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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ive gone all Shaman King, now its back on TV over here it makes me hate 4kids all over again *shakes fists at 4kids towers* I must get some Money and buy the Japanese original!

WOOOO NO MORE EXAMS! Schools all finished and Im so happy ^_^ unfortunatly Im celebrating on my own because none of my other friends are finished, ah well, I can just stay home and play videogames/watch anime all day! Anyway I think the exam was ok.. I finished an hour early and walked up though which is worrying but never mind! I await the result in August!

Woo, Ive discovered a new sport I like watching, its tennis! Hahaha, I used to hate it but its ok now ^_^ come on Henman! Anyway Im gona go and play more Zelda; Majora's Mask, Im trying to get the Keaton Mask before going to the swamp! (Hahaha Ive never actually got past the swamp though Im that bad at Zelda games!) Bye!

P.S. Thanks for telling me 415 One Piece was out Ketchup Alchemist! *Sparkle Eyes* Sanji-Kun!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

England 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago;
I can hear the idiots outside my window yelling like crazy already..

Well Im back! I was away at a holiday park for 4 days and well it was fun..ish! Ahaha well, I wasnt very well at all, I ate something dodgey on Monday and am still recovering *sweatdrop* and the villa we were staying in was all damp and had leaks, it was a bit nasty! The worst part was in a spa morning when the were giving out face mask creams, I put some on and had an allergic reaction.. So I have burns on my face, but they are alot better than they were! Now its just a bit patchy! Its annoying, all my allergies are to do with my skin, I cant use certain creams otherwise it burns my face, I cant sit in tall grass otherwise I come out in a rash and I get really bad reactions on my skin from Mosquitoe bites.. Ah well, my mum and Harvey were really nice to me because I felt ill, they got me lots of nice things like a new bikini, a nice tshirt and loads of ice cream! Haha!

Well its nice to be back home ^_^ though I have an exam tomorrow! Eek! I hope I dont feel too sick though, its a 3hour exam of just writing so I hope I can do okay.. Ah well, Im gona mellow out now and visit everyone tomorrow because its quite late now and I have to get up early ^_^ see you all later!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I hate football. It's not so much the sport, it's the fact that grown men run around the streets like complete idiots whenever their team wins. Yesterday it was England vs Paraguay in the World Cup Opening Match, we won 1-0. So all I heard last night were people on the street shouting 'meeeerrrrrrrr Ennnglannnd!'. Completely pointless.

Anyway, SilverStone British Grand Prix is on today, hopefully in a couple of years I can go and see it because Harvey may be driving in one of the support races (they race classic cars before the actual F1 race) which would be really cool ^_^ Apparently you can't get anywhere near the F1 drivers, but it would still be fun to watch!

We went to a race track yesterday (called Oulton Park) The journey there on Friday took from 9am till 5.30pm!!! We stopped at a shopping centre for a while but still the journey was really tiring! There were just so many crashes on the road. On the London Orbital was the worst where a lorry had caught on fire and the road was blocked off! Argh it took ages to get anywhere! Oh well at least its over now! ^_^

Centre Parcs tomorrow too, can't wait for a holiday! Im going to go shopping in a minute to get some sunglasses and stuff ^_^ Im so excited! And whooo! Black Cat is going be done by Funimation! Yes!

Well Id better be off! Il try and visit everyone tonight ^_^ (its 9am now!) so see you later!

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

I submitted the picture finally! And I finished all the One Piece Manga chapters so far! (Havnt I been busy?) I actually cant wait until Oda writes more!

