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Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Leavers Page

Hi, sorry no fight scenes today (Im sorry Reno please forgive me! Iv made u wait so long!) But here is my leavers page :) profile and pictures enjoy!

Well have a good evening!

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Its the weekend!

Yippee, I cant wait to have a lie in tomorrow morning :) I still need to do alot of work but at least its a little more laid back at home!

Went manga shopping today :) spent too much as usual, bought more Kill Me-Kiss Me, Jing and Friuts Basket, cant wait to read em later!

Argh I tryed to visit everyones sites this morning but the school computers wernt working *gloom* so I shall visit everyone now!

Oh, I finished my leavers page, I like it :) Il scan it and post it tomorrow if anyone wants to see it :) also Il try to do a request and post it, (no promises though!) okay well I hope evryone has a fantastic weekend :)

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Je suis desolate..

School started again yesterday, I have sooo much work to do! All of it must be done by May 6th, thats 4 units of work *gloomy background* which est why I was not here last night.. All this work means I probably wont get many, if any, requests done at the moment but its only two weeks, I can draw hella good for ages after :)!

In good news, my mangas came today.. BLACK CAT! I love it! Heehee Train is awesome! Kinda reminds me of One Piece for some reason, but thats ok!!! Because One Piece is the best! *punches air* I love my Fullmetal Alchemist Manga too :) makes me wanna buy more, hmm I might just do that *ponders off to amazon* though just a thought, as Black Cat is by Shonen Jump, does that mean only four translated books will be out every year? Its like that with One Piece and Shaman King, I dont think I can wait that long to find out what happens next!

Talking of books, I have to create a double page for my leavers book (which is a book that everyone in their last year at school makes as a sort of memories book) we have one blank page and another with a profile, on the blank side Im putting photos of all my friends and myself then on the profile page Im gona draw me with my friends, anime style!!! Heehee should be fun, I just wish I didnt have so much work to do as well! Ah well at least I get an extra day of school a week.. (NOT!) When I leave school, Saturday morning school is gona be the thing Ill be glad to say goodbye to the most :)!

I hope everyone elses nxt couple of weeks are less stressful than mine! Have a great day!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Argh Back to School tomorrow!

School starts again tomorrow, I dnt mind that much though, after a month Il never have to go to school ever again! (its such a wonderful feeling!) Im suppose to go in today for a clinic but I didnt see much point as I have no lessons on Thursdays so can work then lol!

Um not much happening today, Im going shopping in a place called Margate by the sea and thats about it :) I tested out my new amazon account last night, hopefully itll work and the manga Black Cat will arrive on my doorstep soon :) I also watched Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time last night! It was a bit confusing seeing as it was half way through the series and I had no idea what was going on but I still really liked it! I also got that manga hopefully theyll both come tomorrow!

Oh my next fight scene is up, Nami vs Miss Doublefinger :) thank you for all the positive comments on all the scenes! Iv got alot of new fight scene requests, but Sanji vs Zoro will be the next one! Lol as Im starting school the requests may be a bit slow but Ill try my best to draw anime as well as do my exams :)

Well thats enough from me, Il come back and visit everyones sites later :) Bye! ~Georgie

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Im Back!

Well I was back last night but thought Id post later ^^ How was everyones Easter? Mine was.. pants really, but never mind! Theres always next year! Worse part was the 'family' meal, the turkey was like chewing on shoeleather, yuk!

Ah well I did alot of drawing, just like I said! Iv done three fight scenes so far, Luffy vs Crocodile, Zoro vs Mr1 and Sanji vs Mr2. Il try and get some more up soon :)

Oh and in great news, my mums buying me a top hat! TOP HAT! I actually cant wait, I think its bcoz she thought I was feeling left out at Harveys parents, so its very nice of her ^^

Um yea thats it from me, I should probably do some schoolwork, lol I hope everyone isnt feeling to sick after yesterdays chocolate! Talk to ya soon! ~Georgie

**EDIT** I was bored so I made some buttons for me lol

Well see ya later!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Georgie feels like cake.. And loads of it..

How is everyone? My day was pretty mellow ^^ I tidyed my room today, shock horror! I actually just got annoyed at not being able to see the floor so put the mess in other places,lol it works for me!

Yesterday I was at school again, and that guy bought his mini motorbike again.. This time he was driving round this mini carpark just outside the classroom which was all fine, until they started timing each other going round this carpark.. Basically there were two guys timing each other on the bike then one guy was like 'Hey! Im gona try in my car!' I was like '0_o? You must be having a laugh, the carpark's teeny!' where as everyone else was like 'Yea! Thats soooo cool!' So he drove to the starting point and drove as fast as he could lapping up all this cheering/laughing from the other guys, while I was just like hes so gona crash.. So then he got to a turning next to the pavement and turned too fast, skidded onto the road where he missed hitting a passing bus by centimeters! All of us watching couldnt believe how lucky he was! So he crossed the finishing line and was like 'So whats my time?' and I said 'You idiot! Didnt you see how close you were to killing yourself??' And he just looked blank and said 'No, I was concerntrating too much on trying to turn with the handbrake, why was I close to something?' THE HANDBRAKE!? I tell you these guys are nutters! Afterwards they stopped racing because they were quite spooked by the incident which is calming ^^

Yea, so thats my day, Im going away for the weekend to stay with Harvey's Parents (Harvey is my Mums partner) And well Im not looking forward to it.. I really dnt like his parents, they just fail to notice I exist and ignore me, where as they adore my brother because as they always say, blood is thicker than water.. (Though Dnt get me wrong, I adore Harvey and my step mother Liz, whos my Dad's partner, and I see them as real extra parents but I just cant stand Harvey's parents bcoz they just see me as nothing to do with them, Does that make sense?) Oh well Il bring my sketch book and come back with loadsa new pictures! ^^ Wish me luck!

