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Thursday, July 5, 2007

There was an explosion, and all fell silent
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Song~ Dream a Dream
Anime~ Ouran High School host club
Episode~ Haruhi in wonderland

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Well first off I hope you all had a safe and fun fourth of july! I would've posted you good wishes yesterday but I figured everyone else was and you had to post to all of them, so I thought I would be one less and just wish it to myself. ^^

Well I had a good one. I had fun with SPARKLERS! Yay sparklers! (Me and my Pyro self)

Um....I also watched a scarey movie called "An American Haunting" It's based on a true story about the Bell witch.

If you're interested in findin gout more about it here's the link


The movie was pretty realistic too. They even got the house looking exactly like the one in the picture on the online page there.

It's unrated and I don't think it got into theaters even though it has an all star cast. I guess they didn't think it was good enough. I thought it was though.

I can't beleive even after that movie though, I went out on my porch at like midnight by myself and watched the fireworks going off around me on my porch. If was pretty cool though. I guess I wasn't thinking about it.

I hope you guys like my new theme. And I have a pretty cool thing up there to where if you press record by phone it'll give you a number to call and you can call it and leave a message. It won't show your phone number or anything. But you will have to sign up on the site for your screen name to show up. So please try it. ^^ I have myself with a message on there. So have fun with it alright. '

Okay guys. Tell me how your fourth was. And have a great day


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