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Sunday, March 6, 2005

9:00 AM

I missed FMA last night! *waaah* I was stupidly watching a DVD and lost track of time, and then I fell asleep 20 minutes before the second showing (turned the light off like a dumbass). I hope they rerun on Thursday...

I'm getting around to those who've already posted today, and I'll check again this afternoon. I also notice some GB entries. I'll make a sweep to those pages on Monday (not sure how html/graphics-intensive they are). It's also time for me to cut down my friends list. I like to keep mine small. If you haven't posted here recently, be very afraid.

You might notice a couple of changes and weird stuff today. I'm adding some banners and taking down some graphics.

Here's a pic of my Stanley on a basket of sweet potatoes. I call this one "Gnat Swatter" because that's what he's doing!

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Friday, March 4, 2005


Today I give the midterm to my Contemporary literature class. I hope my students do well.

That means I get to read manga while they write their little hands into cramps. :D

In other news, I've been waiting on my DVD-R media to arrive for over two weeks. I've got no room left on my desktop computer. I burn to burn, baby! Hope UPS comes today.

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Angelfish--Heartbreak to Hate

Here are my answers to your questions. If you don't see one of your questions answered, that's because I've already answered it (some of you wanted to know the same things).

I'll probably also post in the morning!

1. When's your b-day?
June 17
2. Why did you pick gray underpants and not blue?
Gray Underpants is a reference to a Snape incident in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
3. What do you enjoy doing the most?
4. How did you find MyO?
I was looking for InuYasha wallpapers and stumbled across it.
5. Which anime series you would like most to be in??!?!?!
I'd like to be in Gravi so that I could wrest Hiro away from that goody-goody.
6. What kinda shirt are you wearing?
strappy tank with PJ top
7. What are you listing to?
Angelfish is on iTunes
8. umm...would you like to marry Sesshomaru lol
Only if we agreed that he would put out at least 3 times a week! ;)
9. have u lost ur virginity?
I'm freakin' old! My cousin summed it up best when she said "I just wanted to get it over with." Virginity is a burden, and it doesn't really mean anything to me...I remember being sexually aroused as early as 5 years old, so...
10. r u stright?
Straight? Most definitely (girls leave me cold, I don't even know why most guys really desire us...)
11. r my questions disturbing?
They certainly are more personal, so I guess--I don't especially like publishing my sexual history. Probably because I don't have a special guy in my life.
12. What's your middle name?
Lee *bleagh!*
13. What's your most favorite anime character?
My current favorite character has to be Sanzo, but that's because I've been watching Saiyuki all week. When I get back to normal, it will be my favorite Fluffy-sama.
14. What's your most favorite manga character?
It would currently be Mikuni (Eerie Queerie), but I've been reading this manga all day, so I'm sure that's why. :D
15. How old are you?
I'll ballpark this one--twenty-something
16. How did you come up with the screen name gray underpants?
Everyone wants to know this one! :D It's a reference to Severus Snape's worst memory of being bullied in school. His gray underpants are revealed during this incident.
17. anime or manga?
18. butter or salted popcorn?
salt, but preferably both
19. what kind of shoes are you wearing?
flip-flops (house-shoe type flops)
20. What's your fave color? Why?
I like orange because it's bright but autumnal, and no one else really has the courage to wear it.
21. What's your fave food? Why?
My favorite food has to be Firebirds' smokehouse burger, hands down. I can rarely prevent myself from going off my diet for it whenever I go there.
22. Do you consider yourself a peanut butter or jelly person? Why?
I would say I'm a PB person because I eat it more often, and I prefer savory to sweet foods.
23. Do you like me as a friend?
Sure! You've always been on my list as long as I can remember! :D
24. Do you have any pets??
Yes, I have one cat, my darling Stanley-monsta (a.k.a. The Devil).
25. What's your favorite wallpaper that you made?
Heck! Ummm...I like the one you're seeing on my BG, I guess. I'm rather changeable. My favorite something-or-other is usually determined by my present affection, which changes from moment to moment. I guess I often have my purple InuYasha-Mechanic wp on my desktop, though.
26. What's your favorite movie?
My favorite movie? Well, the same principle as above applies. I guess my favorite movie at the moment is Rocky Horror Picture Show, probably because I have a hankering to see it after the reference on last night's post. :D
27. Who's your least fav. InuYasha character?
Shippou, without a doubt. I could happily strangle him. I rarely like children of any sort (anime or real life).
28. What's your favorite thing on my site?XD!
Ummm...I have to say I like the shoutbox. I had to have one the minute I saw yours.
30. Which anime character most resembles yourself personality-wise?
Wow, a toughie. Not many anime characters are like me. I guess I would have to say Robin, from WHR.
31. What were you like back in high school?
I was a witch. That girl everyone was afraid of who liked things no one in small towns have the courage to admit liking. I was an outcast, basically. People told me after I graduated that they thought I was cool. I told them I thought they were cowards.
32. What's your favorite Harry Potter book?
I've always preferred Prisoner of Azkaban because Snape, Lupin, and Sirius are developed in that one.

