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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I had fun this evening! My friends and I ate dinner at Firebirds and watched Sideways. The movie was really hilarious and sometimes bordered on brilliant. I can see why it caused such a stir internationally at the various film festivals.

I finally got Boogiepop Phantom from Netflix. I'll let you know what I thought about it tomorrow!

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Friday, February 11, 2005

On iTunes: The Cure--Fascination Street

Well, I finally went to the grocery store (if you remember, I needed to do that 2 weeks ago!). However, contrary to Yami Loni's prediction, there was no naked bishie! Cruel world! :(
...I cried in the parking lot.

Real-life bishies must live off whiskey and beef jerky. I never see them in the grocery store. However, I have passed a few at the local convenience store and as I walked by the liquor store on my way home. It's sad, because you just know that they'll end up like those old grimey fellows who sit next to you on the bus and breathe their fetid breath over you as they try to get you to curse the world with them. Other real-life bishies are probably too young for me! Hehe (imagine nasty leer here).

This morning, I bought some yaoi manga online. I hope I like them. I got Only the Ringer Finger Knows, Legal Drug volume 1(not technically yaoi, but by CLAMP, so there ya go!), and Selfish Love volume 1. I also got Immortal Rain because Elvesatemyramen goes on about it. But, I understand there is no BL (shounen-ai) or yaoi to speak of in this manga?

No InuYasha tonight, but oh well. It's not like they thrill me without Sesshoumaru and Naraku. I mean, I still adore them, but I'm not "obsessed fangirl" without Sessh-sama or the IY-Naraku conflict. Though the sukekomashi-Monk episode last night was rather amusing. Speaking of The Lady-Killer, I have a new wallpaper up with this Miroku theme. Check it out!

I also watched the first disc of Gungrave Thursday (it did come from Netflix, though Boogiepop is still a no show). Wow. It's seriously watchable. It reminds me of Max Payne, only anime. Actually, this one is based off a video game, isn't it?

Well, I'm off to finish my mint tea and bed. I have to get up again at 6 AM. I also may not be getting around to everyone's sites until late tomorrow night, but I will get to them, I promise! I'm going out for dinner and a movie with my married friends. Luckily, I don't feel so much like a third wheel around them, which is not always the case with married folk. We wanted to see Constantine, but it isn't out until next week. Too bad.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

   Carnival--Tori Amos

Well, Boogiepop didn't show yesterday. I'm so frustrated with Netflix, let me tell you. They still haven't sent me Cowboy Bebop volume 6, even though it's at the top of my queue. I'm also waiting for the first disc of Full Metal Alchemist to come my way. There's a "very long wait," of course. I hope there are some decent goodies on it. Maybe even out-takes! Those are the best (one thing I liked about the Weiss Kreuz DVD). Needless to say, I didn't have the chance to watch any new anime today. I rewatched the first two discs of DNAngel, though. When will the third disc be out? Does anyone know? Everytime I watch this anime I am forced to reflect on the excellent blush technique used on Daisuke.

I'm waiting for InuYasha to come on right now. It airs here at 12:30 AM. Where's Fluffy-sama?! I need my fix!

Tomorrow, I really must talk myself into running some errands. Hope I make it. Motivation is in such short supply during the winter for me. Hope you all are having better luck getting your asses in gear!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Astrid--Boy or Girl

Yesterday was really fun. I watched lots of anime.
The List:

  • Gravitation Disc 1, again

  • Trigun Disc 2

  • Tsukihime: Lunar Legend Disc 2

  • InuYasha Disc 26

I think I will try to watch Boogiepop Phantom tomorrow after work. I've never seen it, but discs 1 & 2 should arrive via Netflix tomorrow.

Some of you mentioned an interest in Pretear. Well, it's a basic shoujo anime. The magical girl has the ability to become the Princess of Light and save the world with the help of her otherworldly band of Knights. Her main ability seems to be able to draw one of her knights into her own body and use his special powers as her own offensive and defensive weapons. Her transformation reminds me of Sailor Moon by the way the camera dwells on her youthful physique and such. There's the typical girly modesty and embarrassment, of course, incumbent upon the incorporation of the bishie knights into her own body (*snicker*). I already suspect the white-haired bishie of ulterior motives. I like him the best, of course, so I won't be surprised to find out that he's a bad guy. :D The other bishie is ill mannered with the Pretear, insulting and discouraging. I suspect that he's the one she'll develop the hots for. ;) Though this anime seems quite predictable, it's still interesting enough to me in a nostalgic sorta way.

Today, I have to get up at 6AM again to finish my grading and go in to the office. I'm not looking forward to it. However, I might cheat on my diet if the scales tip in my favor this morning--Chinese food, here I come!

