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Friday, July 14, 2006

   The wall is crawling...
Well, not much has happened. My ex keeps on professing his love for me, and my bf is getting a little pissed off with it.

My ex isn't really mad at my bf, but I think the guy is going kinda looney. He told me that I was the best girl he's had, and he keeps asking me if I still care about him. To be honest, I don't have anymore feelings for him. I just want to be his friend, but it might be hard to do that with him.


She just had to come along and fuck things up! X_X The whore...

My bf told me that she was obsessed with his older brother! She even started to plan a wedding! Talk about crazy! Well, that what's expected from posers! One day, I saw her wearing a Nirvana shirt! Total shocker! When I talked to my ex, I asked him if she ever talked about rock bands, and he said that she only said stuff about country! LOL! Poser alert! He also said that she probably doesn't even know the lead singer's name!

Pitiful... *shakes head*

Ugh... my ex is stressing me out! Oh well, I just gotta stop thinking about the whole thing!

I just realized something today! My bf kinda resembles the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold! Cool, ain't it? Nay, it's flippin awesome! x3

My friend Matthew, and my ex, are telling me that I should by eggs and bologna. You see, what you do is you crack the egg and get the clear stuff of the egg on one side of the bologna, and they tell me to slap the bologna onto cameltoe's car! I think it peels off the paint or something! But if I did that, she would probably eat her car!! x3 LOL!!!!

I could use A Perfect Circle right now... The "Thirteenth Step" album was the best!

Well, that's pretty much it! I know, it's not very interesting, but it's something! It's soooooooooooo boring around here. I got band camp next week, so it's gonna suck major balls.

I hope guys are doing alright! I'm gonna try to visit and comment on your sites! Make sure you make cookies! ^_~

Later guys!

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