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Thursday, March 3, 2005


Today's post is a reflection of marz's latest. I asked some questions over on her site, so now I have to give you all the opportunity to ask me questions. You can ask me as many as 4 questions. I must answer them honestly. If for some reason I decide to blow off a question, then you can exchange that one with a different one. I'll post all my answers tomorrow! Don't feel you have to interrogate me--I'm an antisocial person, so it doesn't bother me that you all know practically JACK about me! :D

This evening has been sort of cool. I've had the time to watch some Saiyuki (discs 4 and 5), fresh from Netflix. Don't you love Sanzo? I know he's my favorite! I guess that's my question for today. Of the main 4 Saiyuki guys, which one is your guy?

I'm waiting for Netflix to send me Fruits Basket and Gungrave disc 5, which will both be released later this month (at least, Netflix will acquire them later this month). It's sooo hard to wait! I'm also thinking about checking out Descendents of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei). There's an anime and a manga. Anyone know anything about either?

In other news, Yami Loni has really surprised me with her god-like motivation to create. I won't say more, but I'm shivering with antici...pation.

Wha-wha-what!?!? InuYasha's a rerun tonight? Featuring my least favorite character? No way...

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Sisters of Mercy (with Ofra Haza)--Temple of Love

I thought last night's InuYasha episode was really kind of cute. Who knew that Miroku had what it took to be a Mommy--erm, I mean--Daddy?

I've already torn through the new manga. *sigh* Kizuna was less smutty than I hoped, but I guess some things must be sacrificed to realism and character development, ne? I'm not the world's biggest fan of Fake: why are there children in this manga? They are totally obnoxious and unnecessary...Passion has lots of potential, but my abiding impression of it is that it was short and maybe a bit weak in character development (since it wasn't all that smutty, this isn't really excuseable, now, is it?). Anyway, there's the brief for those interested in BL and yaoi manga.

Well, I've got to put together a study guide for the midterm I'm giving on Friday, so I'll be going now. I'll visit new updaters as I notice you!

And those of you with the javascript pop-ups, I love you, but they really piss me off!!! *wheedling tone* It really makes me think twice about coming over to your pages....

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

March 1st--New Theme

I've posted a new theme! Gravitation of course. I wanted to put up a Hiroshi pic for the background, but I haven't taken enough screeencaps yet. Well, maybe next week?

I'm expecting more manga today. Yeay! I've already read through the Eerie Queerie and Gravi volumes I received yesterday. I'm expecting Kizuna volume 3 and Passion volume 1, and a few others. As you can see, if it's not at least BL, then I'm not so interested in manga. :D

I guess that's the question of the day: if you were forced to choose, would you pick manga or anime? I love anime. I can watch all sorts of anime. I only really like BL or yaoi manga (I include CLAMP for obvious reasons). My choice would be anime, then.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Talking Heads--Psyco Killer

Sorry for the absence over the weekend. I'll be getting around to all of you who commented on my last post really soon.

