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Friday, June 1, 2007

Video of the day dedicated to Koneako

Come little Children

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Hey everyone. I know I changed my site again. ^_^' don't kill me. Alright? But I do hope you all like this one just as much as my last theme. ^^

The reason I dedicated this song to Koneako is because of her love for Ouran High. I hope she likes it. Ooo! This song was also my favorite part of the movie Hocus Pocus. Too bad it's so short. But I seen this vid and had to put it up. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And I hope you like it Koneako, if you're reading this ^^.

Woot! It's Friday! I'm so happy. And only one more week of school. I can't wait!

And only 9 more days untill my Cedar Point trip with my friends. I think only three of us are going to go on everything though. Hehe. WoOT the Raptor! Can't wait! Ooo! And i'm hoping to get my nose peirced before then too. I know I know everyone has one now, but my mom won't le me get anything else so I'm going to take what I can.

Wish me luck due to the fact I'm needlephobic. I have no problem getting my ears done because it's with a gun and it get's done within seconds. But when you get your nose done it's hand done with a long needle....0_o

Yeah lot's of luck X3

I got all my Exams in. Except my english one in which I have to turn in on Monday due to the fact my printer wasn't working. And then my Science teacher wouldn't take my floppy disk for some reason that it was bent or something and she didn't want it stuck. So she's going to let me turn it in when I get a better floppy and isn't going to mark me down. So that's good. But the bad thing is I have to go out and buy another floppy. -_-'

Tomorrow I get to go to my cousins baby shower. I don't really want to. Why should I go to a persons thing when they get higher then a kite while they're pregnant and are going to end up getting their baby taken away anyway? I dunno... -._-. At least i'm taking my friend. But we're probably going to be stuck babysitting my little cousin Jhonathan.

Oh well he's utterly adorable. X3

Well I think i'm going to go visit sites. And comment on you guys' sites alright?

Have a rockin' day


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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Video of the day

Azumanga Q~ It sucks to be me

(Warning~ This is hillarious! You must watch! X3)

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Hey guys. I conivnced my mom to let me come streight home after school. I stayed up untill 1:00 a.m. and I still didn't get it done! -_-' And not only that, the things I did get done couldn't all fit on my floppy disk! T_T

So I have to turn most of it in now for a late grade. It sucks a lot. TT__TT

And Ahlon (my friend)said last night she would help me finish stuff for our exam presentation today. And the only time we were going to be able to do it before the class was at lunch. Well...she didn't show up. She gave me the excuse she had to do something for her english exam! And her's is due on Monday! She dosn't even have to worry about it untill then!

And not only she said last night on im it was done -._-. But I let it slide because she gave me an excuse that the teacher said something was off and if she could prove it he'd let her turn it in.

Well on my way to sixth hour, two of my other friends asked me if I was mad Ahlon had eaten with them at lunch!

So fuck the damn excuse. And now i'm even more mad because she lied to me. Gah! I'm sick of people lieing to me like i'm a retard!

And not only that my Dad's wife called my house at like 10:30 about when I called him three weeks ago saying that she just got it. So I decided it was a good time to ask when my dad was going to be home. She said not for another 5 to 6 months. She lies horribly like I don't know my uncle just talked to him not too long ago -._-. ONce again like i'm a retard.

So the song in the video above really relates to me in ways. I suggest watching it though. It's hillarious.

And it's from an accual musical! It's from Avenue Q. I wanna see it, even if the people use puppets all throughout it. But yeah, you get my sense of humor probably. ^_^' I have a weird one 0_o

Oo! I'm so glad you all like my site! It makes me happy! ^^

Well I think i'm going to visit peoples sites and then get back to work on my exams.

Have a rockin' day!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Azumanga Q
(Warning: Mild language)

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Hey everyone. Happy Over the hill day. -_-' I can't beleive it's only Wensday. Two more days. THEN IT'S THE WEEKEND! BWAHAHAHA! *throws confetti*

In fact, I probably shouldn't even be posting on here... I have three exams due tomorrow. And the two that have the most work I've barely even started on. 0_o And they're huge presentations. 0_0

One is for Global Issues i'm doing on the affects of the Holocaust. I need tons o' stuff for that

Then my other is a Science Presentation. I have to write a five to seven page report for that and bring in visual aids on a lab we had to identify chemicals for.

And then I have My English which I just have to retype my personal Narrative. 0_- My eye is twitching from the stress.

I want to get as much done before my mom get's home, because she has a sort of talent for putting me in a shitty mood.

And then I have to stay after school for credit recovery tomorrow and I really really don't want to. Especially since I have to get dress up for my presentations tomorrow. Which means not only do I have to wear heels all day tomorrow I have to wear them an extra two hours after school ><

This is a bunch of bull. I think all of my teachers came together and planned this.

