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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   George is sleeply..

I should be asleep right now, shame bout that lil thing they call insomnia.. Anywho, Im lovin One Piece at the mo, its better watching wit subs than the 4kids version which basically sucks more than a dyson.. I also got my Excel Saga dvds on friday which are really wacky ^^ Im playing the theme song as I write actually ^^ anyway just a quicky post 2 say hi nd hope ur all doin better than me, A Levels r so much work at school nd we hav hardly startd the courses! I spent mosta my day doodling nd watchin telly, I have 2 nu piccys to summit from, (you guessd it!) One Piece and Excel Saga! The Excel one is of my DVD box and the One Piece is of various scenes of Nami from the Arlong Saga I watchd earlier which is sooooo sad I dnt think nd anime has brought me 2 tears b4!
Anyways enjoy ur evening ^^

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   P-A-R-T- Y? Bcoz we gotta!

Sorry bout not updating so much, now School is here and I am facing the big A levels, scarey.. But its all ok at the moment, I hav tonnes of free lessons and its made life loads easier, especially days like Tuesday when I have one lesson in the morning and thats it ^^ The start of School was strange after the hols and very tiring.. But I had a party 2 go 2 Sat night, now 4 those who dnt no, I hav Saturday School, and this gathering went on until something like 3am so yea Im pretty sleepy writing dis as we were collectd at 8am!
But it was worth it, the party was a joind 17th Birthday 4 my best friend Pheebs, her boyfriend James and another friend Chris. And it was so great, James' house is huge nd we had a bbq, disco all in his garden ^^ I meet so many new friends, there was also this guy doin breakdancing and he was so funny ^^ last thing I remember is drifting in and out of sleep at about 1-2am on a deckchair ^^
To up date, I hav a quick sketch of Horo Horo from Shaman King, and can sum1 tell me what they think of that Hawk Girl picture, Bye bye

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

   Georgie's Luck has yet to end..

I have had a fab day! Yesterday and Today, ok well last night I went out 4 a meal with my best friend Phoebe, we decided 2 spend no more than 15 or so on food at a place called The Super Noddle Bar as we both are slightly strapped 4 cash. So anyways, we're walking to the Bar when on the road was.. A 20 NOTE! We both were completely shocked, so we got a lovely huge FREE meal! ^^ So we spent sum money 4 drinks in a nice pub instead ^^ it was so awesome! So then we went back to her house, ate loadsa chocolate, slept and today we went 2 an ice cream shop 4 breakfast drinking coke floats and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the cinema! Now I saw it bout a week ago also but its a bloody fab film! So yea, Id say I was lucky these past 2 days ^^ Though tomorrow is my last day of freedom before starting School again, not so lucky..

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

   Georgie is back ^^

Hello! Yay this has been a fab summer hol, specially this month! Ok first I had some great times on hol and away with family and had so much fun, I did so many new things, never knew how great safari parks were!
LOL then I got my AS exam results, I got an A in Art, B in Photography, B in Graphic Design and *lol* a U in Physics which Im soooo over the moon with! Ive dropped Physics and am now one step closer to being an animator or something simular!!!
Thirdly, I GOT EVERY SINGLE ONE PIECE EPISODE ON DVD PLUS MOVIES! YAY! I got it off ebay yesterday and await its arrival! ^^ I went halfs with my mum coza my exam results so I only paid bout 68 ^^ PLUS I won a bid bout 10min ago on the complete series of Excel Saga ^^ Yipee!
I have loadsa new pictures to upload, I just finished 1 on Gohan 4 a request, I also have art from One Piece, Pokemon and Shaman King. I will upload these tonight (its about 10.43am right now) I also am in the middle of drawing some pictures one being Hawk Girl from Justice League which Il try and finish and upload later 2 ^^.
In other news I added the strangest new song 2 my ipod *story is* My little brother Luke always sais to me 'George, George, George of the Jungle, watch out 4 that tree!' so to please him I have added that song 2 my ipod lol I also added the Justice League Unlimited theme tune cause thats just plain catchy ^^
Now Im back on the net hopefully full time so I can help with SOA Utopia and the Luffy Club. Any Skies of Arcadia or One Piece fans are completely welcome to join just mail me and il give you the urls!
Dude that was a long post for me, and the hols arent even over, just 5 days til September 1st and my FINAL year at School ^^

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Sunday, August 7, 2005


Hey everyone! I have a new picture up today, its a Shaman King picture, hope you fans out there like it, its different from my normal sketchy style as I made it sharp, took bloody ages!

Next week I shall not be around for I am staying at my dad's house for two weeks! Just thought Id mention that quickly, still will take requests though, ^^

Anyways this was just a quick post so see you all around laters!

