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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

   Ah, Another Thing..

Im going put a hold on requests till after January due to revision work nd plus I have loads 2 do already! Sorry guys!

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   School is pointless

Yea, Iv got to that stage where Im only at School 2 do prepare nd go over notes for exams, so Im not learning anything new which is really dull.. Its like today my first lesson isnt until 12.00pm nd Iv bin here sitting doing nothing now since around 9 this morning! But it does give me time 2 doddle ^^ which makes it worth going to School ^^

As far as requests, I should have em dun soon! I only have one lesson tomorrow in the morning so Il finish em in my free lessons ^^

Xmas is here soon!!! Yay I cant wait wait, Il b at my Dads 4 xmas nd its gona b so cool! My little bro whos 4 was in a navity (or woteva its called) play yesterday! Guess wot he was.. A DUCK!!! I never knew a duck was present at the birth or Jesus!

Nyways have a great day everyone!
-Georgie Evi

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Monday, November 28, 2005

   Today I feel really really ill..

I am not in my usual mood today, Ive bin suffering from this nasty toothache for a week when over the weekend my teeth cramped up and my head and my ears were throbbing, it really wasnt great but niether was my dentist telling me 'oh, it doesnt look too bad.. No no it normally gets much worse than this..' great so now hes given me antibo's for when the pain really kicks in which will be, according to him, in the nxt 3 MONTHS.. What the hell am I suppose to do in the waiting time, I cant concertrate, meaning I cant draw, I cant draw meaning I cant work at school seeing has all my A Levels are art based.. Yea so thats my moan for the day, I managed to get the wrong train home form the dentist too *rolls eyes*

In other news, its gd news for pirates, two nu piccys r up ^^ the One Piece one has spoilers, u have been warned..

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Hullo Everyone!

Oh Christmas is coming soon!!! Many say its too early but I'm getting excited anyway! Whats on everyones xmas list? I want loadsa anime DVDs!

My week has been so tiring! I went to two partys in one day on saturday, so i was partying from 2pm til 5/30pm with a train journey break then 7/45pm til 2/30am!!! Im still recovering! It didnt help that I was babysitting late the next day! Ah well it was fun all together!

Im loving my DVDs at the Moment! The seventh crew member has just joind! ^^ I wnt say who in case there are some who dnt know the suprise (isnt it annoying when people blurt spoilers?!) Im also loving the One Piece Japanese theme songs, especially Family ^^
*sings; Oretachi wa Family*

Enjoy your week!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Posting to have a Rant!

Grr! I'm so pd at the moment! One of my One Piece DVDs doesn't work! Ah! Its got 9 episodes on it and its at a really good bit! Oh its not fair *huff* Stupid Ebay.. I'm either going to have a huge rant at the person who sold the discs and start some endless battle of ranting and posting the Boxsets back and forth and demanding replacements and spending a fortune on Postage to Japan OR buy the same boxset from someone else.. Yea I know what I'll probably do.. *sigh* I'v got another disc that only works on my laptop as well but this particular disc (and I was on episode 85!) just is empty..

Ah, complaining isn't gona get me anywhere so I'll stop.. ^^ How was everyones Halloween? We had no trick or treaters so I got to keep all the sweets and chocs my mum got ^^ so that was nice

Grr, I'm still slightly frustrated but I'll be fine soon, I'll have to watch my Excel Saga DVDs in the meantime while I sort out my One Piece problem! Have a better day than me everyone!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

   Georgie is back ^^

Hullo! How is everybody? I'll make this a shorter post than my last because I have so much work to do, I go back to School on Monday and am determinded to have a relaxing/lazy day tomorrow beforehand ^^ I hope I can finish in time! On Monday I saw the most fantastic film! Howl's Moving Castle of course! Me, my two cousins and my Granny saw it together in this tiny cinema! To honour the film I have drawn a picture of the castle itself! And I tell you, it took bloody ages! If I spend as much time on Schoolwork as I do drawing anime, I'd have my work done in the hour! I may not be back tonight but will visit sites tomorrow morning on my hopefully lazy day! ^^ Bye Bye!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   I'm Back!!

Hoy everyone! I'm back from my travels, I have been in the not-so-sunny country of France ^^ if you know my cousin and read her posts then you'll now my Granny and Grandad have brought a pretty run down house in South-West France about a year ago, my Dads cousin Graham is doing it up and its looking really nice but still a bit basic ^^ I met my Dad, Liz and my siblings there and had a mini holiday ^^ Anyway one of the nice things was I got to miss some of the last days of School before half-term, so I get loads of time off School! Yay!