Last night I went to our choir awards night, and it was kind of imbarressing seeing as though half our choir didn't even show up. And of course Lizzie got a ton of certificates that are going to make her unltra big headed. And she should've called it Split Demensions award night. Because that's pretty much all she talked about during it. The other choirs were gotten out of the way first and then we had to sit there for the other hour and a half listening about how much she's going to miss them. And that there is going to be a great loss because most of them were graduating this year -_-

Well that's about it for today. I'll tell you about how my projects went on Friday due to the fact I know most of you probably won't p[ost after five my time. So I don't even post that late. ^_^

Hope you have a rockin' day

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Video of the day

Song: Forsaken~ Within Temptation
Anime: DNAngel

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Hi everyone. My weekends been kind of uneventful. I went to my cousins graduation party yesterday, and I guess it was...okay...I didn't really know very many people. But I guess later on when the party died down some was better. We ended up having a small campfire and rosted marshmellows.

They tried to get me to go into the woods behind their house. Yeah right. I told them if I end up getting killed I was going to haunt them. Then I ended up breaking sticks off of tree branches.

I was trying to get my Mom to take me to the mall today before it closed, but she said she didn't feel like it. And that she was too tierd. And felt too lazy. Yet she always throws a hissy fit when I don't want to go with her and she makes me go anyways. >< Does anyone elses parents do that?

Sorry guys. The Chrono theme didn't even last a week ^_^' I wanted to do a DNAngel theme, so I guess that's what ended up happening. I hope you guys like it. XD

But for some reason my stupid music won't work automatically. So you have to press play when the page pops up.

I suggest pressing it though, because it is pretty X3.

I have to go to my Grandma's tomorrow. >< And I don't want to because I know she's going to treat me like shit, like she always does. And I really want to go to the mall! I want my new stuff i've been saving up for. And I wanted to get the JTHM book! But my mom is being an ass. T_T

I can't wait untill I get my own car and can drive myself places when I want to.

Well I think that's about all for today. I know short and uneventful.

I hope you all have a good day

With much love, Fallen

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Song: Faint~ Linkin' Park
Anime: Chrono Crusade

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Mood: Happy

Hi everyone. It's FRIDAY! And i'm so happy! WOOT! Three day weekend! X3 I <3 the weekend.

Today was the Seniors last day, so everyone automatically gets moved up now, so i'm like a Sophmore....0_o

No more corny freshman jokes! X3

It was hillarious. Today was the day for senior pranks. They had a big waterfight out in the parking lot...I wanted to go too....;_; It would've been fun!

Well there was this rumor going around that the seniors had put crikets in the main ventalation system. And that right before they left it was going to rain crikets or something like that... never ended up happening >>

But everything else did! We had like a food fight in the cafeteria, a small one, but one all the same. People were screaming so I think it counts. Then the hallway, along with people got whip creamed. And silly string and everything else.

A lot of the teachers say it was better then last year though, one teacher said they let off a tear gas bomb in the hall! 0_o


But once again, i'm sooo glad it's the weekend! I might get to go to Hot Topic and the bookstore. If I can convince my mom at least. *looks in wallet* OI need a job....

Anyway I don't think I have much else to say....

Um, Once again if you guys know how to make text bold, please. I need help with it. ^_^ Thanks

Have a rockin' day

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Video of the day

Dance with the devil (one of my favorite Chrono vids! X3)

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Hey everyone. I changed my theme! I <3 Chrono Crusade. So I decided to make it my new theme. Unfortunitly not all of my codes are working and it's starting to piss me off. I can't get the bold codes to work. XP And my name links won't work either. And I can't seem to find the code that changes the color or the scroll bar.

If anyone knows how to work these I would be sooooooo grateful!

Well anyway I hope you guys like it so far! Chrono is my bishie from this series! X3 *fan girl squeel* And I would've had the anime series earlier but my mom ended up reading the back of the box >>

And of course all she had to see was the word "devil" and that was the end of it. She mad me put it back. :[

And sorry this post is so late....I had to go to credit recovery. And I hate it, seeing as though I have like four tests left and two more sessions. Not going to pass and my mom is still making me go. It's starting to stress me out.

I also found out i'm failing my English class, even though i've been turning everything in! And it's starting to make me have depressing thoughts. I don't think i'll share them with you though....it might make you worry. But I promise you that I won't do anything to do major physical harm to myself ^_^

But I do feel that everything I do, no matter how hard I try is never good enough. And I feel that my Mom dosn't trust me anymore. I've been asked twice already if I was smoking weed. Can you beleive it?! It makes me want to punch something! X3 But I won't for fear of putting a giant hole in the wall. So I don't think I will ^_^'

But seriously, she reads everything over my shoulder. And thinks because she sees the word 'death' she thinks i'm trying to join some demonic cult or something 0_o I can't beleive her!

