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Monday, November 6, 2006

Unfortunately, I have been grounded for the next week from the compy... yes, that means no ficcies for a while. Very sorry, everyone! Hope to get back ASAP.
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Saturday, November 4, 2006

   AEGFF, Chapter 36!!!!!
Well, here's AEGFF! Hee hee, part two is almost done now too! Now, I want your guys' opinions here. Should I put up Parts 3 and 4 and bore you with the rest of the story I have stored in my head, or end it here with the sad cliffie I have intended? Your choice, lmao. Anyway, here it is. Hopefully, it'll be here next week too.

Chapter 36

Tera, however, was a little bit distraught that night. She’d enjoyed driving Max’s car around –in truth, she’d gone around the block at least twice- but was worried it might explode with all the noise it was making. She got it safely into his parking space, and just sat there, smiling to see it was in one piece. At that moment, she decided to look at her tip, grinning at the little quarter. She turned it around, noticing it had a head on each side.

“Heh, she gave me a trick coin.” Tera grinned, looking at the year. 1995 was printed on the side, as though it were a real coin. It certainly looked old enough to be from then; the coin was dull and looked as though it would be black in a matter of years. However, there was a certain familiarity to the coin; it felt like she’d seen it before. Then, it hit her; the bathroom at Spoonerville High School. The sad look in Roxanne’s eyes suddenly made sense.

“Roxanne… cheated? Just to win over Max?” Tera said, the reality stunning her, “but…why?” She was confused beyond belief; her best friend had fooled her, just to get a guy. The confusion soon faded, however, replaced by anger at the redhead. How could she betray their friendship just for a guy? No one should ever do that, no matter how attractive the guy is. Her grip tightened on the steering wheel, but then she came back to reality and realized she could have torn the wheel right off if she’d moved backward. After deciding that she’d confront her in front of Max to make BOTH of them look bad, she just sat in the car, waiting for the show to end.


Max and Roxanne walked out of the theatre, laughing as they went. The two had their arms around one another, both conveniently placed around the other’s hips. Tera drove up in Max’s car, getting out and gingerly slamming the door. Making sure the vehicle wasn’t about to fall apart, she whipped the keys at Max, glad to see he caught them. She was even more delighted to see he’d let go of Roxanne’s waist to do so. Then, she remembered that she was supposed to be angry, and glared at Roxanne, tossing her the quarter.

“I can’t believe you dumped our friendship over a guy!” Tera exploded, emotions suppressed over the years flowing out like vomit, “I thought we were closer than that! You just come in, flip a trick coin, and steal Max away! I mean, jeez, how could you do that? I thought it was chicks before dicks!” She growled, rambling incoherently after that sentence. Max looked bewildered, then looked to Roxanne to try to get a handle of the situation. Roxanne looked surprisingly guilty; he figured Tera must have been telling the truth. Then, he realized WHY the girls were arguing. They’d flipped a coin to see who would try their luck with him.

“You two made a coin flip over me? I’m a person, not a piece of meat!” Max shouted, surprised at how angry he sounded, “and why are you making such a big deal of that, Tera? It happened ages ago; shouldn’t you be over this?” Tera, however, looked even more enraged, anger switching from her former best friend to Max.

“Unfortunately for both of us, I have a hard time letting go!” Tera shouted, ignoring the stares from passersby, “truth be told, I’ve had a major crush on you since high school, and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon! This wasn’t an argument with you anyway, so stay out of it! I wanna know why Roxanne swapped a friend for a boy!” She turned back to Roxanne, taking a breath as she prepared to ream her again. However, Max stepped in again.

“This argument is all about me! You two are arguing over why she cheated on a coin flip about ME! I had no idea you still liked me; I thought it was just a one-shot try on that date! Besides, I’m with Roxanne!” Max shouted back, pausing briefly to catch his own breath, “nothing is ever going to happen between us, Tera! Just get over it and move on with your life!” In his urge to protect his girlfriend, he had no idea how badly he’d hurt Tera’s feelings. She was standing there, a shocked, upset expression on her face. Max instantly felt guilty, the anger rushing away like water down a drain. He opened his mouth to apologize, but Tera just looked up at him and smiled.

“Have a good night, you guys.” She smiled, waving as she hurried past them, “I’ve gotta go meet Joyce somewhere. Have a good night guys!” There was a thunderclap as three drops of wetness landed before Max. Tera had taken off running as they fell. Rain took her place in the area, pouring down and soon blotting away the tears on the grey cement. Max felt even worse for what he’d done to Tera; she rarely cried about anything, her father and brother aside. Numbly, he opened the car door and hopped in, Roxanne climbing in the other side.

