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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Argh I dont feel well at all today. I duno whats wrong, couldnt sleep until 4am then the sun rose an hour later and woke me up. I think Ill just stay in bed till I have to get up this afternoon when Im meeting my friend in town ^_^

Well for the past couple of days MSN has taken over my life ^_^ haha Iv never been on it before last week, now Im always chatting (or messengering) away! Anyway I was online yesterday and noticed my friend has put up photos from last Saturday and I thought Id share em ^_^

From left to right; Phoebe, Me (giggling),Abi, Lauren and Hannah

Left to right; Becky, Nikki, Yuka, Hannah, Nomes, Me, Abi and Harriet

Me (with a star stuck on my face!) and Nikki

Abi says the Bottles were just there for the pose!

Me 'but wheres the wine gone?'

Hahahah, I actually dont remember this but apparently I was asked 'and how do you feel this evening?' and I just said 'Weeeeee!'

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Its just dawned on me that Ive finished school. Forever. What do I do with my life?!

Ah these past couple of days have been so fun while Ive been gone (Il visit you all tonight!), yesterday was Speech Day and the School ball and it was, quite frankly, awesome. Though I believe my liver as died over night, I woke up this morning after 3 hours sleep, on the floor, in Phoebes house, feeling like my insides had been tied in knots! We were suppose to been trying to go out all night but the party we were going to fizzeled out and Lauren ended up driving us all back to Phoebes at about 3.30am. My god, when am I going to learn alcohol is very bad!

But yea, our tickets to this ball cost 50 each and it was a bit of a rip off. There was suppose to be a live band but there was a technical fault and they ended up dragging in some senior school students to play classical music until they got the disco going, also the food was a bit pants. It was nice and all but not much of it, especially when they give you five bottles of wine per table! Dang I had a drinking contest wuth a guy, gluping red wine from the bottle. Argh, never ever again! But it was funny the guy I was against spilt it down his white shirt, heehee! Also my friend Chris was soooo drunk, it was so funny, he couldnt even stand and fell over right in the middle of the dance floor (dragging Pheebs down with him)! Though I think my friends got quite the kick out of my behaviour *sweatdrop* I just talk complete you-know-what when Ive had too much to drink (and I really dont argee with wine!) also some how I ended up in the boys toilets at one point! Then some guys from the school across the road I know came over to gatecrash, then we went over to their ball though it was kinda over (it happened to be on the same day!) but yea, good times ^_^

Also I think that Im catching the Spanda factor off Fire Fist Ace! I saw one of my friends on Thursday and I was sitting in his car drinking from a carton of orange juice when I took a gulp and instead it ended up all down my top (and Im not over reacting, I was actually covered!) Another really embarassing event!

So.. Now my school life is over. Bugger.

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Ello everyone ^_^ Im really tired today, since discovering MSN Ive been chatting to friends half the night! And I got my laptop back!!! It actually came on Monday afternoon so it was a very quick repair!

Urm not been doing much this week, I went to my school art show yesterday as all my stuff would be up and around. Unfortunatly it was kinda bad. I bought a brand new skirt before hand, which had lots of netting on, bit like a tutu but in chocolate brown and it was soooo nice! So I decided to wear it in the evening as you do. So I get a bus and I went into the town centre beforehand to pick up a ticket for my friend for that Music Festival I mentioned (two weeks to go!!!) after that I thought Id get a bus up the hill to my school (the hill is about a mile long..) but the last bus for half an hour had gone and I was late already so I decided to walk. Big mistake, it was boiling and I was so hot and sticky! It was horrid. So 15-20min later, I got to school and was like 'Ok lets go to the bathrooms to cool down a bit and wash my face..' I walked past a table, I caught my skirt on the corner and it rips all down the front. Poor skirt.. Next time Il wear it as a petticoat! Lucky my friend James B had a couple of safety pins which kept it together for the rest of the night. But my god, it was sooooo embarassing!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for everybody so I have to go in and say my goodbyes to the teachers, kinda sad leaving forever.. But its Muck Up day!! Which means our year (the leavers) reck the school! Last year the guys taped up all the doors into the school but the teachers all took it down so it was a bit rubbish. This year some people want to put a cow in the the staff room, interesting.. I thought of throwing food colouring into the swimming pool ^_^ anyone else think of anything?

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Hi everyone! ^_^ Did you all have a good weekend? The BBQ was fun, I stayed up talking to my friend Pheebs all night and it was difficult to get up early as she had to go to work, haha but it was fun!

Today Im going to School, haha its the last official week before the holidays (even though I havnt been to School in over a month! The lower years are still there) All the end of year events are going on and its House BBQs tonight, itll be nice to see my whole year again and theyre normally quite fun, and hopefully my friends and I can go out after ^_^

Also Im going to a Music Festival! Woo! I actually cant wait! Its called Lounge of the Farm and loads of local bands are playing the whole weekend XD! Pheebs has her ticket, I need to get my weekend ticket today and Im sure more of my friends are going too! Thatll be fun ^_^

Well I wont be online tonight cause Ill be at school, so Ill try and visit everyone tomorrow morning ^_^ bye bye!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hi everyone ^_^ Ive been quite inactive lately, Im sorry for not visiting all your sites and arts. Oh and because I was asked, all the One Piece colourspeads I use on this site are from www.eastblue.net ~Which is a French website, but its quite easy to get to the pictures! ^_^

Well Tuesday night I went out with my friend which was fun, stayed at hers and then had ice cream for breakfast the next morning (well it was afternoon really) Were trying to organise a bbq on Sat at my other friends house, that will be fun!

And in other news, Ive finally been suckered into getting myspace.. Haha Im not leaving this site ^_^ Ill still be more active here as my artwork is here and all you guys who read and comment on my problems in life are here too, haha! My account is myspace.com/georgieeviharri (how original) anyone else got myspace?