Does anyone in this world trust me anymore?!

And now i'm posting on here and i'm watching Doctor Phil with my Mom (not talking of course) and it's starting to get too close for comfort.

This one lady hasn't seen her Mom in over 20 years and finally gets to see her on the show. And her Mom is trying to blame a whole bunch of crap on the Father who has raised her since she was young.

My dad is about exactly the same, only it's been about 8 years this year. So i'm thinking about writing certain people and maybe doing this with my 'Father' too.

I have finals coming up and I can already feel the pressure. Life sucks sometimes. -_- but we must keep moving on I suppose. I mean how am I going to be a famous Graphic designer/Animator if I don't!? X3

On a happier note! 19 more days untill my Cedar Point trip! Can't wait Michy can't wait!

Anyway, some random news before I go, I gots a cool Hamster! X3

Oh! And Master Marik is finally coming back after being gone for a year! So all of you who're friends keep a look out! :)

And the music in this video is probably going to be my music on my site the next time I post so look forward to that too!


Have a rockin' day!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Video of the day

The Meloncaly of Haruhi Suzumiya full ending dance and chorus

YouTube Resizer @ FreeLayoutIcons.com

Avatar of the day
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mood: Pretty good (bumed it's already sunday tho)
Song: Skater Boy~ Avril Lavigne

Hey everyone! I found this awsome site that changes the sizes of youtube videos so that they can accually fit places! And not even take up muh room! So I had a new and great idea that everytime I updated (maybe not everytime in the event i'm too lazy) i'd put up a video for you all to enjoy! Yay! Or maybe once a week....I don't know, i'll see how everyday goes. I really hope you guys watch and enjoy them though. X3

Well yesterday I went to my school carnival with one of my friends *coughcoughinnocentchiicoughcough* And I had loads of fun! Yup yup. We had a bunch of expensive carny junk food. Though I really shouldn't have if I was trying to loose weight........0-o

Oh well I had fun anyway! And two of those rides were in preperation for Cedar Point trip on the 12th! (at least in my screwed up mind BWAHAHA!) And those two rides i'm talking about were the ones that went upside down! XD I <3 those rides.

The first one wasn't the biggest but heck was it scarey! 0_0 I think it was called the space loop. yeah, that was the first one in preperation for the big one that suspended you for about 4 seconds...(but man did it feel like forever!)

Michy looked like she about to puke on the smaller one. So we never did go on that one again. But we did go on the bigger one like 6 times 0_o

I know we're crazy....yadah yadah.

But the greatest thing was that we both shared our first upside down rides that day! X3 it was awsome!

Even though we were screaming like a bunch of chickens....it was awsome though! XD

We had like an ulimited ride coupon thing, it was all day Thursday and Friday, but we didn't know it was only up to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, so we walked around for an hour doing nothing, and acting like retards pretty much. =)

So that was yesterday and I really don't have much to talk about today....um...I got my myspace a heck of a lot more organized and cooler looking! Yay me!

And I should be making this site better too, seeing as though myspace codes work here too! XD

Just a little over a month before i'm 15! Woot!

and um....let's see oh! questions.

1: What would be the firt thing you would do when you went to a carnival?

And parting words.

"Come with us and you will see, this our town of holloween!"

X3 I dunno where that came from!

Have a rickin' day!


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(That's a true warning for today ^^')

Mood: Kinda depressed...in a sorts....
Music: Keep holding on~ Avril Lavinge (For Koneako! X3)

Hey everone. I'm pretty much done with my site. I might make some little tweaks later on. To make it look better. And I know it looks really simple, but I worked hard on all the codes and stuff. And I want something different. I was getting tierd of having to keep going back and tweaking the damn picture for that picture post! Not saying I won't go back to it, I just needed a break :/ So yeah.

Well the carnival that they have been setting up all week at my school starts this evening. Along with the play. So I got out of credit recovery for today. Which i'm really happy about by the way. Because I didn't feel like staying after for another two hours doing shit I don't understand. XP

Now onto my emo rant. Sorry for people who don't really want to listen....

I really want to be prettier. I mean REALLY bad......maybe boys would start trying to ask me out.... -_-' I mean I know I tell people it might be better to take things slow but I mean....GAWD! Am I really that ugly!? I mean I know i'm not the skinniest, and I might not have the greatest looks but at least I don't look like one of those ugly little bulldogs everyone but crazy people would like.

