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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yippee its Weds! Two more days of school to go!

Ive just finished the second day of my Photography exam, its actually a joke, it shouldnt be called an exam; Me and Lottie (A friend taking the exam with me) chat the whole time, while listening to the radio, while our Art teacher makes us coffee! Unfortunatly, I feel really sick, I think its the chemicals used in printing the photos and a mixture of being tired.. Oh well, by the end of tomorrow, Ill never have to go in the dark room ever again! Woo!

Not much else going on, Im going to see my Daddy on Friday! Yay! Im gonna be getting a coach to his house for the weekend, eek never done that before! Oh well, itll be a 'mini adventure'. Ill try and post beforehand if I can :) If not I hope everyone has a fab weekend! Ill be doing loadsa drawings too so Ill post them when I get back :)

I leave you with this really good video, I love the song at the moment!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Last ever Monday at school!!!

Sanji vs Zoro is up! *I can hear you you all saying finally!*

Today was fun, started off by being late again! Well my friend was distressed so I was chatting with her in my study and then was like 'Ah Im 20min late for DT!' so I run over and bump into this lady who askes me to take her to the Junior School Office which was on the other side of School (and the School Grounds are huge!) so walk back and find my class no where in sight. I looked in the workshop and asked Neil who does all the techy bits and stuff and he had no idea so I waited and thought, 'this is pointless, Im going to find my class' so I search the whole grounds which takes another 20min and thought 'Screw it, Im going eat cake in my study..' Later on I found Chris and asked where they were, turns out they are in the classroom right next door to where the class should of been. I felt like such a plank, Neil gave me a Simpsons 'HarHar' laugh everytime I saw him after!

Yea so that was embarassing, my day was really fun apart from that, I played one of my best friends at cards and beat her in my free lesson lol she shouted 'No NO! DONT DO THAT! really loudly and the hall outside our study went silent. I think all the students thought I was killing her!

Oh remember I entered some drawings in an Anime Drawing contest? My Angry Luffy picture is framed in Ottakars at the moment! Woo, go me!

Yar, Iv been talking complete rubbish so Id better be off :) Photography 15 hour exam tomorrow, Yuk! See you later!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Im at School at the moment, its my last Saturday school ever! *Silence w00t!(Im in a library!)* What a feeling!!!

So Im happy :) all my lessons were canceled too so I havnt been doing much, bit of Photography to prepare for the exam and such. Im waiting till 12 then me and a couple of friends are going to have some lunch in Canterbury City Centre, which will be nice :)

Oh theres a Anime Drawing contest in the Ottakars Bookshop as well and Im going enter some of my drawings, I dont know what the prizes are but I thought it would be fun anyway :)

Whats annoying is my two friends have School Prizes for doing good deeds and get book tokens, Argh I want book tokens! My Manga habit is going mad now, Im finding it difficult to go into Ottakars and not buy Manga (Yesterday I bought Jing Vol 5 while getting details for this Drawing Contest!) Iv never had a School Prize actually, I dont think the school knows I exist either. Oh well, when Im rich and famous from drawing my own Manga and my School try and suck up Ill just ignore em! (Trust me, My schools like that bcoz Orlando Bloom came here and theyre Like 'Oh Orlando, we loved him, best student ever..' its like puh-lez..)

Well Id better visit sites! Im almost done with the next fight scenes, should be up sometime over the weekend :) speak to you all later!

**EDIT** Heehee told you the Manga habits getting out of hand, I walked into Ottakars and was like 'Hmm that one looks- OMG Fruits Basket 9!!!' So I bought that and I got one free being in the 'Manga Club' heehee, so I got Jing 6 :)

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yahoo! My 15 hour Art exam is over! Yes! Its left me feeling extremely tired and both my hands with cuts and blisters from the paintbrushes (Im an ambidextrous painter) but its all done! Thats one exam out of the way, next is the 15 hour Photography exam, next week on Tuesday, Weds, and Thurs. Not as difficult though because its mainly printing the pictures so shouldnt be so tireing! Lol!

So yea, not much been happening apart from this exam, Iv been wearing my Artists Smock for the past few days (still am wearing it!), Lol always makes me feel happy and arty! Il have to put my paintings on Deviant or something one day to show you all, I'd like to know what you all think of em :) (I think my painting skills are the same as my manga drawing skills) Oh 'Black Cat' vol2 came in the post today *WEEE!!!* I love it so much! And Oda's first manga 'Wanted!' came in the post yesterday after 3 months+ of waiting! Thats also very cool, in Japanese but I love the drawings! Very DBZ style.

Also all my DT coursework is handed in! Lol in my last post I said it would probably take an hour but I was up for at least another 2hours and a half working and I still didnt finish! I handed it in anyway, it should get an average/ish mark but it doesnt really matter, Im just glad its out of the way :) So thats about it! Il start drawing fight scenes again now, yippee watch out for Sanji vs Zoro!

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Argh Shatterd..

Just a quicky post, mine have been really long lately!