Roxanne looked over at him and placed a hand on his shoulder, the touch conveying her words. She was thanking him for sticking up for her, and was wearing a mischievous grin. Quietly, she urged him to head back to the dorm. Apparently, she had a surprise there waiting for him.


Tera, meanwhile sat in the Bean Scene, alone at the corner table as poets recited on-stage. Sighing, she put her hands into her pants pocket, surprised to find a piece of paper there. Inside was a worn card, with a name and number still clearly written on it. She remembered the man’s offer and his acting troupe, looking at the card thoughtfully. Dave Mackowitz was written above the phone number in shiny, gold lettering. Sighing, she considered joining the acting troupe.

‘I wonder if it’s possible to jump from college to college and finish my education on the road?’ Tera thought, staring at the card intently. She thought back to Max’s words and sniffled, wiping her eyes as they began to tear up again. Sighing, she pulled out her cell phone again, carefully dialing the number written on the card.

“Mr. Mackowitz?” Tera said, sniffing loudly, “I think I’ve changed my mind… you still have room in your troupe?”

Read and review please! OH! And don't forget! Should I end it at Part 2, or go on and put up parts 3 and 4? Answer that too while you give me your reviews, lmao

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   Bizarre Love Triangle, Chapter 19!!!
Haha, wow, it's been a while since I've updated the ficcies! Hopefully, if I keep getting off homework free, I'll probably keep doing this every week! BTW, if I use OOC, it means out of character... like the character isn't acting how they're supposed to. ^_^ BTW this ficcie ends in one more chapter after this! I may do an epilogue after as well, but you never know. ~_^

Chapter 19

The two shinobi engaged in fierce combat, fists meeting palms as Tataku and Hinata clashed. Moroi fiddled with her okobo sandals as she watched them fight. Taking careful note of the Jyuuken ability, she began working out ways to escape the ability’s effects. Her friend didn’t look like he was faring too well; her instinct told her to jump in, and she might obey it if her friend began to get hurt even more. Tataku glanced her way briefly, just as Hinata finally landed a hit to his stomach. Crying out in surprise, he coughed up blood and sailed across the arena. Moroi leapt down instinctually, preventing the Hyuuga clan member from advancing any further.

“He will no longer be fighting you. I shall be taking his place and facing those of you who remain.” Moroi said harshly, telling Tataku to go. He nodded in compliance, although his expression showed he didn’t want to leave. Sighing, Moroi turned to face Hinata, Naruto and Hihana, the three Konoha shinobi facing her. Summing up all her courage, she prepared to fight, glancing around at all the candles that lit the arena. ‘Rei-sensei, you know me well.’ She thought, needles slipping out of her sleeves and into her hands. Expertly, she threw the needles and snapped every candle, the light taken instantly. Grinning, she began the next maneuver, stringing razor wire behind her as she moved around the arena. All the others could hear were the clopping footsteps the okobo produced as Moroi moved at lightning speed.

Hinata tensed up, holding her hand as she reached out into the darkness. She’d brushed up against something sharp, and noticed the razor wire now strung around them. Then, she looked up at the arena’s closed ceiling, shocked to see a pair of glowing slits peering down at her. Clearly, the shinobi had excellent night-vision.

“Don’t move, Naruto-kun!” Hinata said, forgetting to mention Hihana as she looked at the blob she thought was Naruto, “the arena’s covered in razor wire!” Hihana laughed and the other shinobi heard a slice as one of the wires came into her hands. She yelled her fire jutsu loudly, the fire coursing along the wire and lighting the arena. Moroi dropped the wires and leapt down into the arena again, through a noticeable circular gap in the wire. It was conveniently placed between the three shinobi, and she kicked at Hihana, ending the fireball. The wires had all burned away, and now the arena was completely dark.

“I can see you all perfectly in the dark, where everything is inky blackness for you.” Moroi said calmly, a hint of remorse in “his” voice, “if you just gave up, I wouldn’t have to kill you.” Naruto frowned, but understood his opponent’s position. It reminded him of Haku, another shinobi from the Hidden Mist. Sighing, he switched his thought from the sad one that had arisen, and focused on finding the cat-like ninja. He moved very quickly; it was surprising a human could move at that speed. Then, of course, he remembered Rock Lee, and decided that very little was truly impossible.

