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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Pirates life is the One for Me!

Wotcha ^^ OMG Harry is out tomorrow! ^^ heehee mines coming off amazon hopefully! Im also still waiting 4 my One Piece manga to come in the post, its 10 days late! I need my One Piece, but i did manage 2 get a SKIES OF ARCADIA MANGA!!! OMG! im v v very pleased with that, its off ebay nd shud come in a few days or so, i cant wait im hoping its not a dissapointment! I also won a VIP award in the Luffy Club! YAY! I wana b a pirate! will post loadsa nu piccys 2mz 4 u all! l8trzs nd kudos 2 u ^^ *skips*

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Thursday, July 7, 2005


I can't describe my day in one word, and for those living in England, you'll know what I mean.

For all those hurt/effected in anyway due to the 7 bombs in London, my heart goes out to you, I've been watching the news all day and it was horrific. I found out in my morning break when me and a friend overheard a teacher talking about a bomb in London, we both couldn't believe our ears..

My day has also had good points in school terms though, my best pal is head girl at school and I find out tomorrow if I'm House Captain, I'm very nervious..

All in all, today has been a shock for London/England and again I'm thinking about all involved..

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   Mood..? Pissed Off!!!

Argh!!! What are Jetix thinking??! Theyve scrapped Shaman King off their channel! OMFG! I mean whos idea was it to show 'extra' power rangers instead??? *Sreams with rage* Im compaining 2 their website tomorrow! Grr..

Other news? This awful weather is still here! Im sick of this humid heat! *sighs* I want July to come, Im sure 4kids are going to ruin the next few One Piece epiodes and I wnt have the book because in England theyre only on the bit with Mihawk, or however you spell it..

U see I have many reasons 2 b argry, so I will think about good things to cheer me up and be smiley again, hmmm, I had my House Captain interview at School today, Im one of seven ppl applying so my chances r slim but, hey, my interview went went and theres still that one in seven chance ^^

I will start drawing again soon, Ive bin slacking a bit coz of writing huge essays for School so someone give me a request plz..

Anyways I will try and improve my mood, Il probably feel much better after telling the ppl at Jetix that scrapped ALL the anime; that they are complete arseholes ^^
Bye Bye!

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

   Dude, whats with the weather??!

Its so hot!! OMG it is never normally like this in England, ok sometimes its warm in late July and all but its bin like this mosta the week. Hey, I like the Sun but hottness doesnt suit me.. Anywho I still hav 2 essays 2 write which means I prob wnt b here tonight but I will post some new piccys today! I have the Zeke request for Luce, I drew Yoh last nite too while watching 'Spider-man' I keep forgetting how gd that film actually is! And I drew Vyse and Aika ^^ Im also in the middle of drawing another Aika piccy, I want to draw Vegeta sometime this week also, my drawing section of Dragonball in my folder is made up of two piccys! My Spirited Away section is very small too so I might do summit from the film, hopefully someone apart from just Chihiro and Haku..

Apart from School work lifes cool at the moment ^^ I have my interview for House Captain on Tues which Im nervious about, yesterday I spent the whole morning at school watching the swimming gala, beats normal lessons but it was sooo hot, loadsa the students burnt badly in the Sun, luckily I remembered my suncream! The Swimming Gala itself was funny, I supported my House so much, I have no voice today! Though Warneford won the Gala it was still fun to watch, (there r four houses in my school, Wagner, Watson, Warneford and Baker)

Anyways I will post my piccys nd go nd write my art essay, c u all later!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   Woah Im shattered..

Heya everyone! ^^ Im so sleepy right now, Third day back at school 2, its not even close 2 the end of the week! (I have saturday school 2 u c..) Already, I have two essays to do (1000 words each) and what really sucks is the fact that its for art and photography! What happened to drawing??! And these essays have to be in on Monday! There goes my weekend and drawing time :( Good news is Physics is offically over *YAHOO* so I have extra lesson time to complete my essays ^^! As far as requests, I will still take any request but it will just be slower coz Im back at School ^^ Apart from the work, its nice to be back and c everybody at school ^^ everyones so pooped though, my job is to keep everybody smiling ^^ lol!

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

   What Should I draw Next?

Oh Im sooooo happy! ^^ Why? .. I have no idea, I have School 2moz for the first time in three weeks, the weathers awful.. But hey, Im happy! lol! I uploaded 3 piccys today and am almost on a sixth page of fan art! So what to draw nxt, I saw Shaman King last night at like 10.30pm so Id like to draw Yoh, and Id like to do more Pokemon, maybe one of Misty? I duno, So what requests can people give me?????
~Georgie Evi

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

   Hello Everbody!