And even she has a damn boyfriend! :[ It's annoying sometimes. I mean....I know I can be shy sometimes....but I mean....at least TRY, i'd be happy for that....

So this summer i'm going to have a major turn around, even if I have to freakin' starve myself! I'm going to be skinnier and prettier by next year. I mean I know i'm not going to be too much smaller.....but at least I won't be that bad....

Maybe if I wore sweatshirts that didn't look do baggy on me... *looks over at favorite Naruto hoodie*

I kinda have a figure...as in I kinda have a good one for a big person >> If only it would be downsized a few pant sizes.

Sometimes I think I'm pretty...but that goes all donhill when I get to school and look at all the pretty girls....

I'm going to experiment when i'm off the computer though. I'm going to do stuff with my make up and things, maybe i'll look prettier if I get up earlier then ten minutes before I leave to work on that ^^'

But this is one of those moments were I like the quote from Amy Lee of Evanescence when she said "The girl with a little junk in the trunk gets to bunk with the cutest hunk." X3 <3

Alright parting words

Koneako i'm so glad you decided to stay!

so I think that's about it

Have a rockin' day!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Mood: I'm happy for once
Song: Best damn thing!~ Avril Lavinge

Hey everyone. I'm going to be rearranging my site later today after I visit everyone's sites. So if you're reading this and it's kinda weird looking, you'll know why. So don't freak out please when you see a bunch of wierd things changing ^_^

I finally got my computer all fixed and better! No more pop ups or anything! Thanks all to my friend lisa! I owe so much to her right now, especially since she kept so much patience while I was being an imaptient ass hole. X3

So yeah. I owe her lots.

How was everyone's day? Mine was....alright. I finally got some alone time. It was nice. It was kinda awkward when I wasn't talking or sitting next to anyone in lunch though. @_@ I was like...woah...it's quiet here.....

They were all working on the Arabian nights play. Yeah...i'm the only one besides Michy who wasn't in it...but Michy isn't in any of my classes or my lunch so I was kinda lonely ;_;

*eats a cookie* I can't wait untill schools over! Only like....hold on...*goes to count days on calander* 24 days! OMG! I can't wait! I'm going to put up a counting banner and everything I think. And soon i'll be 15 too!

Sorry Michy but it's soooo hard to think that you're younger! With how much taller you are then me @_@

Oh! AND IT'S OFFICIAL! I start drivers-ed this summer! You see, my grandpa asked if I started infront of her earlier and I was like "no...." and she went "But she is this summer!"

I'm so happy....X3 I think i'll be a good driver...even though I might have my radio up a little too loud. And I can give all my friends a ride too! Yay!

Alrighty guys I think I got through most of my stuff. I'm off to visit sites and then it's time to start on my site!

Oh and just a reminder for all of you who have a myspace and would like to add me here is my link (i'm going to be making a banner soon)


have a rockin'day!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mood: I've been better
Song: Going under~ Evanescence

Hey everyone. It's Monday...I hate Mondays.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was shitty. Especially mother's day. I had to go over to my grandma's for the ENTIRE day! And once again she was bitching about me to someone. And I snapped

I really truely snapped.

I yelled at her. And asked if she even liked me. And said if she didn't want me in her stupid house, (In my mind it was a lot more graphic) then maybe she should just stop calling us and making plans for me to come over.

Then I had to get out of the house, not because she kicked me out but I was about to cry. So, yeah, I couldn't let the enemy see my tears. It's not womanly X3

And my computer problem still isn't fixed. I'm going to have to do another scan. It took three hour the last time to get the second scan and I accidently exited oout of an important window! So I had to restart everything!!!!!!!!!

Let's just say I was pissed out of my mind.

School is starting to get to me, so i'm glad it's almost over. I really am. I started crying infront of my mom last night because I know i'm not going to get my credit for credit recovery, so i think she might just let me drop out and take corespondince we I need it.

Corespondince is where you choose what credit you need and they send you an assignment book to get done at home and send it back withing 6 weeks. A lot easier sounding then credit recovery. Especially since you have to fit a semesters worth of work in like two weeks with credit recovery (it's two days a week)

WOOT! I got a 110% on my Evanescence powerpoint I'm so happy! ^_^ He said it helped my grade alot.

And I finally got the book Wicked the musical was based off of to read. That's also another good point.

A note to people, my name if i'm ever on my mom's account on the computer, which is even worse for some reason then my half, will be loveless on the chat box. SO i'm still septimalmoon on my account.

I think that's about all. I have to go rescan this computer. And maybe I can get it fixed. I think i'm going to draw in the mean time.

So untill next time! And have a rockin' day! X3

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