EDIT: *groan* The scales! The Scales! Why?! Why, God?! Anyhoo--I might cheat anyway (part of Chinese New Year festivities?). I don't know, this month could be the don't-resist-Chinese-food-and-gumbo month, out of respect for the great festivals that happen in February?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Bishie Pillow Fight!

Well, in my dreams, anyway! :D

I'm watching Pretear, so I've got bishies on the brain... I've only seen a few episodes, but so far it's really cute. And there are two really cute bishies, of course.

I've updated my theme. I hope you like it. I'm not quite satisfied with it, but I promised, so--

InuYasha comes on in a half hour! Yea-ness!

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Monday, February 7, 2005

I Still Do--Cranberries

Sorry for the usual MIA behavior over the weekend! I'll be catching up with you as time allows today. Don't worry, though, I will be getting to all who posted comments on Friday!

I'm cutting back my friends list, today, too. If you see that you aren't on the list tomorrow, but you want to be, PM me. We'll negotiate... :D

Also, you can expect a new bckground tomorrow. I'm still working on it, but I should have it finished in time. It's still SDK, though. I might put up a Valentine's Day background that features Eiri and Shuichi from Gravitation, but I'm not sure yet.

Recent anime: I've watched the first disc of Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters). I don't know about it yet. It's kind of like Saiyuki in that the first disc may not be the best... I'll probably try to get my hands on the rest. Have any of you seen this one? Do you like it?

Other news: I finally received a replacement printer from EPSON. I can now print from my computer! Only the scanner was still working when I sent it off. Needless to say, I'm quite satisfied with how things turned out (I was a month and a day over the 1 year warranty, but they replaced the junk printer for free--of course, I did threaten the customer service people with never buying anything that has their company's name on it ever again...). It really works!

Bye for now!

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Friday, February 4, 2005


I didn't have time to post at the office. I talk to my office mate too much when we are there at the same time. She didn't tell me that she had scheduled student conferences during my office hours, but since I invaded hers on Monday, I didn't feel like I could legitimately hold a grudge. ;)

I also will have to find something to do with myself this coming Monday morning, because I hate sitting in the office while conferences are going on, and she's picking them up again at that time. I always feel the need to participate in the conversation, which is just plain obnoxious of me. Once I get started with the gabbing, I just don't shut-up. Strange, since I would describe myself as introverted.

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11:57 PM EST

I hope I get up at 6 AM tomorrow. We'll have to see about that, I guess. I'll update when I get into the office, but I thought I may as well post something as not, since I'm still up.

If you've submitted art to dA recently, I probably had a look at it. I didn't have much to say, but I did some commenting. Does anyone know anything about the new update on the RFP group page? Aren't we in the middle of a contest? Has something dire happened?

Well, I'm off!

Comments on comments:
I'm sorry fans, I'm not into any of the DBs. But I can certainly feel your pain.

SesshTaisho, I'm glad you liked the card!

Shinkiro, Living Doll--Soy-Crisps are really good, if you love garlic the way I do! And, yes, I really do know my astrology and tarot (both hobbies in high school)! XD

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

4:30 EST;

I think I've hit on one of several new subject headings! I will now either tell you the time I begin writing my post, the music I'm listening to at the moment, or something creative and unrelated to my post in the subject heading. :D

I'm at home today. I've barely been able to drag myself out of bed, it's so dreary here. I've been weeding through departmental spam. Why do they assume that every cog of the English department machinery interests me? *sigh*

I also got an email from a student basically thanking me for being a sane and rational being. XD I wonder how I seem to them sometimes. I must be really scary! O_O

I've watched the first disc of Tsukihime: Lunar Legend. So far, I think I'm going to like the series. For some reason, it reminds me of Pullman's His Dark Materials, probably because of the magical boy with special knife thing, only without the ridiculous 12-yr-olds-declaring-undying-love absurdity. The first Big Baddie also reminds me of Hellsing, but the artists probably thought Alucard was so cool! So I can understand that. I've also finished Gravitation. I wish there were more of it, but good anime always makes me want more.

Finally, my Soy-Crisps came in the mail today--actually in the middle of my writing this post. They are a must-have for anyone on a low carb diet! Yummy! And Yea!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

*whatever interesting subject heading you want*

Another day, here at the office. I'm feeling pretty useless today. Listening to the Cure's Wish album--their best, I think, the more I listen to it.

Yesterday's InuYasha was really cute! I loved the episode, even without an appearance of the dread and beautiful Fluffy-sama. I liked the touch of IY looking through Kagome's photo album. It made me ask all sorts of questions about what it must be like for him--something good anime always does!

I am "mysteriously" behind on grading. I wonder why? (surely, being a lazy ass couldn't have something to do with it? *scratches head*). I'll check out everyone's site later on today (when I get home).

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