At that point, whistling needles began striking the three shinobi. Naruto cried out in surprise as a needle stuck him in the shin. He heard the two girls cry out in surprise as well, and knew that Moroi was closing in on them. Naruto thought about activating the Kyuubi’s power, but he didn’t want to risk harming his friends by doing so. Then, the dome overhead began to open, and the moon bathed the arena. Moroi looked up to see Rei-sensei by the switch, smiling at his protégé.

“Go on, Moroi. If you can’t defeat them in the light, you won’t be ready to kill the other Kage.” Reikoku said, his arms crossed over his chest. The cat-ninja nodded, gazing at her opponents through the mask. Unfortunately, she looked just in time to be punched in the face by Hihana. Grunting in pain, she skidded away from the three shinobi, clutching her now cracked mask to her face. In her head, she cursed the cheap shot, but got even by kicking Hihana (hard) in the stomach twice. At this point, Kiba and Akamaru were beginning to stir, seeing his friends and the enemy clashing against one another. Grinning, he activated the Jujin Bunshin no Jutsu, or the Art of the Beast Human clone. In an instant, Akamaru became an exact copy of himself. The two shinobi rushed in at Moroi, using Gatsuuga as they went. She cried out in surprise, using Kawarimi no Jutsu to swap herself with Naruto, who took the hit. Grinning behind the mask, she grunted in pain once more when Hihana punched her a second time.

“Stop beating on Naruto!” Hihana shouted protectively, glancing at Naruto. In that instant, Moroi tossed a flurry of needles at the kunoichi, hitting a few vital spots. Hihana’s eyes went wide as she stared at Naruto, meeting his gaze as she fell down. The needles were sticking out of her in odd angles, and she lay motionless on the ground. Hinata rushed over and checked her pulse; when she found none, she looked back at Naruto with tears in her eyes.

At this point, Naruto had lost it, accidentally tapping into the power of the Kyuubi. In his rage, he ran up to Moroi and punching her into the stands. There was a gigantic cloud of dust as Moroi hit the stone stands, crying out in pain as she hit them. When she opened her eyes, she saw Naruto running at her, and realized she’d failed. ‘Rei-sensei’s going to hate me now…’ Moroi thought, tearing up, ‘he’ll leave me alone to die and find a new protégé…’ When the tear finally left her eye, it was unobstructed. Her mask had fallen off, and Naruto stood before her, back to normal as he saw the girl crying.

“You… you’re that girl from the forest!” Naruto pointed, Hinata and Kiba gasping in surprise as they saw Moroi’s face. Reikoku’s laughter rang through the arena as he appeared next to his student, a hand on “his” shoulder.

“Moroi is very skilled at Henge.” Reikoku said, grinning, “don’t worry, Moroi-kun. I’ll take care of these kids and we’ll go kill the Hokage together.” Moroi’s face lit up and she hugged him, wiping blood away from her mouth. She knew that Rei-sensei was mad because Yuki had deserted them, but to see he wasn’t angry with her made her glad to see him smile. He was about to attack Naruto and the others, the large, glass jug of water on his back sloshing as he approached, when a kunai landed right in front of him.

The ANBU Black Ops were in the arena, standing all around it. One in a snake-mask grinned, his laughter sounding much more like a hiss. Reikoku recognized it immediately, and knew exactly why he’d come.

“Akuihebi.” Reikoku spat, looking at the man angrily, “so, you were waiting for this to happen, eh?” The snake-like shinobi chuckled again, the hissing laughter unnerving the Konoha shinobi. Kiba instinctively hugged Hinata close to him, not noticing her blush. Naruto picked up Hihana’s body, surprised to feel her breathing. It seemed Moroi had put her into a temporary death state. He grinned slightly; this Moroi kid probably wasn’t so bad after all.

“That’s right. Unfortunately, your useless protégé couldn’t kill the Hokage, so I’ll have to kill her and everyone else in the arena not in league with me… it’s going to be a very bloody night tonight.” Akuihebi grinned, his snaky laughter going through the air again. Reikoku tensed and bared his teeth, holding Moroi back.

“I won’t let you kill Moroi, or these kids.” Reikoku said, surprising Naruto and the others, “I’ll make sure you scum are wiped clean off the earth.” Moroi looked at her teacher, surprised at his comment. She’d assumed that he would say something like, ‘not if I kill you first!’ or something. The look in his eyes told her he no longer cared about his strange goal, and was only intent on keeping them alive.