Ohhh today my laptop was taken away, its really odd! I duno when Im getting it back, probably early next week, but Im missing it already! Well at least itll be healthy when it comes back ^_^

Also, clear the roads if your in the Kent area! I got my provisional drivers lisence!!! Now I just have to organise the lessions! ^_^ Heehee! Have a great day!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello everybody ^_^ I was suppose to be going out tonight but it was canceled. Oh hum. But its on for tomorrow night instead ^_^ cant wait to party!!!

So my weekend wasnt that interseting, just spent most of it with a headache and stomach ache caused from Fridays gathering. I spent loads of time on that Bebo website actually, does anyone else have an account? Most of my friends are on there so Ive been chatting away with them ^_^ Also most of my friends finish their exams today and tomorrow so theyll be extra reason to party!

Actually talking of partys, I saw the photos of me taken on my friends mobile from Friday, scary.. They were awful!!! Im never ever letting people take photos of me when Im drinking, ever again!!!

Well just a quicky post, I hope everyone as a great day!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lesson in life 1: Bus journeys can make hangovers worse

Thank you everyone who rated my picture ^_^ Haha Im loving that game at the moment! And yup there is a Zelda Manga for Majora's Mask, OoT and more of the games ^_^ you can download them here

Last night my friend Scott had a 18th birthday bash, it was suppose to be little. But his parents gave him 200 (yes, you heard correctly) to spend on alcohol! I almost didnt go, but Im glad I did now ^_^ there were loads of funny things happening and I saw loads of my friends again too ^_^ I think everyone had too much to drink though (including myself) but it was great! Haha I was actually suppose to be leaving at 10pm and catching a bus but in end I missed them all. Opps. My friend Jack had to take me and my two best friends home and we each live about 10miles away from each other so he was our taxi ^_^ So I didnt get back till about 1am and couldnt go online, so thats where I was yesterday.

My bad news is my laptop is busted, the screen is broken but luckily it can be fixed for free as its only 3 months old! Yippee! I may not be as active on the site like last week until its fixed (Im using my old one now that I share my Mum) but hopefully it'll all be sorted soon ^_^

I also went into school today, as it was the Swimming Gala ^_^ my last ever one! (Not that I was swimming, just watching!) I saw my friend James who was suppose to go to Scott's do but got lost and spent the whole night looking for us! I dont think he liked it when I was telling him about it, especially the part where all drinks were bought for us ^_^

Well thats it from me, now I will visit everyone! I leave you with this video, seeing as all my images are on my broken laptop *shakes fist*

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hi everyone ^_^ Ive drawn a picture! Can you believe it? Its not Excel and Key, thats next, I just drew this cause I felt in the mood ^_^
clink the 'Link' to have a look!

Anyway I havnt been doing much, I spent the afternoon colouring this picture, I have a huge blister on my thumb from it! Lol well Im gona start the next picture tomorrow then carry on with my fight scene requests ^_^

Yesterday was kinda dull too, though I downloaded the Majora's Mask Official Manga, thats cool ^_^ Um yea thats kinda it! Not much to say! I hope you like my picture! Tell me how your days going, probably more interesting than mine! Bye for now!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Woo! I got the shoes! They are beautiful. I got them in black instead of pink though, I thought Id probably use them more. I also got two pairs of flip-flops ^_^ let the summer officially begin!

I tidyed my room yesterday, I even hoovered! I try not to so much because I hate carrying the hoover up 5 loads of stairs! But now it looks all nice ^_^ itll probably be about 3 days before you no longer can see the floor! But the reason for this tidying is that Harvey wanted to get some cleaners hired. They came to inspect the house yesterday to see what they had to do. It was funny because I was sitting in my bedroom on the internet when I heard them coming up the stairs and they where completely out of breath! This is the normal reaction to anyone coming to the top floor but this man just looked like he wanted to flop on the floor. He couldnt even say hello to me he was so shattered! Well anyway, this morning we got a letter from them shoved under our front door saying they didnt want to clean because the house was too big.. O_o Is it just me so does that sound mad? Theyre cleaners, they are paid to clean.. Oh well, I think its because they didnt like the stairs ^_^

Hmm not much else happened yesterday, I watched Excel Saga yesterday while waiting for AMV Hell 3 to download at about midnight. Its the kinda of Anime you have to watch twice to get all the jokes (mainly because Excel talks so fast!). I was watching the Rock Show mission with Key in it and noticed Vash from Trigun standing in a crowd! (also naked rock star 'Key' is suppose to be 'Link' from the Legend of Zelda) Haha! I thought Id draw a picture of Key and Excel today ^_^ Well I hope everyone has a good day!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lookie Lookie! My friends buttons are up and running across the screen ^_^ If you have a button that Ive missed out, tell me and Ill put it right up! (I had to put up Fire Fist Ace's Spandam picture as her link ^_~)

Im glad everyone likes my new theme too! Its not really my usual but it feels quite light and summer like ^_^ Id quite like to keep this theme for a while, the next one will probably be my own drawn one but Im lazy and havnt drawn much of it! Haha! Oh I dnt know weither to change my Aviatar or not, I really like the Ace one, but I think it should match the Site Theme. Ah I dnt know, what does everyone think?

Tomorrow Im going on a search for some shoes ^_^ I was looking in a magazine when I saw a clothes shop selling these pink ballet pump shoes (with ribbons!!!) for 10 which is really cheap! How cool is that? Unfortunatly these little shoes are selling like hot cakes here (apparently 30,000 sold last week!) But I really want some! Il call the shop and if they have them Il be getting the train to there ^_^

Well I dont have much else to say so I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and the weather is good where you are!

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