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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

   Happy 4th! XD
I hope everybody has fun today! My sister is coming over and she's bringing my nieces. I've gotten sooo used to them, so hopefully I won't die! Why would I? Gosh I'm an idiot...

Anyway, it's pretty boring around here. I'm probably gonna play the Sims in a little bit. Or maybe kingdom hearts... I don't know.

I think my awesome friend Holly checked out my site, and I want her to know something: PLEASE COME BACK! And try to get a myO thingy! It's so gay around here. I'm trying to convert these hicks and rednecks and druggies to the way of Anime! I'm probably the only person in this state that has a myO thingy! *cries a LOT* Oh well.

Love ya girl!
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This is so cute! Ok, I'll go kill myself...

Here's another Magic Knights of Rayearth pic. Who can resist the wonderful looks of Zagato? This is dedicated to Holly. I hope you like it!

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Clamp is sooo awesome!

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Monday, July 3, 2006

   ^o^ Hiya!
Well, we all know what's tomorrow! I hope... I'm gonna try to invite some of my friends over so we can blow stuff up and maybe each other *evil smirk* You guys are invited! That is if you want to come to central Mississippi! It's dullville... TT_TT *sigh* I NEED to party or something! My summer is slipping away! In about 2 weeks, I have band camp! The bad thing about it is that the new band director has changed band camp to being from 1 week long to 2 weeks! The first week is from 9 to 4, and the second week is 7:30am to 9pm! This guy is trying to kill us! He's got so much time on his hands, and it's probably cuz he's single! Somebody please find this guy a wife! X ( UGH! Oh well... I'll get over it. I just need to mentally prepare to raise hell tomorrow when we have a bottle rocket fight! XD What are you guys planning on doing tomorrow? I hope it's something fun, cuz it would suck if you're sitting around. **ha ha! To bad for you!** Ok, I'll stop being a jerk. I'll be good, rally I will! I hope you guys understood what I meant by that. It's along the lines of old movies and cartoons. If you still don't get it, never mind. *yay Nirvana!*

I'll go lock myself in a room full of carbon monoxide. If I had to kill myself, that's how I would do it! It's siwent, but deadwy! Alright, I'll get it over with.

Later guys... ; \

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I finally finished my list of my favorite animes! I can't help it, I can't just like one! I worked on it late last night. I was pretty tired, cuz I usually wake up around 8. It took a whole lot of thinking!

I took me a while today to find the right picture of Kurt! I like Nirvana a little more than Alice in Chains, but I can't take down any of Layne's pics! Ugh... This is really tough...

I took Thingy away cuz I think he needs some rest. He'll come back some day... He's just on a vacation! He took a train to Hawaii, so I hope he doesn't get mugged or anything! Well, here's Thingy for one last time!

Make sure you wave!
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I like staring at Thingy cuz it relieves my stress! ^_^

I'm sure gonna miss him! *cries a river* Ok, I think I should go crawl back into my little whole and not say a word...

Oh yeah, before I go, here's a really awesome Magic Knights of Rayearth pic! Enjoy!

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I just LOVE CLAMP!!! In a platonic way...

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I hope you guys like the changes!
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   Anger inside builds within my body
Why'd you hit me? What have I done?
You tried to hit me!

Scream at me again, if you like
Throw your hate at me with all your might
Hit me 'cause I'm strange, hit me!
You tell me I'm a pussy and you're harder then me
What's with you boy? Think hard.
A tattooed body to hide who you are
Scared to be honest, be yourself
A cowardly man!

I don't run around trying to be what's not within me
Look into my eyes, I am free
You're just a wanna-be

To come out

Hit me clown
because I'm not from your town, now hit me clown

Clown you ain't shit. Turn around and get your face split.

I'm just too fucking little! [3x]
I'm just a fucking mental! [4x]

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I think I'm being stalked! Over the past few days, I've been hearing strange noises outside of my window. Yesterday, I was watching tv when I heard this extremely loud bang on my window. I got my ass up and ran straight to the living room to tell my mom about it. We looked outside to see if it could've been a tree limb or something, but there wasn't anything there! A few nights ago, I heard something, or someone, tap on my window. Just about none of my friends have time to come to the city to go around tapping on people's windows! None of them even know where my window is! I was really paranoid last night. I really don't feel safe. Hopefully nothing bad will happen!
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Friday, June 23, 2006

It's raining right now. There's been alot of that lately... Oh well...
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   Hello, hello!
I'm finally back online!!! I'm totally over that idiot cheating on me! He probably left me because I wouldn't do it with him! Now he has to sleep with a chick that has a camel toe!! Ha ha! Anyway, I kinda hooked up with one of his close friends. I'm not doing it for revenge or anything, but I realized that he was really cool and totally my type! I'm going to the movies with that guy tomorrow!


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Monday, June 12, 2006

   Life Sucks Now...
I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I whole alot of stuff has happened, and it's has really got me devastated.

Last Tuesday, I got an important phone call from a close friend. She told me that my boyfriend was holding hands with a fat chick (she even has a camel toe) at church. It really hurt.

It has really affected me. I'm definitely depressed and I can't eat alot. I force myself to try, but for some strange reason I feel like I'm gonna hurl.

At the end of the school year, he showed our prom picture to nearly all of his friends. He always talked good things about me, and he even said that I looked hot in the picture. So, I really do believe that he had strong feelings for me. But there is some good news in all of this:

Yesterday, I got a really good friend of mine (she's also friends with Jon) to call him. He sounded normal when he answered the phone, but when she said that she heard all about what happened, he grew silent, and sounded pretty upset. We had this pretty well set up; I typed some questions on her computer, while she asked him. I could SOOO tell that he wasn't really too happy about his actions. He's so predictable to me. Anyway, she kepted asking questions, and he would say I don't know or nothing at all. My friend asked him how long has he been cheating, and he said about a week! His exact words! Then, she asked him if he still cared about me, and he said yeah! But then she asked if cameltoe and him were still dating, and he said yeah. He's totally missing me!!! And I don't think that camel toe has much of a chance because she's a MAJOR poser! She probably has never had a boyfriend! But she's really weird... She just graduated and Jon only 16! She works at the market here, and one time, when my parents were there, she and my dad, who's like 69 years old, exchanged looks. Not just any looks; They were more of a "you've been a naughty person" look! Talk about desperate! My mom got kinda pissed!

Well, I'll post something up later.

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Monday, June 5, 2006

   A New Addition...
Ugh... I hate not getting online for a while... It makes me feel guilty for some strange reason.

Anyway, Saturday, we bought two birds! One is yellow (Suzi) and the other is blue (Chupi). They are so cute together!

Hopefully, I'll go to the movies with my boyfriend and watch "The Omen". I have to watch it! My boyfriend seems to be getting a tad bit distant... I hope nothing strange will happen in the future...


Later... ; \

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