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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

   Al Kahn, ninjas are after you..

Hiya everyone! Had a good week? Mines been fine, I have a pretty nasty cold though. But my new Manga Kill Me, Kiss Me has cheered me up!

I apologize now, I'm going to rant *takes a deep breath*

Grrr, I can't believe that such a man can run a company!

Have you seen TheOtaku News on the lastest thing 4kids has done? After endurning the terrible 4kids Anime dubs, Al Kahn comes out of his own little world and says that 'American Children of this age can't read' and that 'manga cannot survive because of this'

I mean what the heck? You are accussing an entire nation of being so unwell taught that they can't read a book.

Though I am English I feel this also effects me, you and probably all the children in the World. Hey, I know there are a small number that cannot read but still, is this something that is likely to effect Manga sales in the U.S. or anywhere in the world? No way! Manga isn't going sell just because people can't read it! Manga is a interest that people have, it completely depends on those people if a Manga sells. To top that off, is all Manga aimed at children? In Japan, Manga is something you read to work on the train. Sure thats a different culture, but blaming a book of a different culture not selling because children can't read? Puh-lez

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

   Yar, so yesterday was pretty pants..

I had one of those days *rolls eyes*

So it started by being late, for everything, I missed the bus, I missed signing in twice, was late to all my lessons, it wasn't my day but hey it can only get better? Wrong, I got shouted out by the headmaster (which is quite an achievement!) and found out that a guy in the year below me has cancer..

So yea, yesterday was a bit rubbish, but I drew a picture at least so I havn't caught the drawing disease, its from Princess Mononoke, I hope you like it ^^

So now being it the School Charity group, we are trying to raise money for the Marsall (I think thats its name!) Hospital where this guy is being treated. We had the idea of maybe getting some people to join the bone marrow doners list, but no staff are interested, understandable but annoying, so me and my friend are going to try and join ^^

I hope it gets better soon..
~Georgie Evi

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

   Sunday Post

Hello! Man I'm tired, getting back into the school routine is so difficult!

Anyway has everyone had a good week? I've just had a weekend of Anime films with my friend Yuka ^^ it was great, we ate loads of sweeties too! Though I think I saw one of the saddest Anime films ever, in the form of 'Grave of the Fireflies' it was so moving!

Not much else has really happened, its my brother's 11th birthday today, thats about it ^^

I was curious, what would you say was your Top Ten Anime/Manga? For me, I'd say
1# One Piece, its adventurious and funny and the manga's so well drawn.
2# Skies of Arcadia, so its a videogame really but made into a Manga so I'll include it ^^
3# Dragonball Z, the first Anime I ever saw (bar Pokemon)
4# Fruits Basket, though I only saw it last week for the first time, I instantly loved it!
5# My Neighbour Totoro
6# Excel Saga
7# Akira
8# Shaman King
9# Rave Master
10# Tenchi Muyo

I was just curious ^^ I could go on but I though 10 was enough, what does everyone think? ^^
~Georgie Evi

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   I'm Back!

Yes back from the land of snails ^^ its great to be back in England ^^

So how has everyone been? I had an awesome week! Firstly, I watched Fruits Basket for the first time ever and completely fell in love with it! I swaped DVDs with Luce for the week so shes had a week of One Piece and Ghibli ^^ thank you muchly for introducing me to Fruits Basket Lucy *hugs*!

So anyways, I went to France on Monday to visit Hector House (which is the holiday home my Granny and Grandad own) and stayed there with my Dad and family, it was really nice ^^

Also, one of the high-lights of the week is I brought lots of French Manga (as they seem to translate the books faster..) I got 5 One Piece Mangas and 1 Excel Saga (which is hard to find over here really) That made my day ^^ My French isn't fab, but I can still read it and the pictures are the best part for me! ^^

So that was my holiday ^^ Then I visited Luce again and went home, since then Ive been watching my Excel Saga non-stop and have FINALLY finished it!!! (Theres only 26 shows and Ive had it since Summer!) Whew, Im ready to sleep now ^^

I think Il make Sunday my posting day, anyways, have a great week!
~Georgie Evi

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

   Georgie's Happy!

Hullo! How has everyone been? This week has been pretty normal, thereís a nasty flu bug going round at the moment, so a lot of my friend have been very ill. They had to close some Schools to stop the flu spreading but not our School because itís boarding and a lot of the students are from different countries, but never mind. The bug will probably come for me next so itís a good thing Iím escaping the country on Monday! My Dad rang me last Tuesday and asked me to go to France for half-term! Yay! Iím very excited!

On Friday, we had our House-singing contest with my House singing ĎItís Raining Men!í My housemaster brought us all wigs and said the boys had to wear dresses and skirts! Seeing half the house cross-dressing (including two of my Exís, is a sight I wonít forget in a while!) Unfortunately, we lost to Warneford House who sung Fame, but it was fun ^^

Today, I went shopping and spent too much.. I brought a hat which was £15, but when I took it to the Counter, the till said it was only £4.50! Yes! Iím glad the lady didnít notice! So I went off to buy some manga instead! I got Rave Master Vol 2 + 3, plus Jing: King of Bandits, which is cool! Iím now waiting for Odaís first manga book ĎWanted!í (which has Luffy on the front!) to come in the post! (I managed to get it off Ebay for £3.50!!!)