The bad thing was I relaised just how far behind England is on their Anime and Manga! I was stareing at One Piece vols 1-28 in a supermarket for Gods sake!! And in the supermaket across the road they had DBZ posters! What is the world coming to??! *sigh* But I did buy vol 9 One Piece in French, I did French at school for a few years so I can understand most of it plus I got a big DBZ poster of Goku and Frezer! ^^ The worst part was the plane journey, I hate planes!

I changed the background on my site yesterday, I liked my old one but I lost the image so I got a nice Nami one instead ^^ oh I got paid for doing wedding photograph for a friend so i decided to do some shopping on amazon, heehee I went into overload and spent a bit too much, I bought the Art of Howl's Moving Castle (which was a bit stupid seeing as I havn't since the movie!) and I got Vols 1 and 2 of Shaman King ^^ I can't wait until they arrive! I also went on ebay on got a One Piece Animation 'Logbook', hopefully that will come soon too! ^^

Today I was suppose to be going to an open day in Rochester for the Kent School of Art and Design but my brother was sick so my mum couldn't drive my over! Grr! Though I found out there was a campus in Canterbury for the same college so I'm going to their open day tomorrow morning! I'm quite excited because its taking another step forward to my dream of being an animator or something very simular! ^^

I'm going to visit friend's sites tonight, sorry I've been gone so long! I will have more art soon as well, I've been doing loads of originals lately but I'm in the middle of drawing a group One Piece picture, can't decide weither to colour or not though! Hmm, oh, requests anyone..?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

   Georgies Beaming!

Heehee *big Luffy toothy grin* I just got Sin City on DVD and its amazing!!!!!! I had to get my mum 2 get though cause it was an 18 but its bloody (Literately!) awesome! Mainly the effects, like how the dresses are colourful and the rain effects and like wow! I could go on about this film for hours!

Today was cool, I only had one lesson in School so came home at 1pm so I finished my Vyse and Aika picture (mainly colouring that took ages coz Im so bad at it!) Added more shading to the Peace Maker piccy which Il probably submit tomorrow now, and now I need another request so please think of an idea for me! ^^

I ordered One Piece part 10 off ebay yesterday too! I havnt even finished the 206 episodes I had already! ^^ But I wanted to get it now before it can only be sold other boxsets ^^ I need to get a new DVD shelf!

So anyway thats my day ^^ Im currently waiting for a shop 2 call me back about doing till work, which they probably wnt but hey, its worth a try ^^ *grins again* I hope everyones day is going well! Please check out my piccys!
~GeorgieEviHarri is siging out

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

   George says Good Morning!

This is probably one of my earliest posts, its about 10.14am here ^^ today Im having a day of deleting and resubmitting older pictures because Iv learnt how to use my digi cam better and my older pictures are very dark and blurry! Ive already done two, Im resubmiting the Nami, Nojiko and Bellemer picture I drew last night too coz that was quite faint ^^

Today Im probably just gona draw, ink and watch DVDs, though I need to do some ironing too *rolls eyes* though I get paid for it! Also, Iv been asked to take photos at a family friends wedding! I was shocked, I do photography A level but Im not fantastic, Iv bin offered 50+ for it too! I duno weither I should do it or not because I wudnt want a friends wedding photos turning out 2 b dissapointing for them!

I will draw a request for FelixDeCat, ^^ not sure who the characters are though, Im sure you can tell me their names! And Im gona draw a colour Vyse and Aika some time this week, though I cant colour 2 gd itll probably take ages!

Anyways if my fan art goes all over the place today, its coz Im sorting out the dodgey pictures!

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

   George feels slighty rough but shes gona get thru this post..

The title says it all, I feel pretty awful, I didnt have Saturday school 2day so me and my friend went to see Pride and Prejustice and go out 4 a drink after, I have to say, it was a bloody gd film, never read the book but was still bloody excellent! Anyways, like I said we all had a drink after, nd we all had a bit too much.. Two of my friends had this huge arguement in the middle of a street, hitting each other and all, me nd one of my best friends Abi had to hold them bad while trying to dodge the bloody taxis in the road! Thats a night Id rather forget..

On brighter news One Piece Part 10 is on ebay! Thats next 4 my collection nd cant wait 2 get it (I basically just need 2 go on the site but im too shatterd rite now nd wud prob buy sumit completely different!) Im going into Canterbury town 2 buy some decent colouring pencils too coz I wana do a colour piccy of Vyse and Akia together..

I submited a piccy 2day too ^^ its mainly sketchs of Nami and her sister Nojiko nd mother Bellemer its a bit of a tear jerker tho ^^ well I hope ur all ok nd hope ur days bin gd!

And please, someone give me something to draw other than One Piece or Skies of Arcadia

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