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Monday, October 30, 2006

   Rawl... snarl... snorrrr....
Ho hum... It's been a kinda long day. @-@ Well, I'll start it off from the beginning:

I finally got some extra rest last night! This morning, I wasn't as tired as I usually am. But I was a good bit sick. Whenever I force myself to wake up, like for school or something, I can't eat anything in the morning cuz I'll barf it back up! I get this churning feeling in my stomach, and it keeps me from even looking at food. Trust me, I've tried!
Well, back on topic, school was nothing new or interesting. But people have been discussing the loss of our rivalry game last Friday, which is the biggest BS of all time!
At lunch, we had crappy food made by lunch ladies who hate everybody and everything. Wonderful, isn't it?
I got really stressed out in band. We've been sight reading and now we're working on the "Nutcracker". There's a part in there where I always get on the wrong frickin partial and it makes me want to rip out my hair! There's also another part where I have a run (which can be a good bit complicated on the trombone) and I'm slowly getting it, but I screw up cuz I keep trying to make it a run! You know, like in scales! No, you don't know or care...

Tomorrow is my bestest brother/son/friend's B-day, and his little lover wants to get paint and write happy birthday on his truck! She's gonna keep him busy, while me and another friend decorate his truck! It'll be quite the birthday for him!

Well, I think I've said enough. Oh yeah, I'm gonna try to write a little story soon! Actually, I wouldn't say soon, but I'm gonna do it when I'm not really stressed out. ^-^


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