“Well, it’ll be hard to do if you’re dead.” Akuihebi hissed, tossing two kunai at the leader of the Kage no Jinchu.

Read and review, if you preeze.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

   RAndoM UPdatE!
OMG! I'm randomly updating MyO!! IN SCHOOL!! Homigawd I don't believe. Well, I may actually be able to use the computer soon, but I doubt it'll be to write the ficcies; this term is being surprisingly full of work... perhaps filling it with cores was a bad idea...

Anyway! To inform joo all on mine PERSONAL life!! So far, everything's been semi-decent, with several problems aside from homework I choose not to discuss. Anywhore, I've got to go for now; school's almost out and I prolly have to return the laptops very soon... but yeah. I might be having the ficcies up this weekend and I MAY give a bit of an advanced screening of CHAPTAH 2 of my novel!! Or at least wat parts of Chapter 2 I have completed by the time I decided to actually update the ficcies.

Oh shiznits, time to go, cuz the battery's dying. Buh-bye, beetches! >w<

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

   Ficcies? SHWA?
I'll have the ficcies up again soon... I just need to get inspired to write my novel and then I'll write up stuff for them all! I may actually make personal life updates as well... but that's doutable... oh well. ^__^
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

   I have returned!!
I have returned and changed the theme of my page once again! BWAKAKAKAKA!! Yeah, I know, it's not that much, but whatever. In case you were wondering, yes, I will be putting up the ficcies again, although not for a week or so... maybe after my birthday or so... I need time to work on the novel, which I've been neglecting. My mom wants me to finish it before December so we can go to Hawaii, although I'd much rather spend my Christmas holidays in DISNEYLAND!! >w< SPLEE!! But I digress... just letting you know I've returned, everyone!
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

   On Hold!
The ficcies are on hold over the summer, as my primary readers... well, won't be able to read. Which is kinda why the ficcies are up. So, once the summer ends, the ficcy begins again, so I hope you guys have a great summer!
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   AEGFF, Chapter 35!!!!
Well, here it is, after long last and alternations, it would seem! Well, yeah. Enjoi!

Chapter 35

Max was standing by the parking meter, clad in his valet uniform. He was worried that not only would Tera not cover for him, but that his dad might embarrass him. Although he wasn’t sure why, he always was afraid his dad might do something that would drive Roxanne away for good. However, Tera managed to arrive at the same time as Roxanne, dressed in a uniform identical to Max’s.

“Oh, thanks Tera. You are a lifesaver.” Max said, “I guess your first official duty could be parking my car?” He grinned, handing her his car keys. The way her face lit up made him feel happy, and she practically ran to the jalopy. Roxanne yelled something about a tip, then tossed Tera a quarter. She grinned and caught it, hopping into the car and driving it off to the parking lot. Max chuckled and walked into the club arm in arm with Roxanne.

After kindly asking the staff of the House of Mouse to make sure his dad didn’t embarrass him, he and Roxanne went into the seating area, looking for an available table. That was easily taken care of when Daisy forced a few of the guests to sit over at another table. Max thanked Daisy, albeit reluctantly and sat down with his date, praying that nothing else too embarrassing would happen. Unfortunately, it seemed like the staff members were on a roll.

Donald had managed to find some weird French guy and the rest of his family; the weird man began giving Max romantic advice. He just sunk lower and lower in his seat, thankful that his dad would never try anything like that. When he thought it wouldn’t get any worse, it seemed that Minnie had booked a reggae singer, who began singing a song –apparently titled ‘Kiss the Girl’-, and seemed to be singing right to the young lovers. Roxanne just giggled, while Max was mortified. Then, one of Max’s home videos of his dad in a bike tournament was scheduled to air, but they had to get a bit more embarrassment added in just beforehand.

“This is a video our valet Max has enjoyed since he was in diapers.” Mickey said, not able to feel the knot Max’s stomach was tying itself into, “speaking of which, here’s a photo of him in diapers.” Sure enough, a photo of Max as an infant on a tricycle showed up on screen. He felt like dying at that time, wishing he had a bike to ride off a cliff right at that moment. Roxanne just giggled, taking the disastrous night much better than her date. Just when it seemed the embarrassment would never cease, Goofy stepped in and got the other staff members to lay off on Max. He had never felt so glad to see his dad, aside from the time he’d used the Perfect Cast to save him from falling to his death down a waterfall near Los Angeles.