Have a Great week everybody, speak to you on Saturday next week!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Utopia has found me!!!

Wahey! My week has been super great! Firstly I had an interview at this college on Tues (my #1 choice for a course next year!) and when I got there they took away my portfilo and put me in a room with loads of other students to wait, then after 10mins my name gets called and they tell me, 'We've been through your work and we'd like to offer you a place for next year with no terms!' I though the lady was joking, no interview just a place! So naturally I said 'Yes Please!' Easiest thing I think I've ever done! Plus the course won't cost me any money because I'm under 19!!! Yes!

So I've had a huge smile on my face all week, I've found time to do some drawing too, so I have submitted a picture of my best friend Phoebe as an Anime Queen, One Fruits Basket request for Lucy and a SOA request for AceG, I hope you like them all!

This weekends been pretty neat as well (excluding Saturday School of course) I went out for a meal on Friday night and got back in time to see who won Celeb Big Brother! (Oh me Gawd, I LOVED Chantelle! She looked so happy!) Saturday afternoon ate loadsa Cake, watched Only Yesterday (which was a nice film!) Then watched Howl's Moving Castle again ^^

I hope everyone elses week was as fantastic as mine! I now await the Art of My Neighbour Totoro and Cats Return book off amazon! Have a great week everybody!
~Georgie Eve

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   Its Sunday (thank you God!)

Yay, its that time of the week where I can just sit down and relax! ^^ Apart from the fact that Im slightly hungover from my friends 18th Bday pub crawl, Im doing Ok ^^ oh if this post is spelt completely wrong its bcoz I managed to fuse the light bulb in here and Im writting in almost complete darkness! Its times like these that I wish we had wireless!

Anyway my weeks been pretty good ^^ I sold all my old pokemon cards on ebay 4 the best part of £20, my One Piece Color Walk 1 finally came in the post (and I love it soooo much!!!) and School is going pretty good at the moment ^^ though soon we have to do an interhouse school singing contest and our house, 4 some odd reason, are singing 'Its Raining Men!' Ahh it'll be awful! I cannot sing to save my life!

Oh and today I uploaded some new arty piccys ^^ not the requests though (sorry Im very slow at the moment!) but I was watching the Arlong saga for about the 10th time and I was watching the end bit when Luffy beats Arlong bellowing Nami is his partner so I felt like drawing a cute Luffy and Nami piccy! ^^ Yay so please check it out ^^ the other 3 pictures are ones from last year (Shaman King and One Piece) Enjoy and have a great week!
~Georgie Eve

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

   Time to Veg out..

Ah yes, my AS retakes are over and its time to kick back and start some hardcore drawing!!!!! I started writing my own manga today too, I had an idea before but now I changed my story line and just have to start drawing! In the meantime, My requests are back up, and they'll be all nice and crisp cause of my scanner ^^ so yea, Requests Puh-lez!!

Oh who here hates how slow shops (in this case amazon) are to stock manga books! I ordered my One Piece Novel 9 AGES ago and it still wnt disbatch until next week! It sucks! I need my One Piece, *runs upstairs to watch One Piece DVD..*

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

   Its time for a new post ^^

Hey howdy hey, I'm back from my travels! I was at my Dads for Xmas and only opened my Xmas presies from my Mum two days ago and I GOT A SCANNER!!! So I deleted all my dodgey digi cam piccys from before Xmas (which took about an hour and a half bcoz there was about 100 of them!) and resumbitted some of my favourites ^^ Oh I love my scanner, they came out so crisp and nice! Please check out my new(ish) pictures ^^ they look a lot better ^^ if there any picture you remember from before that you think I should resubmit, post and say ^^ Il be scanning more tonight or tomorrow ^^

Also for Xmas I got a set of 120 prismacolour pencils! My Mum said she had to be up half the night to bid on them bcoz theyre from America ^^ Theyre so cool! Il have to do a cool colour piccy ^^

I also won't have to leave home much bcoz I got all the Gibli Films on DVD, even a Japanese Howl's Moving Castle! Ive watched it twice since yesterday ^^!

Anyway I'm going on a bit, so Il visit some sites and see everyone later!

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Friday, December 16, 2005


Yay! It's over for the best part of a month! No School, no work, no nagging teachers. Bliss.

This means I now have to revise for my D.T. retake in January, bit of a bummer but I'm terrible at revising, I did very little at GCSE..! But that won't flatten my mood because I'm SO happy I don't have School! *Grin*

I also got some good news today I GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR KIAD!!!! And for those who don't know, KIAD is the Kent Institute of Art and Design ^^ ^^ ^^!!! Yay ^^ Now I just got to get in, it does the best foundation art courses in Kent! My Art teacher is going help me with a Portfolio of my work at School and I will squeze in some of my Anime pictures too ^^
So yay Xmas in 9 days! I am shaking with xcitement ^^

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