Im so tired, I told myself I wouldnt sleep last night until I finished my work, though I gave up at 2.30am when I couldnt print anything else (didnt want to wake anyone up as the printer is very loud!) So yea, but I got tonnes done! Iv doubled the work to about 45 A3 pages for the main part and I didnt do much with the product study bit by I just need to write a bit about manufacture and a conclusion so it shouldnt take too long..

Wasnt able to do anywork during the day, full babysitting duties, though I met my friend Pheebs in Canterbury with my Baby brother (most of the chat was Phoebe saying how cute he was!) Annoying part of the day, LOADS of people thought I was my brother's mother! WTF?! Do I really look like a Mum?? Thats plain scarey!

Ok better finish work, should only take an hour.. (its 8.36pm here now).. Hmm I think Ill make some more coffee.. Damn just rememberd my Art Exam tomorrow, 5 hour day, hope I stay awake!
~GeorgieEviHarri (damn post ended up being long again!)

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Friday, May 5, 2006

The sweeties have just kicked in

Spray painted Manny today, looks funny all one colour..

Im currently on a sugar high so feeling quite merry, at least more merry than before. My day has been okay, yesterday started off really bad! I thought to self 'Right, will spend whole day in Art Studio painting/working' so morning comes and I get there early with some other people before any teachers are around and think 'Okay, its a tad warm in here, Il open the windows..' Went to first window, opened it and knocked a huge ceramic pot off the windowsill which smashes on the floor. Everyone turns round. Im like 'Okay Georgie just pick up the glass and forget it, it looked like a nasty pot anyway..' Picked up all the big pieces, the window slams shut in the wind, making me jump and drop all the pieces of pot on the floor which smashed into smaller pieces.. Well, after shouting the F word, I finish off tidying up nasty broken pot and started working.

Good news is my DT teacher has given me and my class extra time for finishing my DT projects *phew* at least I can finish it and it not look completely rushed. Even if its just the weekend hes given us, Im so so grateful!

My Photography Teacher is leaving tomorrow to go on 'Baby' Leave, just a week before the exam. Rubbish timing. But still I have an extra week until my Photog Exam because in clashed with my Art one *double phew* So not as stressed as before. (V. good Georgie keep it up)

Well yea Il better go and actually work, Il try to visit sites tomorrow (Sorry Im so rubbish at it right now! I try to visit sites when Im at school but thats quite early for some because of the time difference) But yea Il try hard to finish my work :) Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

**EDIT** *smacks forehead* How could I forget May 5th! Childrens Day in Japan! More importantly meaning its Luffys Birthday! Happy Birthday King of the Pirates :) hmm its my Dads birthday tomorrow, wonder if the card will arrive on time..

P.S. Watched some 4kids One Piece earlier while waiting for food to cook, Who the hell thought Of changing Ace's name to 'Portgas D. TRACE!' Trace??! What the-??! *plots to destory 4kids*

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

For one of the first times in my life, Im feeling stress..

Argh! What is wrong with the school system over here? Every year I am told by my peers that I must find school easy, that I dont need to work, that Art is a subject for children.. Why cant these people understand that it takes a lot of hard work and time to get good grades in practical art subjects? Of which I have three, Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design. All three have taken up a huge ammount of time and as the dealines draw closer, I am starting to go mad!

All my teachers have said the very same thing 'Forget your other subjects, this comes first, give it your 100%' My 100% is going out, but just three ways, giving each of my subects just 33.3% which is why Im far behind my peers.

Im not sure how these subjects work for everyone else but here in England, for A Levels in Art and Photography you do months worth of research, paintings, sketchs, studies in one term then a final finished piece to show your learnings and improvements. In DT, we find a product to make as a need (for me I did Manny the Mannequin) which takes the whole school year plus we study a product, anaylising and researching it (Ive chosen the Apple iPod) which is about a 20 page essay, Im sorry but does this sound easy to you?

Sure, Im incredablely lazy and probably should of started eailier but when I have to work, I do and I do my work well, but now with an 15 hour Art exam on Monday, My DT coursework dealines due Saturday, My Photography Coursework tomorrow Im feeling pretty stressed and under a huge ammount of pressure. Will I make these dealines? Probably not, but Il have a damn good try.

Well, I feel better now thats off my chest :) Im sorry if I cant get round to posting, visiting, updating in this next week, I just dont have time but I hope that everyones week is less stressful than mine, now I have to cook the family meal.. Cant wait..

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Monday, May 1, 2006

   Georgie loves Manny

Wow I cant believe people have not heard of chavs! Basically its people who always wear tracksuits, always hang out in annoying clads and steal things.. So not great people but oh well!

Noooo Lucy has left me and gone home, now Im all by myself! Ah well we had loadsa fun! Shes got me suckerd into DNAngel and Iv got her hooked on Black Cat :) speaking of which, the second volume should hopefully come in the post in two days! *fingers crossed*

Oh yes, and Manny, Manny is a model I made for my DT project all this year :) I designed him so that people who find it difficult to draw an anime characters figure can use it and draw out the proportions better, so an artist's poseable maanequin :) I actually love him to pieces! He took months to make and now hes done!!!

