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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ancient history
This is a poem I wrote when I was 13. I just found it recently and I thought I'd put it up. Maybe it 'll keep me from feeling guilty about not posting in a while

I tried to remember to forget those days,
But they haunt me in my sleep,
I cried for you,
I would have sold my soul for you,
But you left.

Conforting only makes it worse for me,
Pitying as well,
I looked to the sky one day,
Hoping to see your face in the clouds.

It has been a few years now,
And now I could care less,
If you come crawling back begging for forgivness,
I will say tough luck,
You missed out and made a non forgiving mistake,
You left me in the cold on that winters night,
And now this angel has moved on,
you should to.

I am all for getting a fresh start,
That is what i've done,
I have cried myself dry though,
I have cried all I could,
You did not accept those tears,
They wern't good enough for you at the time I suppose,
A tast of reality has hit you,
And you cry,
Thats what we humans do.

But now you must move on and carry a new burden and a new memory,
How I shot you down on that same winters night, and how enraged you where as you stomped into your truck and drove of into the night.

The next morning I get a phone call, an icy bridge at midnight,
The kids come out and rub there eyes, saying mommy whats wrong,
They're voices are so carefree, and ring in my ears like a bell.

Three days later his funeral,
I come with husband and kids,
He has just returned from war,
It seems so familiar,
The colds winters day is a still moment,
On December 25 1974.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Soooo long
Sorry everyone i'm too lazy to put up a video today. ^_^

It's been so long since I posted here. But I had a good reason, lately my mental health has been a little wonky and I just didn't feel like keeping up with both my myspace and my otaku. So I chose myspace. But don't get me wrong! I really like talking to you guys I do!

It's just, i've been depressed about my looks and have been trying to do something about them lately. So I've been a little busy.

For those of you who have a myspace, does it make you feel bad when you look at some of the clubs on there say that for a requirment it says you have to have, like, 3,000 or more friends? Or when the requirment is you HAVE to be pretty.

I usually don't care all too much, but sometimes it gets to me. I start thinking about how I more then likely won't have even the slightest chance of getting in. ^_^" I guess that's just me though.

Um...i'll try to visit you guys later...i'm trying to paint my room, so um...yeah

have a great day. ^^


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   fun and then some
Video of the day

Rascal Flatts~ Stand

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Mood: Tierd

Hi. Let's get started right away today because I have a lot to talk about. =)

Well I went to the concert on Friday! And it was AWSOME!!!!! If you want to hear one of the songs they played at the concert watch the video up at the top. But OMG! It was sooooo much fun. And it wasn't even boring when we had to wait for all of the cars to clear out so we could back out. All we had to do was look to our left and watch the drunken college kids dance to they're Rascal Flatts cds on top of their cars. X3

Before we went into the concert hall we stopped at an italian resturaunt. The food was really good. But the best part was the cute bus boy! I walked by him and noticed he was wearing a Hot Topic belt, so he wasn't a prep. That was a plus. And then my friend ment to say "Oh man! He went behind the colum!" But she ended up say. "Oh man! He went behind a condom!" Hehe.

And then on our way back we stopped at the movie theator to see a movie. Hiarspray was freakin' awsome by the way! I highly recomend going to see it.

So after we dropped my friend off (or her mom came to pick her up if you will I ended up having to go to the hospitol a couple hours after. My mom had gotten exreamly dizzy and lost her footing and hit her head against the aspault. She was bleeding pretty bad. SO I was waiting up at the hospitol waiting room waiting to hear something, and they never even admitted her or kept her there or did any damn tests on her!!!! So I had to stay at a hospitol from 10 in the evening to 5:15 in the morning for shit that they didn't even do that they didn't do! >< That made me mad lets just say that...

Well i'm exhausted so i'm going to go take a nap and come back with better details tomorrow...

Have a good one


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Monday, July 16, 2007

It's, like, almost midnight
Video of the day

Paramore~ Pressure

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Hi everyone. I've been hard at work tricking out my room! Since my mom got her check we've been spoiling ourselves a little, so my room is getting a HUGE make over! Goodbye original 80's lanterns, hello contemperary! We raided Home Depot for paint and lights. So it's going to end up real cool.