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Monday, August 1, 2005

   heya ^^

Heya all! Today has been pretty uneventful, did a bit of shopping, I bought one of those miltary jackets in primark today, I duno why I try not to copy what others are wearing, espeacially has 3 of my friends already own the things, but hey it wasnt my money and it may add 2 my normal beach/surfer look ^^ i lookd on ebay earlier nd their selling the coats at 35 buy it nows, *rolls eyes* why not get of their butts and buy it in the shop for 12?

Enough going on bout clothes I also remade my anime playlist on my ipod, adding a few more One Piece songs, yugioh song, nd sum awesome remixs! ha ha! its so cool!

I also took a tonne of nu quizs which was fun, i learnt I was in need of anger mangement and will be Sanji's lover (get in!) check if interestd ^^

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   Good Mornin'

Okay, so its not morning, Im having a Django moment! ^^ So anyway Ive uploaded a few new pictures, including a piccy from Excel Saga.. Now I dont know the anime but am interested to see it, if anyones a fan can you tell me? Its suppose to be fun and wacky which sounds my kinda thing ^^ another piccys include One Piece x2, Skies of Arcadia and an Original. I also did a greeting ^^ its been a month since my last!

Tomorrow I probably wont be online, Im going swimming in the morning and out with some friends in the evening.. Meaning, I miss eviction on Big Brother! *NOOOOOOOOO*

Anyway thinking of better things I entered my picture of Anna for the Shaman King contest, I inked and tidyed it up a bit first ^^ Oh and today, I watched Grease the musical, Id never seen it before! I told my friend and she was totally shocked and lent me her DVD, *sighs* I need more DVDs, well, saving for One Piece ^^ I wish I had a moneytree!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   Evening ^^

How is everyone? Ive been havin a day of doodling nd watching telly ^^ I have fallen in love with the program Extreme Makeover Home Edition! Its so nice ^^ lol ive also been watching One Piece nd bought a skirt 4 12! my cheapest so far nd wot i like bout it is it was in the kiddies section, its for 13 year olds nd it fit perfectly, even wit a lil room for wen i hav a cake nd chocolate day! hahaha! tomorrow im seeing one of my friends nd having a total chill out ^^ yay! that is if she answers my calls, lol, i dnt actually know wen im going over! probably no art posts 2mz then but i promise to have the SOA and Zolo request done in TWO days ^^ heehee, i also tryed 2 draw a piccy of realistic me for my 100th piccy but its far from that! im more a characterchor (if thats ya say it!) i can post it but ull all laugh! Also Im entering a Shaman King drawing contest, I want to enter my piccy of Anna but i duno *thinks* contact powerblader if ur interested too ^^ (Luce i hope u do it wit me!) yes and like the SOA Utopia banner? Join if ya do, we love more ppl in our club ^^

Anymore Requests for any more??

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   Wotcher Everyone!

Hello! How is everybody doing? Im happy today, hope you all are too! Ive gone a bit One Piece mad today too! ^^

Ive been reading my new One Piece manga most of today and I cant wait until Oct for the next one, in the meantime I may invest money into some Shaman King manga.. Hmm.. I think I may have to do some odd jobs round the house to get cash though! Im also happy cause I recorded the first two episodes of the One Piece Anime so I now have EVERY single show which have aired so far on tape! YAY! Plus I put One Piece songs on my ipod, including 'We Are' and 'Believe' Id like to get more but Im not sure where to get them on the internet lol! Oh and for those that are interested, check out 'SOA Utopia' as a username for you Skies of Arcadia fans ^^

As far as Fan Art goes, I have a picture of Sanji and Luffy to put up, taken from a scene in my Manga, I also have another picture of Luffy but it would probably be a spoiler for those havnt read the book.. Damn 4kids, they edit far too much.. Oh I should decide on a 100th piccy, I have no idea what to do.. *sweatdrop*

Oh art requests, anyone?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   GeorgieEvi's on the Web ^^

Heya! Hows Everyone doing? Im in a sorta mixed mood at the moment, firstly, IM HAPPY! My Manga of Skies Of Arcadia came in the post today ^^ its so cool, its in japanese but it has 10 different stories about Vyse and Aika's adventures, its so neat! ^^ Then tomorrow, Im going to London to visit Lucy ^^ yay, cool! oh and third, i went into a charity shop today and saw Sonic the Hedgehog 2 the video on the shelf and I thought 'Hey, Why not?' so I bought it and watched it with Jerry all afternoon! It was cool bcoz its like the first Sonic cartoons made ^^ so that was nice!

Now the bad news, what on Kita is happening with my One Piece Manga??! I pre-ordered months ago and it still has come, thats annoying bcoz I wana know what happens! *wails* Then theres the fact that I have a really bad tummy ache, bad idea to eat the 3 day old banoffee pie.. *groans and faints..*

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