Eventually, it turned out that Roxanne had enjoyed the night, and she explained that she liked Goofy, and thought his absurdity was awesome. Max just grinned and headed to the exit with Roxanne, glad that the date was over.

Hope you enjoyed the "slightly" changed version of that House of Mouse episode. Anyways, I've got the next chapter started, so it'll be on time for sure next week. Anyways, read and review!

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Bizarre Love Triangle, Chapter 18!!!
It seems as though I've shifted into adding the ficcies on Sundays, although I really would like to put them up on Saturdays. I'll have them up sometime during the weekend, I can guarantee that. Anyway, for the latest chapter! Enjoi.

Chapter 18

“My name is Takatobi, and this is Tataku.” The blonde grinned, gesturing to the young man standing next to her. He folded his arms across his chest, grinning as his exposed arms tensed and showed off his muscle. It was painstakingly obvious he was the group’s strongest member, despite his age. After a few moments of eying the opposing shinobi, he gestured at Kiba and Hinata.

“We’ll fight you two lovebirds now.” Tataku shrugged, “then if you beat us, you all can fight the next person in line… then if he doesn’t get you, Rei-sensei will.” Kiba and Hinata blushed in unison, as they both shouted that they weren’t a couple. Takatobi just chuckled and got into a fighting stance as Naruto and Hihana moved out of the arena. Akamaru strode in next to Kiba, which inspired a few strange looks. After a few moments of decision, it seemed that Tataku would be facing Kiba and Akamaru, while the girls would be fighting each other.

Hinata had a bit of a difficulty in actually landing a hit on her opponent; Takatobi was a very slippery young lady. She’d managed to weave around all of the Hyuuga clan leader’s moves, and land a few blows herself. Fortunately for Hinata, the girl was surprisingly weak. After a few moments, the fight began to get interesting. Takatobi began using jutsu, creating a whip out of water molecules in the air.

“Mizu no muchi! Whip of water!” Takatobi yelled, flailing the aquatic weapon at the white eyed young woman. Hinata was able to dodge it easily, and had decided to begin using Jyuuken, the Gentle Fist technique. It was easy to get in and begin sealing the keirakukei, the little ports on the body that exude chakra. Since she possessed the Byakugan, it was easy to find them and seal them; no other bloodline was capable of doing so.

“What’s happening?” Takatobi yelled in frustration, her whip having dissolved from her hand and turning into a puddle. Then, she noticed her sealed keirakukei, much to her horror. Hinata grinned, but didn’t bother to explain; it seemed unnecessary. Then, she began an internal assault on her foe, the Jyuuken sending chakra to Takatobi’s vital organs on each strike. However, the final blow hit Takatobi in the head, much to Hinata’s surprise; the girl seemed to have moved into the strike, as she was aiming for her stomach.

Takatobi’s eyes seemed to dull, and small amounts of blood began to trickle out of her ears. Then, she fell to the ground, lifeless. Hinata felt terrible, but then reminded herself that it was for the good of Konoha, and turned around to see Kiba being beaten senseless by Tataku. Akamaru had already been knocked out; it seemed the younger teen had as much compassion for dogs as her fellow shinobi.

Kiba was starting to get fed up with taking the beating, so he punched Tataku in the gut. However, he ended up hurting his own hand and shuffled away from his opponent, shaking his hand in pain. Then, he began using his favorite technique- Gatsuuga, the Piercing Fang. It surprised Tataku that the dog boy moved so fast, but he managed to find a flaw in the technique, and held out his arm, clotheslining Kiba. In the moment he took to grin down at his foe, Tataku was kicked in the head (Rather hard, by the way) by Hinata.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Tataku asked, standing up and wiping his mouth. Hinata helped up her friend, then took a fighting stance next to Kiba. He grinned and got posed as well, waiting on Hinata for her next move. This was probably the only time he wouldn’t mind playing second fiddle to a girl.

“You never said we couldn’t step in for each other.” Hinata grinned at him, giggling when she saw his frustration surface. No one seemed to notice Moroi-wearing her cat mask- sitting in a dark corner and noting all of her opponents’ battle styles. She grinned beneath the mask; it would make for an interesting battle, having to face all of them at once. All she was really hoping for was not to let Rei-sensei down.