And not only is my room getting a makeover, so am I. I got some new clothes today at the mall (Hot Topic of course) And i'm getting my nose peirced tomorrow (Today tecnically) And i'm getting my hair dyed again, but i'm bleaching out the roots and making them red. WOOT! My hair is emo and punker at the same time now.

I also get a new ipod. I'm happy about that too. I'll need it for the two hour ride up to Aubern Hills to go see a concert this friday.

I guess besides me being pissy with my Grams, today was a pretty good day...except when she bought crap for my prep cousin and nothing for me. She told me "i'm not buying any of that gothic shit for you" I don't know why she can't accept me for who I am. She even asked me before why I wasn't like my cousin.

I should've told her off, but decided to hold my tounge.

I also hope you all like my new theme. I just watched the Death Note movie...so I had to change it. X3 So yeah...I hope you like it.

When I get home tomorrow i'll comment on your site alright?

Untill then


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Friday, July 13, 2007

The flame haze, Shana
Video of the day

Ouran High~ Keeping it Gay! (happy)

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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in the past couple of days. I'm afraid i've caught the lazy bug. ^_^' And I only have a few minutes, so i'm going to have to visit your sites later tonight when I come home.

Well I hope you guys like my new theme. It's based on the manga i've been waiting to come out for the longest time. X3 Shakugan no Shana. I finally got it yesterday at Borders.

Speaking of. I was looking at the WAY overpriced anime dvds in the movie isle at Borders yesterday, when this lady comes up to me. She told me she liked how I look, my style and all. And then she asked if I was into theator. Musicals plays and such. Well of course I am. I love 'em. So she offered me to be in a play at the college. XD My mom said I might be able to. It depends on what happens. 'tis cool even if I don't get to do it.

It made my day anyway. And then I went to the check out counter to buy my manga and the guy was being a smart ass to me. I told him loud and slowly what my email was, telling him it's yahoo. And I told him this about five times and he kept saying. "AOL? I'm not seeing it." Or "AOL? We just tried that..." Let's just say it was getting on my nerves. So after I bought my book, I told the manager on him. X3

Then we went to meijers to return my Paramore cd that wasn't working to get a new one. And I ended up seeing my grouchy ass counciler, as grouchy as ever. >< But she was all nice when I brought my mom up to her. Two faced old....grr.

Other then that my weeks gone pretty good. Well I have to go, so i'll see you guys later k?

Have a great day


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Monday, July 9, 2007

Not much of a vacation
Video of the day

Official Chibi-FMA movie after party

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((I have no clue what they're saying and the subs are in spanish so...))

Hey everyone. I know, I know I changed my theme again, but I needed therapy....and at least it's still from BLEACH huh? ^^"

Special thanks to Koneako for giving me the scroll bar code! Woot!

Well I went on vacation for a couple of days. My mother and I packed up and went to Port Clinton Ohio with some of my family. For those of you Port Clinton is right on the lake Erie beach. So it was gorgeous! So I absolutly couldn't wait to get to the beach! I hadn't been there in so many years...a beach that is.

Come to find out we weren't going to the beach. That wasn't even why we came. Even though we got a hotel right on the beach.....well concrete slab that had water from the lake splashing against it. That was let down number one.

Second off I found out we came for some dumbass african safari thing my family hadn't been to in 25 years. Thrilling. That was a nastey experiance with animals all coming in your window and slobbering all over your crap. -_-"

Then ontop of that I had to carry everything up to our room by myself and everywhere else inbetween, because according to my mother, I could "Do it all so much better" then she could. And when I went to say something about that, I had my entire family getting on my fucking case. That damn hotel didn't even have a elevator! And we had about 10 bags, 2 of which were mine, the rest were hers. XP

And we couldn't do too much do to my grandma not wanting to do anything.

And even worse I had to do everything for my dog we brought along.

So yeah i'm kinda pissed. If you want the details pm meh....i'm going to eat some skittles and try to cheer myself up.

