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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sorry I haven't been online for a while! I just had to take a wittle bwreak! ^^ It was much needed!

Boy, I missed you guys!

Anyway, a few interesting things happened with me, and they have to do with my ex.

It all started when one of my sources told me that the chick he's with, cameltoe (my nickname for her x3), is planning of breaking up with him. She says she doesn't care aboot him and she just used him for sex.

Ha ha, bitch! That's what he gets!

But then, one of his friends that's also a good of mine came by Sunday. The guy told me that my ex is depressed now! x3 The guy is totally upset and he wants me back! He says he regrets what he did! I knew this would happen! When I found this out, I felt like celebrating cuz I was right!

It is a wonderous feeling indeed to know that he is now suffering. Ha ha!

But I gotta admit, I kinda felt sorry for him. I don't know why... I blame being brought up a Catholic... Who knows...

He actually got the balls to call me. He practically told me how he felt, and how bad he regrets it. I told him what I felt, but I was telling him everything in a way that didn't sound nice. He knows aboot me and my current guy, and I think somewhere in him is kinda pissed off. But we were able to work things out. He did profess his love for me, but when he asked me if I still loved him, I told him "don't ask me that."

I don't think I have any feelings for him. I forced myself into denial and made myself stop loving him. I'm with someone else now, so I had to stop. I'm happy with that someone. I am soooo not going to fuck things up between us! But I don't know if my bf will think I still like my ex... I don't. So far nobody knows aboot me and my ex talking. But that's all it is: talking. He's more of a friend to me. He even cracks up at the jokes I make of his camel toe girlfriend! He does call me, but my bf doesn't know aboot it! I'm gonna tell him, but I'm not gonna lie. That's the best thing to do cuz if I keep it a secret for a while, then that can be some type of sign that I might be cheating, which I WON'T!

Golly gee wizz! I think I wrote alot...

Well, I'm gonna finish up. I'll be commenting the best I can on you guys' sites.

By the way, has anything big happened with you guys lately! I hope it's nothing bad! *prays*

"When you pray, you get your way, when you hope, the answer's nope." I got that from Morel Orel. It's kinda funny. ^^

Later guys! *waves*

PS: Why did France have to lose the World Cup??!!! *cries*

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