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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wensdays.....and confrences.....gotta hate 'em
Yes today is the dreaded confrences. I'm not oo worried, only in math really. I don't wanna go! *tears* Oh and for those yaoi fans, who come to my site, yes I am a fan of yaoi. Mostly SatoshiXDaisuke though. Anyway, sorry this is short, only a half day today, and I have a 20 minute class period. And thanx for the parent advice, I tried to tell her that on many occasions, but she just went. "I know that, but you can never be too careful." Her favorite phrase if you ask me.
Sorry I can't get to your sites today, i'll try tommarow.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

   Singing in the.....cafiteria?
Yeah last nights concert went rather well if I do say so myself. It was short, but really it was just practice for saturday when we go to get judged. My uncle accually came, which made me really happy.

My mom is starting to get onto me, about who I talk to. Saying I could be talking to "petifiles", ever since she seen a news report on how bad Myspace was. My mom can be a little....over protective. As I have mentioned a few times before. *sighs and watches mom rant around the room, say "lock the doors, you could never be too careful."* Yeap thats her alright.

Other then that, I know what bus i'm riding to D.C. on. My team colour is...Magenta? Whats up with that! It couldn't have been blue, or dark purple. Something i could use! ...okay now i'm starting to sound like a girly-girl, not like there is anything wrong with being one, its just not my thing. Anyway, I should probably stop now, instead of going on and on and on...

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The end of FMA was cool, but a little dissapointing. Why did it have to cut off like that?! *tears*

Yeah still haven't gotten my dvds. I have about another month of saing to do with my pityful allowence...I need a job.

And other then that, I have a a very slow weekend. Yeah I practice for my concert thats tonight, but thats about it.

I'm just happy that i'll get to RP with Lisa tonight!

We had a major thunder-storm last night. It was so strong the thundering booms shook my house. My poor dog was scared to death. And it kept me up for about an hour. So another hour of bordum was added to my day. Hey all you people who have signed my gb over the weekend. I would like to thank you very much. I hope to have a change in my site soon, but yeah, thanx! I'm going to go hug a panda now!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Yes, it is friday! The very very long week is finally over! And no homework on the weekend for once! *Does a little dance*

The only thing I have to do this weekend is practice my music for choir festival, and convince my mom to let my friends come with us when we go to choir festival. And try to earn some extra money for Chrono Crusade dvds.

Yeah the plan for the dvds, is to sneak buy them. My mom will never know what hit her....I mean its not like she is the one watching them anyway, but of course she has to care what i watch because she is my mother.....but the thing is she just goes a little far. She wouldn't let me get and FMA necklace because she said it looked like a "witches pentagram"
Mothers.....we love 'em, just we need them to back off sometimes.


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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

   Just another day in the life of me.
Yes, another boring average day. Not to much on this end. Except, yes! I have someone to go to D.C. with, my science teacher just added me to their list....not to you know bore you with too many details or anything.
We also have a concert comming up next week. Then off to choir festival on Saturday. then mabey on sunday i'll get my keyboard. Like i said pretty un eventful. I think that the reason i have no internet, is karma. you know that thing that seeems to like to come and bite you in the @$$. (sorry has to be school friendly) Yeah i think I haven't visited your sites enough (at least when I did have internet) But that'll change. (for those of you that accually visit that is.....) Any way, yeah, a day in the life of me. I would be on AOL tommarow, at my granma's, but I'm going to help out at my moms work tommarow and earn some extra $$$. I have a bad wanting to watch Angelic Layer, to hear, you know Kevin Corn's and Vic Mignogna's voice. (Now I just sound like a stalker)
Anyway thanx to ya'll who stop by, hope to read your sites from my own computor soon!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Yeah, i'm pretty miserable. Not only that but I fear, that somehow, Ahlon and my friendship, is spiraling downward at rapid speed. I'm depressed, and writing a note to my good for nothing dad. But at least i get to talk to my friends on here. Not that often though because of the internet thing with my granma's computor, which is still currently being blamed on me. Any way I think thats about it....oh yeah I'm getting a keyboard next week so I can start piano lessons.
Now thats all, See ya!

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Computor deprived.
Yes I am. And nobody visits anymore. *Whimpers* I really wouldn't blame you guys though. I don't get a chance to update very often. I am in the class, with the teacher that took my manga, so I have to make this quick. Anyway, the end of DNAngel made me cry....okay now I have to go, Shout outs to Lisa and the rest of Ya'll who do read my site. Byez
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

   Hello all.
Hi everyone, sorry my site is still in disaray. I don't get too much time lately. But I wanted to tell you that my uncle came at like 10:30 last night, and dropped off a computor for us, so I should be able to be on more often, I hope...

But anyway about my uncle, my god he scared us half to death! We at first didn't open the door right away, because we thought it well the mental lady across the street Violet. She has come to our house late at night wanting to know if we could check to see if her house was on fire, and then asked if we had any coffee. Weird...
Ahlon is starting to get me into Neon Genises Evengelion (I know I probably didn't spell that right at all, but what do you expect, I can barely pronouce it!)
I think our D.N.Angel rp on my online friend, Lisa's website. Although it kind of sucks that her mom took an hour away from her computor time. Lisa if your reading this WHAT DID YOU DO!!!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

   Please accept my appologies!
I am so sorry every one! For a few things, like my site being in dissaray, and not posting in forever. I have been over run with school lately, Exams next week, a choir concert the next, mountains of homework, a report due in computors, (which I am taking a break on by the way, just to write to you all!). And not only has school over powered me, the gloomy atmosphere of my family as well. My Uncle died on the secound, and his funeral was this past Saturday. Even the weather has been gloomy, no sun, lots of rain, but at least it is warmer. (What weird weather for Michigan in the dead of winter, and no snow on the ground either!) I also have to put up with my moms complaining, and my uncle thinking i'm a devil worshiper, because I wear black and like anime. *ack* And I haven't been feeling to good lately. But on a happier note, I might get to call my brother this weekend! He is turning 18 next month on the 26th, and I haven't seen him in four years! Or heard no more then a word. So I guess that is pretty exciting, only the fact is my dads new "wife" (if she can be considered one, drinking and driving, and smoking at the same time, yelling at a seven year old for getting up early to make breakfast for everyone!) doesn't hang up on me, like last time. She called my brother to do something, picked up the phone and went "Bye" *click.....silence* But I still can't wait! And then I have to get a new Choir concert outfit, hopefully, this weekend. But befor that I get to go see either Memoirs of a Geisha, or the Last Holiday. And then I get to go to Hot Topic as well, so its once again all good. I think i'll get something Naruto, I haven't gotten anything from that show yet. Then I want that Roy keychain.

Anyway point being with the bad you get some good...sounds like equivalent exchange from FMA...
Okay new lesson, you can relate alot of things to FMA.

SYANARA and big panda style hugs,

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Scratch the last post....
I'm not going to the con. this weekend, my friend got herself grounded. Yeah kinda after I had been looking forward to it for moths on end! Ah well I really don't care anymore, I can talk to Vic online anyway I have been for the past week. And I have about $40 to spend on what I want too, so it isn't all bad. Manga here I come! Sometimes you have to look at the glass as a glass half full rather then half empty. It'll get you through the tough times, and even the times that are easy.

It is kinda pathetic how very little e-mail I get! I don't even get spam! So just so I can put it out there if you readers ever need advice or just someone to talk to e-mail me. Its a good solution in my oppinion.



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