Tataku scoffed at Hinata and Kiba, then took the first move, swinging at both shinobi in an odd sort of punching move. Kiba grinned and punched him in the armpit, dislocating the joint and eliciting a sharp cry of pain from the shinobi. However, his limbs moved faster than expected, and the dog-like shinobi was sprawled on the ground in an instant. Tataku grinned, his left arm hanging limp from where Kiba had hit it.

“So, I guess it’s just me and you now, miss.” Tataku said politely, smiling at Hinata, “I’ll go easy on you.” He chuckled, not feeling at all worried by Hinata’s miffed expression. However, he wound up on the floor quite quickly soon after he uttered the sentence, her foot on his chest.


Hinata seems a bit OOC, but she's gotten more confident in herself as the years went by, so it's all okay. ^___^ Anyways, read and review, please!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

   Bizarre Love Triangle, Chapter 17!!!
Well, here's the start of the tournament! A few of the characters will die, but not the original shinobi!! BTW, I won't be putting up AEGFF this week... I'm not sure how to say what I'd like to in that chapter... anyway, here's Bizarre Love Triangle. Enjoi!

Chapter 17

The day of the tournament came, and both the Konoha shinobi and the Kage no Jinchu were worried. They’d found out about Tsunade’s survival, and Moroi had been punished for being unable to complete the job. However, the enemy shinobi were prepared, and were waiting in the ring of a large stadium which had popped up out of nowhere over night. Naruto, Kiba, Hinata and Hihana arrived only to find two people inside; a girl with long, blonde hair, and a young man covered in strange markings and with short, brown hair.

“Hey! There are supposed to be a bunch of you!” Hihana shouted, pointing accusingly at the shinobi, “where are all the others?” She was obviously hyper again, and was practically bouncing on the spot. The others backed away from her, as if they didn’t know her, and let the enemies speak up.

“Well, we’re the first tier of the tournament,” The girl said, her voice far off and dreamy, “you’ll get to fight them if you survive us.” She shrugged, yawning and swaying slowly on the spot. The male shinobi began moving his puppet around, the second one still strapped to his back.

“My name’s Guujin, and she’s Haruka.” Guujin stated, looking over the shinobi, “and we call in the loudmouth and that blond guy for the first fight. If you two win, you all move into the next round. This is a fight to the death; so long as either of us still breathes, the battle will continue.” Then, without warning, he sent the puppet after Hihana, who jumped up and kicked off its head. She yelled something unintelligible, then began running for the puppet master, leaving Haruka for Naruto to face.

She moved towards him slowly, making hand seals as she did. He began conjuring the rasengan, swirling his hands to create the ball of air. Haruka then called out the name of her jutsu, having created ball lightning in her hands. Being a cloud ninja had its perks. She fired it at Naruto, but he jumped out of the way, not expecting it to come back to Haruka the way it had come. It struck him in the back, causing him excruciating pain. However, he somehow survived, the rasengan still formed perfectly in hand. She grinned, the ball of electricity still in her hand.

“You can give up, if you want.” Haruka called, her voice still sounding faraway even though he was only a few feet from her now, “I won’t kill you if you do.” Fortunately, she wasn’t very observant, and was hit in the stomach with the ball of chakra and air. She cried out in surprise and was sent flying through the air, until she hit the far wall in the back, leaving a gigantic dent. She slumped to the floor, hitting her face on the ground as she fell forward. Haruka would never get up again.

Hihana wasn’t faring as well with her opponent as Naruto had. When she’d actually hit the puppet master, he turned out to be a puppet as well, the real person having been bandaged and tied to its back all along. His puppets were strong, and all he had to do was stand there and wiggle his fingers. She growled at the man, then made several hand seals, grinning at the wooden puppets.

“KATON GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU! ART OF THE GRAND FIREBALL!” Hihana yelled, the gigantic ball of fire easily burning the puppets. This surprised the puppet master, but what surprised him more was finding out that chakra was flammable. The flames shot up the glowing threads and set him ablaze as well. He had time to scream before the rest of the fireball caught him too, incinerating him completely.

“Was that it? I thought they were supposed to be strong.” Hihana said, shrugging and looking over at the other shinobi. Just then, another two shinobi walked in, one wearing all black and having her white blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. The other was the strong man, his brown hair covering his eyes. He was wearing a simple looking yukata, made for battle.

“They went first for a reason, you know.” The male grinned, crossing his arms.

Well, there it is. Hope it was good!

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