Brazil, but I had faith in France! And look who won! Germany and Italy was an interesting game. But nothing interesting happened except that Italy kept getting hurt. Well, I'm done talking aboot this.

I wonder what CLAMP anime or manga you guys like? Hmmmmm... I guess "No one knows" (it's a queens of the stone age song) ^O^

Here are some Magic Knights of Rayearth pics! They're pretty cool. I love CLAMP, so I gotta show my love! Enjoy!

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