Have a great day


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Thursday, July 5, 2007

There was an explosion, and all fell silent
Video of the day

Song~ Dream a Dream
Anime~ Ouran High School host club
Episode~ Haruhi in wonderland

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Well first off I hope you all had a safe and fun fourth of july! I would've posted you good wishes yesterday but I figured everyone else was and you had to post to all of them, so I thought I would be one less and just wish it to myself. ^^

Well I had a good one. I had fun with SPARKLERS! Yay sparklers! (Me and my Pyro self)

Um....I also watched a scarey movie called "An American Haunting" It's based on a true story about the Bell witch.

If you're interested in findin gout more about it here's the link


The movie was pretty realistic too. They even got the house looking exactly like the one in the picture on the online page there.

It's unrated and I don't think it got into theaters even though it has an all star cast. I guess they didn't think it was good enough. I thought it was though.

I can't beleive even after that movie though, I went out on my porch at like midnight by myself and watched the fireworks going off around me on my porch. If was pretty cool though. I guess I wasn't thinking about it.

I hope you guys like my new theme. And I have a pretty cool thing up there to where if you press record by phone it'll give you a number to call and you can call it and leave a message. It won't show your phone number or anything. But you will have to sign up on the site for your screen name to show up. So please try it. ^^ I have myself with a message on there. So have fun with it alright. '

Okay guys. Tell me how your fourth was. And have a great day


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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The thing that went bump in the night!
Video of the day


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Hi everyone. I hope your week has been going by good. *Yawns* I'm just got up and it's like 2:30 in the afternoon where I live....

Why do you ask I got up so late? Well because I stayed up late scared out of my wits. You might not beleive me....so i'll start at the beggining.

Well one day...I think it was last Wensday....yeah it was...we stayed up late watching ghost hunters. And usually I don't really care, it dosn't scare me.

One half of the episode stated something about a doll changing expressions and it's eyes dialating.

So i'm like, alright, cool, I hope it does something.

And then it happened! My Mom pipes up. "You know I have one of those."


So I learned of the doll, that I always had the creeps about anyway, that was sitting on my back pourch.

And then it started happening. I started noticing little things happening to it. Like nither myself or my Mom put it where it was...and it was in a taped up box before....

Or when it was sitting up one day, then the next it was laying down, and the next it was sitting up again and, once again, neither of us had touched it....

And one day it was smiling and the next it was making some wierd face!


So after about a week of being on edge I bugged my mom long enough to get her to throw it away.

Well last night I kept hearing lound noises outside my door. And things banging on my window, I don't have tree's or anything near my window, which made it more odd. And then I kept hearing something running up and down my roof.


And the weirder thing is when I heard the garbage people come early this morning and take out the trash, the noises vanashed!


My mom had told me that she found it in a shop years ago and it had belong to a girl that burned in a fire. The little girl even wrote her name on it....

I'm just glad I survived the night and that it's gone. -_-'

I'm going to go visit all of your sites now.

Have a good day


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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Video of the day

Misery Business~ Paramore

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Hi everyone, thanks for all of the support. I finally got meh comp. fixed....in a way....

And by that I mean I had to erase EVERYTHING off of it. Thank god for the guy at my Aunt's work. He said he had never seen a computer with so many viruses! @_@ SO yeah I had way more then just one..... -_-'

Well as I told you in my last post I would tell you what was going on in my life and catch you up.

I'm out of school And just as I went into 9th grade I came out with my Mom in the hospitol. But she's better now, nothing too life threatening.

I'm soooooooo glad it's now summer

I'm 15! Woot! X3

I get to go to a concert.

Warp Tour is coming on the 27th (even if I can't go i'm still stoaked)

I got a bunch of new sweet things with all of my birthday cash.

Linkin Park and Evanescence are coming and I can't aford tickets. *tears* But I got a Linkin Park bag to make up for it so it's all cool.

Um....I had a Belated birthday party yesterday

And not much else. Oh! I've been going through withdrawl from you guys. So i'm going to go visit you all now.

Thank you so much for reading. X3

Have a rockin' day!



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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey everyone! I'm sooooooo sorry to everyone. My cpmputer has a virus. And it probably won't be fixed for a while. -_-

I'm sorry to Koneako especially. I'm sorry I haven't been there for you.

I'm posting from my cousins comp. so sorry it's going to be a microscopic post. Sooo much has been going on, i'll tell you later

i'm sorry to all and I hope you all forgive me.

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