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Monday, March 21, 2005

Mansun--Electric Man

I've been through about 9 manga (Japanese graphic novels/comics)over the weekend, so I'm sorry I haven't been around much this weekend. I'll be getting around to you as the day wears on. This morning, I had to suffer through another bus ride from hell. Why do the drivers feel the need to sling the bus around ONLY when there are standing passengers?

Today is my first day back from Spring Break. Bleagh! I also have to deal with peer observation in my classroom. It's so totally unhelpful, the precise opposite of what it should be. I'm to the point where the peers who observe have less experience teaching than I do. What advice can they possibly contribute that would be something I'm not already quite aware of?

Oh well, in other news, I've reached an all-time low on my diet. Yippee! However, the bra size has yet to diminish, ladies. I swear, when will these things just go away? I'm going to be known as the T & A TF (teaching fellow).

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Friday, March 18, 2005


Sorry for not getting around yesterday. Finally, my Spring Break is seeming more like Spring Break. Some Saiyuki and Weiss Keutz discs came from Netflix yesterday (Yay! still waiting on Saiyuki the Movie though, but I expect it's arrival today). I spent all of my time Thursday with the DVD player! :D Today, my manga finally arrived! I'm so stoked! However, I notice that Les Bijoux is not in authentic manga format. :( *am mistrustful* I wonder how much it's been butchered? I'm going to start immediately on the manga, but I'll be catching up with everyone this evening.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spring Break Blues

It's raining and nasty over here today. I'll be going to see my honey Keanu today in Constantine. It's all about the eye-candy for me. :D

I'll try to get around to as many of you as possible before and after I go, but I may not be able to get back online after 5PM. I'll do my best.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Everyone seems a bit confused. No, Shuichi and Ryuichi never meet when they are both in their costumes in the anime. I've totally come up with my own script for this moment--

SHU: Wha-wha-what?!! You have a plushie costume, too! No way!

RYU: So what? You're a lot like me, so why are you surprised? Let's sparkle, Shuichi! *inane smile*

SHU: But you look so much cuter in your costume than I do in mine. *looks crestfallen* Why are you always upstaging me?! And anyway, if Eiri gets a load of you in that costume, he might pounce.

RYU: Huh? *feigns cluelessness* What about you? You're a doggie, right? I'm just a bunny. Are you gonna pounce on me? *looks innocent*

SHU: No! Idiot! Don't say things like that! You've been spending too much time with Tatsuha. And besides, what if Eiri overhears you?

RYU: Don't you want some of my sparkley-sparkley? Don't you think Bunny-san is sweet? *rummages in constume*

SHU: No! Go shine on your own, silly! No! No! Put your bunny back in your pants!

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New Theme

It doesn't really seem like I got enough of Hiro, but here's my new theme. Tell me if you like it. I think it's cute. This one features Shuichi and Ryuichi from Gravitation.

I've already worked up next week's Ryuichi background, and I have K slated for the last week of March. I think my April themes will be either Pretear or Saiyuki. I'll ask for your votes on that closer to the end of the month. :D

So, Trigun is back on AS, huh? Well, they should never have supplanted it with something as boring as Big O in the first place.

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Monday, March 14, 2005


Sorry, everyone, for not coming around this weekend! I'm currently downloading lots of torrents, but when I'm finished, I'll be coming around to everyone. I'm on Spring Break, so I'm at home on the methuselah connection.

Though Spring Break has arrived, I find myself curiously without anime or manga. Aren't you shocked? My shipment is god-knows-where with UPS (tracking number doesn't work) and Netflix has yet to admit that they've received the discs I sent in 4 days ago. I AM WITHOUT! (waah!) Hence, i've been downloading torrents and files all weekend to bring up my stock of digital manga (but again, it's slow going).

I did manage to see FMA on Saturday night. I'm so bored with YGO reruns on Saturday mornings, though. Probably because we never get to really enjoy the cool bad guy. He's barely there. And Seto Kaiba episodes are few and far between. Do they think I'm going to watch YGO for Joey alone? Pfft! *sigh*

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Marilyn Manson--Mister Superstar

OK. I hope I can really finish up the grading before I teach my noon class. (yikes)

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. I'll be making my way around to everyone when I have more time (this evening). Don't worry, I'll get to you.

I finally got my Gravitation manga through volume 10 (so I was reading like crazy, of course, yesterday), but my other manga has yet to ship out. I'm expecting volume 2 of Legal Drug, the first volumes of Ceres, Alichino, and Les Bijoux, and the volumes of Fake that I don't yet possess. I hope they ship out soon. I'm especially looking forward to LD2 because I adore CLAMP. :D Wish me luck on getting it shipped out today.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Love is a Stranger--Eurythmics

Well, not much going on today. I have to grade all those midterms I gave last week sometime before Friday. Maybe today? Yeah, right.

My motivation has just been completely blown by the fact that others are getting work done. Isn't that sad? I have two friends coming in to town in the next month who will defend their dissertations. I can't even get cracking. I can't be happy for them because I'm constantly thinking how behind I am. That's really horrible of me. *sigh*

I'm having a brief 80s music interlude, trying to cheer myself up. I'll be around to those of you who've updated!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Tuesday off!

I'm so glad that I don't have to work today! I still haven't received my manga, but I should get some DVDs, at least.

I'm also working up a new theme. It will probably be up by the time most of you look at this post, but it depends on how soon I can finish the new wallpaper and coordinate it with text hexcolors. Are you all interested in the Gravi BG I've had up this last week? I haven't submitted it as a wallpaper, but I'm thinking about it.

The new background image is up! This is Hiro, my favorite Gravitation character. He's the genius guitarist (3+500,000,000=500,000,003)! ;D

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Monday, March 7, 2005

Cocteau Twins--Serpentskirt

I'm just in my office downloading some anime from torrents. I hope I have enough space on my hard drive...

I also stopped in at Caribou to buy coffee (Mocha Java today). It's so funny that there's this one employee who remembers me (probably because I made her crawl through the decaf bins to find the freshest bag of Sumatra); anyway, she always tries to get me to try one of the medium or light roasts because I've shunned the Caribou signature blend (which is a medium-light blend). I hope she's just being playful rather than a smart ass. She knows I prefer dark roasts.

Wish my manga would ship out. I'm very impatient for it! C'mon, Amazon! Get on the ball.

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