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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

   Huge Bummer
I threw up today. It sucked... I know that nobody cares, but oh well. My 8th grade prom is coming up. I'm definitely going. I have a date and all I need to do is go shopping for a dress and accessories! I'm looking forward to it because I think that it's a night to look and feel pretty. I never really look pretty since I dress sorta boyish and I get accused of being a devil worshiper for wearing alot of black. I'm gonna wear a dress and it's gonna look so weird to people, but oh well. Who cares what they think. I'm unique and I'm glad to be it!!

Later... ; \

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

   Crazy Week...
My week has been pretty crazy. Yesterday, we went to contest at Pearl High School (band contest) and we did pretty good. I don't recall all of the scores, but we had a 2 for concert and I think we did good on the sight-reading. It was sort of fun.
This week, I watched Harlock Saga. It's REALLY good. I'm gonna have to watch more movies made by Leiji Matsumoto. They have a really cool story line.
Well, I hope you guys are having fun. I've been bored like I don't know what! I can't think of anything else to say... Oh well... WATCH MORE ANIME!!

Later Dudes... ; \

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

   Good News!
Boy, I am so happy right now. They dropped the charges on Jon!!! I'm so happy that he doesn't have to go to court. If he went, Mark would've brought me into all of this crap, and that would really make me angry. Yesterday, the Jr. High principal, Mr. Parker, made them shake hands. They're still not cool with each other yet, but if Mark says anything anything bad about Jon, this stuff's gonna start all over again. I'm sooo glad that this is over and done with.
Mark does talk alot of smack, though. He said that I was angry because he had a chick living in Pelahatchie, and I found out what I had lost. I DON'T want him back, and never will. Dude, he looks like a fat lesbian chick! I still ask myself why did I ever go out with him. I totally hate this guy. I'm really happy with Jon. He's really my type of guy. He's also very good-looking, too. That makes everything better! Good personality and looks is friggen' awesome!

Well, I'll write something later. I'm in my English teacher's room, and there's nobody in here. I did have permission to get on the computer, but I'm gonna have to get back to class because I gotta go to lunch.

Later... ; \

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

   Sucky News...
Sorry that I've "vanished" lately. Too much crap has been happening, and I didn't have any time to fill you guys in on the details.

Well anyway, Jon got in a fight. The dude he fought is my ex that I absolutely hate because this guy was not for me. I am more of a man than he is, and I'm a 14 year old girl! This dude's name is Mark (gosh I hate saying it) and he totally pissed Jon off by saying that he could kick his ass and so would his friends. Last Tuesday when Mark came to school, before school started, Jon walked up to him and jabbed em. He hit his mouth, cheek, and the back of his head. Mark didn't fight back! He was trying to run away and Jon was holding him back! The principal, Mrs. Richardson, walked up to Jon and told him to go to the office. So, he did without hesitation. Jon didn't hit the guy hard because he was only trying to provoke him to see what he was made of. When Jon's aunt came to the school to pick him up, Mrs. Richardson said that she didn't see all of it.

I'm pretty happy that he kicked ass, but here's the bad news: Mark is pressing charges! WTF?! Whenever they contacted Jonathan's dad to inform him of that, the principal said that she seen every bit of it!! Her story was the same as Mark's which was this:
He said that Jon walked up to him, pushed him down on the ground, got on top of him, and beat the living hell out of Mark!
This all happened before school started, and there are like over 10 witnesses who seen every bit of it!
He's taking Jon to court, which is so wierd and very pussy. Jon's looking at a year on probation and anger management. That's really wierd because Jon is so not the violent type. He's very nice and does have control. Jon said that whenever he was in the office after the fight, they had both of the guys separated of course, he heard Mark say that the fight sparked because of a girl, me!! Alot of people think that they fought over me, and that's not true. It happened because Mark said that he could kick Jon's ass. Jon took it as an invitation.
What makes this even more worse, a friend of mine, Damaris, said that she had seen the beginning and the end of the fight. She saw Mark grinning during the fight! My theory is that he set Jon up so he can get screwed over, and if that happens, it would effect me. This guy is loony! He obsessed! But he's never gonna get me back because I friggen' hate him. But I say that nothing bad will happen to Jon because he already got suspended for 3 days, which is just punishment. But now poor Jonathan has to go through all of this crap, which is fuckin' ridiculous.
People at school say that Mark has been plotting and has a plan for Jon. Jon did do a good thing. Mark was a loser that nobody knew, and now, people know him as the dude who got his ass kicked by Jon when Jon wasn't even trying!

I'm asking you guys to please wish and hope and think and pray for Jon. If they do him wrong, I will break down and cry because NOBODY should be done wrong like that. Even if Jon got on top of this guy and beat the living hell out of him, this guy would not have a face anymore and would be holier than the pope because of the hell beaten out of him. Well, I'll keep you guys updated on this shit.

If you have any questions, private message me and I will try my ever-so hardest to answer them.

Later... ; \

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

   Bad News...
My boyfriend, Jonathan, got in a fight. The other guy pressed charges on him. It's not what you think; I can't get into detail right now because I'm at school, but when I get home, I'll be real in depth.

Pretty much, Jon got set up!!!!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I've been having band practice like crazy lately. We have concert contest coming up next week, and we've been really trying, well, I have. Everyday after band, my head hurts because the trombone takes alot out of you after a while... But it's fun. I think I'm gonna get stressed out again because of band. Oh well... I hope we can make a superior. That would be friggin' awesome. It's only my first year in High School Band, and I'm already first chair. I think that it's too much for me. We only have four trombones, and only about two, including me, actually play. And I can't play loud because I have pitiful lung capacity. I can't really play loud, but I ALWAYS try to. It's like me vs. 50 other members. It's hard work... : /
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Monday, March 20, 2006

   Damn Computer
My computer gets on my nerves... and it makes me want to throw it out of the window. Actually, I would throw the monitor out because it can be replaced, and I don't have to worry about all of the information I have on it. I need to relieve my stress...
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   Back At School...
Well, my spring break is over, and right now I'm at school. This is so not cool.

I think I should tell you guys about how active anime is here in Morton, Mississippi (it's almost in the middle of the state; 30 miles from the capital, Jackson). I am really sure that I might be the only anime fan here, and it's not cool. We have a Movie Gallery in Morton, but it has a HORRIBLE anime selection, not to mention a horrible gallery! They probably have less than 10 anime titles there! It totally sucks... It's really hard to be an otaku around here. The majority of the people around here don't even know what is an Otaku!! But I manage. I'm not a redneck, but I've been here for about 10 years, and I've learned to cope with these hicks. I can't help but to love this place...

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My computer is making me angry. I'm about to through it out of the window. I would through out the monitor because that can be replaced. Oh well... I'm just in a bad mood... Tomorrow I probably won't be so angry at it... Ugh...
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   A Good Time
I finally went to the mall yesterday, and I was sort of tight on money. My parents made me use MY own money, which I had only saved up like $38. They were being greedy, but oh well. I tried to spend my money evenly and wisely. Oh boy I had a tough time at Hot Topic! But I ended up getting a shirt that said "Watch More Anime". I though it would be cool to sport so I could maybe get some of these hicks interested in it. Living here is hard...
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