*hugs Manny* Isnt he cute!? He still a bit floppy and needed re-wiring but hes really useful :) I need to finish my course work on him with feedback, can you tell me what you honestly think of Manny? Is it a good idea? Do you think it could actually work? Anything would be really helpful! :)

I have to do this quote! Its from Skies of Arcadia after Vyse and crew have just defeated Daikokuya..
Daikokuya (a very rich old man): Vyse, I wont stop my adventures but there is something I want to ask.
Vyse: Yes?
Daikokuya: I know your mind has already been made up and that you have the woman you want but Ive been looking for someone like you to warm my heart..
Vyse: *WTF face*
Aika: Looks like your getting more populiar by the day, Vyse!
Vyse: All hands on Deck! Prepare for emergency escape!
Daikokuya: .. I suppose money can't buy everything..

Have a great day!

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

LucyGilbert: Hello
GeorgieEviHarri: Hi!
L: Lookie, we thought we'd try something new
G and L: *evil laughs* MWAHAHAHA!!!!
G: *Ahem* Yes well, urmmm.. What do we talk about?
L: I dunno, not much happening at the moment, we're still in our pjs^^
L: I know, what about our adventures from yesterday^^
G:Okey Doki :) where do we begin?
L: *takes deep breath* Well, first there was the journey to yours which we didn't actually do until looking in all those anime shops and then there was the train journey, and then there was the walk to yours, and then the bus journey and then...
G: Woah, slow down, you're making me as well as loadsa others dizzy!!
L: Shall we try again??
G:* fiddling with puzzle*
L: Hello??
G:*still fiddling*
L: *thumps back*
G: *stops puzzle* Ow, that was uncalled for, I stopped before you hit me!!
G:ok lets start again (this is harder than it looks!) basically Luce is staying at my house for the bank holiday weekend :) it all started yesterday, firstly I went on the train to meet her
L: And I was on the bus to meet her
L and G: In Bromley
G: But, before I got on the train there were those chavs, one day I will actually rid the world of them! I went into the station the first thing that happens is I got asked by these three random chavs 'hoy love, got a spare fag?'
L: Yar, I heard that from you later... I hate them as well. Anyways, after the whole meeting each other, we had a little look around town for anime stuff.
G: You see Im wanting Fruits Basket vol 9, reallly badly!
L: And, if I had the money, I would be looking for vol 8 of DNAngel
G: You got a colourless blender though :)
L: So true, I wish I had a million pounds tho, then I could buy all the manga in the world. Now, we're off the subject... Ok, so we found this wicked anime shop that's like Forbidden PLanet, but more cramped
G: It had lots of import bits like Naruto lunchboxes! They were so cute!
L: And then... shock horror!! There was a Fruits Basket tshirt!!!
G: It was a tad expensive though :(
L: Thats why I need a million pounds
G: So after we go on the train back to my house (missing two trains and almost a third!) We watched AnimeMusicVideos all the way :)
L: They were brill^^
G: Then we got to my house, I showed Luce my new friend Manny :)
L: (He's an anime mannequin by the way) And then we went to Canterbury and looked at more anime stuff^^
G: Still couldnt find Fruits Basket 9 though!
L: Yeah, but we did get the only existant anime magazine in the UK
G: Yea its pretty neat as well :)
L: And I got a colourless blender^^ So we had some fun, then got back for a bbq
G: Bbq's are good then we watched the saddest film ever!!!
L: *sobs* Grave of the Fireflies :(
G: I dont think Il be able to watch it a third time..
L:Well, we'd best finish this post, it's pretty long *leaves Georgie alone*
G: Ah come back!!! Oh well we'd best be off anyways! Were gona watch more anime and stuff! I hope everyone has a great bank holiday and have a cookie if you read all the post :)
L and G: Bye Bye!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Exams in two weeks!

I remember doing the same thing on this site last year; posting about my exams.. Suprizingly I feel quite mellow about it, these are the most important exams Il probably take and I feel like Im on auto pilot! Oh well, I think Im doing ok at the moment, my 15 hour Art exam is on the 8th of May and my 15 hour photography exam is the week after 0.0 argh! They sound so long! Problem is I have anime on the brain.. All the time, which is worrying! Il be in this art exam thinking anime, probably painting it then one day will go (we do the exam for 3 days, 5 hours each day) then Il panic!

Anyways my day was pretty normal, my teachers are all reaching stress breaking point levels bcoz of these exam.. Lol my friend got banned from driving to school today! Remember that guy who did the handbrake turn into the road a couple of posts back? Well he did another at school during lessons and got caught by the head of boarding (who is a real scarey guy!) and now he cant drive to school for a week! It was quite funny when my housemaster was telling him off :)

Um yea thats about it :) I get saturday and monday off school this week *punches air* Oh yes! So LucyGilberts is coming to see me and we are going to have a huge anime watching weekend :) Yipee! Speak to you all soon!
P.s. Thank you all for the nice comments on my leavers page :)

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