Tomorrow Im travelling somewhere, some kind of race-track, apparently its about a 5-6 hour drive! Harvey races classic races so were all going to watch which will be a nice break ^_^ (but the journey isnt so nice!). Because its so far away, were staying in a hotel over night so I wont be online for a couple of days unless theres wireless over there. Then on Monday Im going on Holiday! Woo, its a place called Center Parcs which is sort of a active holiday (with lots of sporty stuff, but they have spa's and a huge pool which are the best bits!), I went there last Summer and it was so fun so Im looking forward to next week alot ^_^

Well thats about it from me, be sure to check out my new picture ^_^ and Il see you all on Sunday, hopefully sooner! I leave you with this video, I love this song and the video is made from lego!!!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Well one exam down, one to go! I had to design a display case for cosmetics, so okay I guess. It was a retake of last years exam because I failed it quite badly. We were suppose to draw a desk lamp and I think I drew a desk *sweatdrop* resulting in an E grade.. Thats got to be the ultimate Spandam!

Im on Chapter 394 of One Piece now (in the middle of Robins history) ..Holy mother! Theres so much I wanna say about it!! Its cool now because I know whats going on, before I was just sticking to the DVDs which ended before Water 7.

Eek I forgot to submit (or even finish) my Zelda picture! Ill try and do it tonight, Ill try and visit everyone I missed yesterday too :) I was out evening at this 'new student college evening' it was really dull actually, most of the people there knew each other from previous schools where as I was kinda on my own, I didnt really mind though. Then the fire alarm went off and we all had to wait outside for 20min while firemen ran in and out the building. In the end someone was just dripping hot wax on their work resulting in the alarm going off *rolls eyes* ahh well!!! See you all later!

P.S. Anyone else notice the difference in Oda's drawing sytle?

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Meh, Iv just eaten a whole packet of Chocolate Mini Eggs and yesterday I ate a whole bag of Haribo Sweets. Im actually disgusted with myself. Oh well, Ill call it pre-exam comfort eating.

Ah yes I have a Drawing DT exam tomorrow, annoying because all my friends are going out tonight and I cant go because its an early morning exam! Grr.. Oh well, theres the whole Summer to party :)

So anyway today was pretty normal, I practised my Graphic Drawing Skills. In the exam you have to draw prefect Two-Point Perspective which is okay, at least I dont think Im bad at it. I was testing Perspective by drawing fight scenes earlier without a drawing board and I think Ive got the hang of it now which Im glad with ^_^ Ill finish the picture tomorrow and scan it, at the moment its quite sketchy! (By the way its a Legend of Zelda Scene) Plus, in this exam you have to be able to ink very well, like doing stronger outlines which should be okay too, ..I hope lol. Well at least I did some practising *phew*

Also today Ive been making the most of the wireless net during the day, as Harvey works from home, I never used to be able to go on the internet in daytime so Ive been reading One Piece Manga and read about 60 chapters! Im on chapter 340ish and its getting exciting now!!! Lol

Well Id better be off, itll probably be a while before I change the theme of my site to the hand-drawn on Im working on so Im going change it briefly now to something else because the current wallpaper is annoying me! Lol! Also I wont be here tomorrow as Im going to my New College for a sort of 'New Students Welcome' evening which is exciting XD! Well see you later!

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

This is so sweet! Im sitting here with my new laptop in my bedroom surfing the net! Woo wireless baby! *punches air*

Wee so this week was fun, Iv been at my Dads this week doing nice things :) it was my sisters birthday on Friday so we went to a safari with my Aunt Mel and her children. It was really funny because we were going through the park where all the lions were and my Aunt's car broke down! It was a really hot day and they wernt allow to open the windows so we pasted them and could see them roasting in the heat! In the end the car had just overheated so they were moving 15 minutes later which was lucky :)

I also got a new DVD player! I got a mini one for car journeys for my Birthday from my Dad a couple of months ago but I broke it.. (opps) I didnt do anything wrong just changed the disc one day and it just stopped working! So we took it back and they replaced it for free! Yippee! Then I remembered I didnt bring any DVDs with me so while I was shopping with my Grannie this morning I saw Final Fantasy Advent Children in the supermarket and bought it to watch on the train home :) I love it! I havnt finished watching it yet but it looks visually fantastic!