Some of you seemed surprised that I'm on a diet. Well, I've been on the Atkins diet since last January. So far, I've lost about 30 pounds. The diet isn't hard to follow after the first two weeks are over, and if you cheat on the diet (like you have a bagel two or three times a week) you simply stop loosing weight so quickly; it's not the end of the world. It's the easiest diet I've been on. In fact, it's the only diet I've been able to stay on for any length of time. So, there's my testimonial, yeah.

I had a fun weekend of anime, of course! Plus, I finally got my sister, LowRedMoon, to watch Gravi. She has the same problems with it that I do, but I still think she's hooked. :D Who can resist Hiro or Eiri, after all? So, another victory for anime! I'm probably going to send her Tsukihime soon. It has none of those cheese-y manga moments that are so frustrating (read unrelieved slow pace--which I'm totally fine with! :D ).

Anyway, I'm expecting more manga from Amazon via UPS today. Smut, of course! Yeay!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

U2--Vertigo (apropriate on the iPod, doncha think?)

Sorry for getting around to everyone's site so late. I did make the rounds, though, to everyone who posted yesterday and this morning (8:30). I'll come back around this afternoon to catch up on those of you who post late.

Today, I tried to cheat on my diet by getting a bagel, but it must be fate--the place where I usually go to get bagels hadn't received their morning shipment yet. No cheating today! I also will be "saved" from the lure of Chinese food because I leave campus on Fridays by catching a bus with one of my students. No time to make side-trips to the takeout place today. I'm gonna loose a pound or two despite myself. :D

As some of you noted yesterday, I've been reading lots of manga and watching lots of anime (becoming truly Otaku, y'know?). This is a total avoidance stragtegy on my part. I've done precisely JACK on my dissertation lately. God, I'm in such trouble there. Why do intellectual work on the dissertation when I spend all of that energy on the class I teach? I tell you, trying to teach my students how to read (because most students don't learn how to read a literary text in high school) completely exhausts my intellectual creativity. Lesson: if you try to get a Ph.D., avoid teaching when you write your own dissertations.

EDIT: And I was finally going to check up on dA, but the site is read-only for maintenance! Urgh!

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Seven Nation Army--White Stripes

Well, today was tiring. Like an idiot, I didn't go to bed until 2AM yesterday, and then I had to drag myself out of bed at 6AM (I was more or less successful, but now I'm really a zombie)! However, I will definitely be staying up to watch InuYasha this morning! Fluffy-sama!

I have to do sooo much grading today, but I also need to stop by the grocery store (yes, it's been two weeks, so I might get around to it in another week or two--I'm the worst--I might get away with a quick trip for coffee filters, cat food, and bread, but it's supposed to be sleeting so I seriously doubt I'll get out of the apartment).

Just read the first manga volumes of Eeerie Queerie and Gravitation today. I have to say, they both put me in stitches. I'm a quick addict. I've ordered the next couple of volumes. I can't wait for Target in the Finder to come out (it's yaoi, of course, and looks promising). I'll pick it up from Amazon in March along with Tori Amos's new CD, probably.

Well, I'm watching Saiyuki at the moment, and there's time for another episode to be viewed in its entirity before IY comes on. Time to make another cup of mint tea and enjoy Sanzo, I think.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Northern Lad--Tori Amos

Sorry I didn't get around to you all yesterday. My computer was booked doing DVD rips and burns. If you've ever burned a DVD coaster or used compression software you know what a bitch and a waste of time the process can be if something goes awry.

Anyway, I'm really loking forward to InuYasha tonight. We should get some fanservice tonight. Sessh and Kouga, heads up. Can't hardly wait.

Hmmm...wonder what I'm going to teach today? *scratches head* Guess I should figure that out. 'Bye for the nonce.

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