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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hope on the run
Hiya! How's everyone doing. After all the work I just put into my site (it seems) it still dosn't look that great. *sigh* Sorry I am on a big Loveless high today. Hence why I changed my site to match my high *smiles* I just got the last dvd of the series, and it makes me sad to say that such a beautifully consrtucted series has only a 12 eppisode anime series. *tear* I guess not too many people liked it in Japan.
The fan site I signed up for didn't have and I love Youji and Natsuo icons so i'm going to have to make one (or find one) and put it up. I love Zero! *squee*
Loveless is an anime about a sixth grader named Ritsuka who meets a mystrious man named Soubi. After that fateful day he is pulled ito a strange wolrd of Sentouki and spells. What will become of poor Ritsuka? We'll have to see now won't we? *wink*
As for school, I didn't have to go today. That's good. The on;y bad part is that I have to go back tomarrow. The teachers tool an extra day to come into school and finish grading exams I guess.... I hope I did better then I think I did. If I do, well that will be a miracle.
Anyway that's all I have for now. Here's the first eppisode of Loveless if any of you are interested! ^_^
((Sorry, could only find a AMV. I hope you like it, even if you don't like the song. It's just a preview. They have more vids on Youtube ^_^))

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now officially one of my new favorite songs. It's on my site too, so as you're reading this you're listening to it. Funny how things work out that way huh? *grins*

Well yes now I have my ears peirced again! And they look so cool and shiny. The lady that did them though, (god my mom made me get it done at iceing, if only hot topic did peircings) was a third degree black belt! I was like, "What are you doing working in a place like this?" She was dressed in a lot of black...(which looked kinda funky next to the bright sea green vest she had to wear) She responded with "I get a discount on a lot of jewlery." (Sorry to anyone I might offend with this post, i'm just not a preppy-ish person...)
And against all my morals I got a cool looking black cross choker. I'm such a sucker for chokers and crosses. And it was both...AND IT WAS DARK COLORS!!! *smiles from the shadowy corner i'm posting from*
Anyway there was another girl that was working there in a lot of black too...her favorite store was Hot Topic too, well her excuse was about the same as the ladies. But yeah we had a descussion about when my friend told me she seen a cheerleader from our school go in (in her uniform may I add) and come out with a comment like "I wonder why they were acting so strange tword us". And these were the same people that just the other day told me "I'm afraid to go in there, they might my neck."
(Please excuse me if you're a cheerleader reading this...)
A bunch of loosers anyway....

On another note, I got to spend an fun and action packed day with my baby cousin jonathan! He is so cute! He cracked up everytime I bopped his balloon against his head. And he always wants me to sing to him. OMG! My first fan! *squee!*

Anyway, I must go enjoy my snow day while it lasts. (Probably the only one I'll get this year) Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

Syanara, Rei!
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snow white queen
Hi everyone! It's now 12:15 a.m. and I just got home not too long ago. I'm tierd yet still hyper...I truly don't know how that could happen, but somehow it does. I guess it's just because i'm weird. *smiles*

I got the new Evanescence cd! *runs in a circle happily* I love them...sorry. *cough* Tomarrow,or shall I say today, i'm getting my ears epirced for the sixth time. I know what you're thinking. She has six holes in each ear! No....my mom wouldn't let me even if I wasn't too lazy to get them done again...*sigh*

To tell the truth I have two holes in each ear on the bottom and one hole in the top of my right ear *smiles*. And now im getting my third holes in the bottom. *smiles wider* My mom says "I really wish you wouldn't do that...." But she has three in the bottom and two in the top of both her ears from when she was younger....

Parents are weird sometimes...

But yeah, i'm getting those done tomarrow. Then my mom says I have to start back studying for exams. I swear school work is going to be the death of me.