Lol This quote from SoA, it made me laugh;
Galcian: I am Galcian, Lord of the Imperial Armada. You have caused us a great deal of trouble, boy. What is your name?
Vyse: Im Vyse of the Blues Rouges. I just thought you were the guy that cleaned the rail cars.

Have a great Easter everyone!!!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Vyse = Yummy ^-^

Now that Ive got my Gamecube up and running again, Im finding it very difficult to do anything apart from play Skies of Arcadia! Last week I was obsessed with Luffy from One Piece now its Vyse! (who is the guy in the background if anyone isnt sure!)

So yea, not much happened today, I went to school to do extra work in my holiday, which was a bit annoying especially as I hate the guys in my class (Im the only girl and they can be very rude at times) though their attention was on one of these guys' mini motorbike thingie, he started speeding round the classroom like a nutter on it, then when he stopped, he somehow managed to pour petrol on floor from this bike.. It smelt awful! Seriously, some of these boys are the most stupid people Ive ever meet..

Yeah, so after while I decided to leave (seing as I have to go tomorrow as well..) so I walked into town and bought myself a big book about the history of Manga, which made me happier ^^ and the guy at the bookshop was really nice, he asked if I was a student so I say Yep, then he asked if I had a student discount card and I didnt.. But the guy gave me the discount anyway ^^! Ottakars is now my fav bookshop ^^

And thats about it, I changed the background again, its still Skies of Arcadia themed but I like this wallpaper ^^ but I may change it back, its a bit more difficult to read.. What does everyone think? Like it? No like it?

Yea thats enough talking 4 Georgie today, have a great evening! ^^

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Friday, April 7, 2006

   Yay! I have new art ^^

How is everyone? My holiday is good, Im drawing, doing a bit of work (just a teeny bit!) and so on! Today I have some new art, I started drawing it last night, at first it was a huge coloured picture of Piastol from Skies of Arcadia, but I didnt like it very much so I started again drawing something different! Attacked the first picture with a penknife and yea, The final result is submitted, please tell me what you think! ^^

Also I drew a request for my cousin Lucy, so here it is

Its her original Characters, to read their background story; read LucyGilbert's last post on this site^^

Uh yea thats about it ^^ tomorrow Im going out for the day so Il try and do comments in the evening ^^ Hope you all like my art, have a good day! Ill finish the One Piece fight scenes soon as well!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

   I hate seagulls!

Hi! How is everyone? Im having a pretty relaxing time here ^^ I unearthed my Gamecube yesterday and have been addictted to Skies of Arcadia ever since! (I knew there was a reason I put it away before my exams!) Though there was one point this afternoon when I was in my room playing this game when a seagull the size of a beachball flew into my window! I dnt think Ive ever jumped so high off the bed in my life! It made a huge thud as well, Im glad the window didnt break, theyre probably more difficult to fix 5 floors up! Having a sea view from your window isnt all its cracked up to be..

Havnt really been doing much, I should be doing work for Art and Photography, Iv got School Clinics next week, where our teachers come into school and let us use the workshop, get materials, check our work etc. I dnt really have to go but itll probably get my butt into work mode, sometimes I wish I wasnt so laid back!

So thats about it, not much happening, site sitting for LucyGilbert as shes visiting my Daddy (I wanna be there too!) so Im lonely too.. Lol oh well I better do some work.. Right after I go on Ebay ^^ Have a great day!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

   Yay! End of term!

Yippee! I feel loads better! Thank you everyone who said 'get well soon!'

So yay! Today is the start of the Easter Holidays ^^ thats 20days off for Georgie! Not that long but hey summer will be here soon and Il have no school (bar two exams in June) from about mid May till Sept! Yeah!

Has anyone heard the news about Eiichiro Oda's Illness? Theyve put One Piece on Hold in Japan *sad face* Hopefully Oda Sensei will be back on his feet in no time!

Yea so fight scenes! So Im doing Luffy, Sanji, Zoro and Usopp in the Arlong Arc, Ace vs Smoker and Luffy vs Crocodile ^^ Il start tomorrow! I looked in my One Piece Vol 18 and the Ace vs Smoker scene is quite limited so Id improvise slightly ^^ lol

Thats about it, if theres anymore fight scene suggestions let me know! Id probably do Nami vs Miss Double Finger as well bcoz I like that fight ^^ Oh I have a new Video up as well, the quality isn't great but its my fav videogame! Skies of Arcadia! Have a great day!

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