Hiya, ^^ Im in a smilely mood today! I dunno why but, hey, not a bad thing! Today was fine, I went to Tunbridge Wells to go shopping, and oh, they have my fav clothes shop there, and they had the nicest summer dress, and it fit perfectly, and I had enough money.. But I decided against it, I wana buy the One Piece DVDS so Im saving all I can, Im not doing toooooo badly as I normally spend all my monthly allowance in the first few days I get it! lol! But I think I mite have to get a brief summer job, problem is, I go so many places around England in the Hols to visit my family, I cant see it possible.. Oh well maybe I can work Sundays when I go back to school in September..

Other bad news is Im not well, I have very bad Xma on my Face so it looks purple on one side at the moment so loadsa people keep staring! lol but itll probably go later 2mz or something! Oh Im Babysitting again 2nite while Mum nd Harvey go to the cinema to see 'Mr and Mrs. Smith' I WANA C IT! But instead I shall be doing loadsa drawings and watching loadsa Big Brother! Update on drawings; Ive drawn pictures of Zechs from Gundam Wing, Heero from Gundam Wing, Luffy snowboarding from One Piece, Luffy and Shanks together from One Piece (coloured), Shanks from One Piece, Presea from Tales of Symphonia, loadsa Orginals and probably some more that Ive forgotten, I will post em soon ^^

See everyone later! Keep smiling!
~Georgie Evi Harrington

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Oh Im sooo happy ^^ I did my Graphics exam yesterday so its all done ^^ Im so glad, its weird tho, U revise for ages and then its over just like that! ^^ I hav physics on Friday but Im not worryed, Im giving it up the nxt day so my exam result dosent matter :D YAHOO!

Other reasons to be happy, One Piece is on 2day ^^ and Ive Pre-odered One Piece vol 7 'The Crap Gezzer' and I dnt have to pay for it! ^^ Yay! I need to babysit more for more Graphic Novels! ^^ I was gona buy some other anime graphic novels off amazon like Shaman King, but I decided to save my money for One Piece DVDs ^^ Id also like some other anime DVDs as my pile consists of 2, Spirited Away and Gundam W-Endless Waltz!

In other news, I have loadsa nu piccys to upload, Ill do a couple tonight nd more 2mz because Im not missing Big Brother! HeeHee, their ALL up for eviction *evil Muhahaha*! I'll upload a piccy of Sanji (coz I promised Blackie I would!) and a Sonic and Shadow 1!

So I'll be back tonight after One Piece sometime, oh I cant wait till July ^^ enda school, holiday, One Piece book ^^ Im so happy ^^

Speak to You All L8trz!

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

   Exams coming ever closer..

Today isnt my day, Iv got 2 go 2 school tomorrow and see where i hav 2 take my exams I hav a plan 2 just write my name on my phys paper nd nuthin else *heehee* id love to see Mr Monks face ^^ (hes one of my phys teachers) but at least i dnt have lessons til nxt Mon and even then its gona b laid back till July and then I break up on the 9th nd go on hoilday! I cant wait! Im also wanting the new One Piece graphic novel, I cant wait much longer to see wot happens to Sanji! *sweatdrop* k going overboard now, in other news all my artwork got flamed today, in other words some person went and gave me negative feedback 4 like ALL my drawings, which wasnt very nice but, hey, shit happens. My requests are still open nd will remain open 4 ages if ny1 wants piccys dun ^^! Thats bout it for now, must go and download that song 'the way u move' i hav it in my head lol *sings* L8trz every1!

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

   Oh dear...

Hey Im back from my lil break ^^ not that I wanted to come back, I wish I was still, I cant wait till summer now! Longer visits to London and Somerset ^^

Anyway Im so worried, my exams have really come quickly! I mean my 3 hour Graphics paper is on tuesday! I havnt revised very much in dept but I think I know the basics to get a C/B on the writing part of the paper nd hopefully much higher on the designing side (one hour nd a half each!) So Im hoping everything will go Ok on that because I really wana be some kind of Illustrator ^^

My next exam is Physics which I honestly have not revised for, but I am giving it up, problem is there are some people doing 5 writen papers/exams more than me and put loadsa effort into their revision so I feel quite lazy but I just cannot revise, I am a drawing person! *sweatdrop* I know my physics teachers will be less than impressed when they see my exam!

Anyway thinking about other things, Ive just had a fab holiday ^^ firstly I saw my cousins Luce and Katie loads and we did loadsa great things, shopping, cinema, sleepovers ^^ it was so great! ^^ didnt want it 2 end! and i saw my dad ^^ and liz joseph beccy nd luke! ^^ it was soooooo great, but im sad now cause i wanted 2 stay..

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