I finished my book "Twilight" today in third hour. Maybe some of you have also read it. I accident;y read the secound one by mistake thinking it was the secound one was the first one...so I had to backtrack. Twighlight is a romance/vampire story. The main character is named Isabella Swan, and the other maind charater (her love) is named Edward Cullen. And if you guessed that he's the vampire, yeah...good guess. Anyway it's a wonderful series and I highly recomend it. The author is name Stephanie Meyer. And the secound book is titled "New Moon" So pick it up on your next trip to your local library. *wink*

So now i'll end my post with some Negima videos (that I did not make by the way and are property of their creators) that I found on youtube. So if your a negima fan, enjoy. If not, watch and laugh along with cry....*Spoiler alert in secound vid*
"The Wizard of Oz"

"The gravity of love"

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Can't fight the moonlight
Yo! Hi everybody! As usual i'm going to thank everybody for keeping up with me! I'll be posting on y'alls' sites more often now 'cause I have my own internet! So please expect me to be around more often and around your sites as well! ^_^

Thank you to all who have supported me. I greatly appreciate all of your incouriging words!

Well my grandpa hasn't left us yet. And i'm trying to do better in school. It's hard as hell but i'm know I can make it! I think about it like i'm holding up the world, and no matter how heavy it is, I can't let it fall. If I do a lot of people will be dissapointed in me, so I have to hold it up!

Things are looking so much better for me! I might even get to see my brother again for the first time in five years! Won't that be great!

Finals are next week. *Ack* I hate them, I already had enough homework, and to add to that I have to study as well! (The world is one heavy ball of mass! *laughs*)

Anyway, since all of you out there have been sooo good to me the past few months, if you have any problem at all, pm me. Or IM me at septimalmoon@yahoo.com I'll listen to your problem and try to help you the best I can!

Syanara, Rei ^_^

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Things are finaly looking up
Hi everyone! It's me again! And guess what? I'm not at the library this time! ...No unfortunatly I still don't have my own computer...but this is comming from my other grandmothers house! Yes, I have finaly gotten in touch with my other family! ^_^
Unfortunatly my grandfather doesn't have much more time to live. He is dying of cancer.

Anyway, gatta go, REI~

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thank you all!
Thanks for all of your support you guys! It really helps. And i'm sorry I haven't posted lately, but a guy at my aunts' work is going to help us get a computor. So maybe I can start posting a lot more!
I managed to get most of my grades up to a c or higher. Thank heaven...but I still have to go to tutoring according to my aunt.
That really sucks. And the fact that i have no more connection to the world outside besides staying after to watch the drama kids practice. Not too great because all work and no play leads to a gloomy day.
Anyway, Gatta go
Syanara Rei

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Monday, November 6, 2006

   Hello all....
Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. I haven't been having a very easy time lately, in fact I'm waiting at the hospitol for my mom to get out of brain surgery. Loads of fun....

Well as the story goes as soon as it looks like we're getting ahead we fall right back down on our butts again. Since the beginnning of the school year my mom has had about five strokes. That is in the last two months. She hasn't been able to work, and my family has been struggling to pay our bills for us so we don't lose our house. And yet another morbid chapter has written itself into my life.

But that might all change, for those readers out there that watch Extremem makeover home edition I'm entering my momther into it. Maybe they can help us out...
Syanara, Rei

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yes, it's me! I'm back again so soon.
Hiya! Whats up with everyone?
I just remebered my ultimant moment of nerdyness!
We had a trip to Washington D.C. this year as I might have already mentioned. Well, when we went to visit union station (which is a train station by the way, who new many where still around?) I took my souvinere monay and bought manga at the bookstore.
*sweatdrop* It doesn't sound as nerdy once I type it out...
Thank god for library computers!
Anyway I have to go.
Syanara, Rei

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Must type like the wind!
I only have a few a few more minutes on this computor!
I bought Kenshin manga.
Yes two Kenshin manga.

And I am sick of my grandma and her smart comments about my relationship with my dad! I'm annoyed with not having a computor and I have a few questions for ya'll! ^_^"

What was your ultimant moment of anime nerdyness?
I have to many to coun't but i'll tell you my best one when I can think of it.
If you can bring any anime show back that went off the air, which one would it be?
Mine would be KENSHIN!
Anyway I have to go, syanara,

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A quikie
Hiya to all. I'm in a cardealership, so I have to hurry.
Well, school is out. And I probably failed my exams. Um. . I am going to a festival. . crap now I don't know what to say. My birthday is on the 26th. um. . . comment if you can or private message me.
Be kind to your friends and family

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