Yep so thats about it, I keep re-reading One Piece Volumes 9 and 10 because I love the drawings, *strokes the books* Ill probably have more fightscenes done before my drawn theme because Im completely brainwashed by One Piece! So yup, Im gona visit everyone now! See you soon!

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Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm back again! I've been living out of a suitcase alot recently therefore I havn't posted for awhile so I'm sorry if you feel I've not been visiting, I've not been on the net much at all lol!

So anyway I had a wonderful weekend! I went to the London Anime Expo with Lucy and her friend Laura and it was really fab! I've never seen so many anime/manga fans under one roof. The main theme was the release of Naruto in the UK so there were loads of Naruto Cosplayers, heck, even I bought a forehead protecter! They gave away loads of free stuff as well, including a huge Naruto bag and free DVD of the dub, I really want to look into the original Anime now! There were also other really good cosplayers but the best had to be this guy dressed as Vash from Trigun! Oh it was so fun! XD! I also bought a FullMetal Alchemist poster but not much else because everything was sooo expensive! I'll be sure to save my money for the next one so I can get more cool stuff!

Also I managed to get One Piece vol 10 in Forbidden Planet on Saturday, they had the Art of Cat Returns as well that I really wanted (current background if you're not sure) but it was 33! I'm going try and stop buying Manga at the moment, it eats too far into my bank account! *sweatdrop* ..I'll only get the new One Piece and Black Cat vols when they come out! Lol!

I'm currently working on my new theme as well :) as it's all hand-drawn, it's taking ages! I've finished some bits, but I'm keeping it a secret until it's finished completely! Heehee!

Well I'd best be off, I'm leaving again tomorrow to go to my Dad's house so I can probably visit people there, but I probably won't post until I return which will probably be the weekend so I hope everyone has a great week! :) I'll try and do some fight scenes as well if I get the chance! Bye for now!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Woo! I love not having to go to School! XD I feel so relaxed! Heehee! I still have two exams to go but am enjoying this moment of bliss lol

So anyway I came back from my Dads house yesterday, but I was traveling all day yesterday so I decided not to post cause I was so sleepy lol! I had fun, did nice things so that was good, Im hopefully going next week as well which would be cool, unfortunatly on both trips there and back there were accidents on the motorway so the journeys there and back were over 4 hours! Ah well I was chatting to a nice guy on the way there XD damnit I wish I got his number!!! *smacks forehead*

So yea Im going to draw pictures tomorrow :) probably not a fight scene, though I was emailed an interesting request this morning that Ill try and do soon, I think Luffy vs Arlong est next, a few people have asked for that one! I really want to draw my own layout for this site as well, background, blog etc! Ill give it a try, DIY site! Though I need help with my posts, I want to give them a boarder with a different background compared to the site background, does that make sense? Can anyone show me the code for it? Also I want to add my own music uploaded from my comp, is there anyway to do that?

Okay well Id better be off :) have a great evening everyone!

P.S. I named this picture 'Unfair' anyone else agree?

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Friday, May 19, 2006

   Its my last ever day of school!

After today, I will never have any lessons again.. I just left my last lesson (which was DT :P..) Kinda sad really, what do I do? Lol now I have college starting in Sept, Im excited! Cant wait to party!

Well Im supposed to be in school tomorrow, but Im going to my Dads house this evening so Il just have to miss it.. Lol! Ah let the anime/Big Brother watching begin! Heehee!

Hmm well my day as been okay so far, I planned on getting a really late bus so I didnt go to Chapel, unfortunately I missed about 3 buses and was waiting rather longer than I expected but then My Art teacher drives past and takes me to school! (arent they life savers?) so I end up being early.. But my teacher let me stay in the Art department and skip Chapel so that was nice :)

Anywoo Id better be off, Im going away this evening and will probably be back on Tuesday :) so I hope everyone has a great weekend! Bye!

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