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Thursday, May 25, 2006

   Whats new?
Hi everybody. I'm typing this at the school. No hospitol this time I promise!

We had our last concert on tuesday. It was really nice, even if I didn't get a solo. My choir teacher gave us all roses, mine is hanging upside down, i'm drying it so I can keep it for a long while.

Last night was emotional for me. I was argueing with my mom, after asking her why our satalite is getting shut off. And then she starts saying how i'm going to be grounded, and then she gets into the "How about you just go live with your dad then!!" arguement. So I get mad enough that I accually go and call my dads mom. (Its kind of weird to call her granma, I haven't talked to her since I was seven.)

So after a while of talking to her she asks. "Do you still live in Rawsonville woods?" (where I live, its a trailor park.) And I say "Yeah...."
And it felt kind of awkward. She gives a small laugh. "We have family that live in there. I go there every saturday." So yeah I have lived there for five years and she has never even stoped by.

Then I ask her for my dad's number....he calls me and hangs up after one ring. Then I have to call him back.

Then we talk for a while. I find out he lives in Italy. My brother is going to college next year, and has a girlfriend. And lots of other things that has happened in the past seven years. When he starts asking me for my phone number, and my address, and that would have been fine and good if he didn't start it off with "I know your probably sneak calling me."

So then I tell him. "No my mom always tells me to call you."

And nothing else really happened after that... so yeah i'm tierd because I didn't get much sleep last night...but yeah....anyway


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Friday, May 12, 2006

If some of you where thinking I was in the hospitol myself...No! No! I didn't mean to give you that idea! Not at all! Anyway only this short post today seeya!


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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Long time no post
Yes I know it has been ages since the last time I was on here....I feel very lonely!

My granma sudenly decides she doesn't want to pay for internet anymore. So now I have no way what-so-ever to RP, and now I have nothing to pass my time while I am at her house. I think I die from bordum.

This is me coming from a hospitol computor, which feels really weird! REALLY weird. >_>

I got back from my trip to Washington D.C. at 1:00 am sunday morning, and even though I was tierd, and I still have no clue what D.C. like about so many stairs, IT ROCKED ME SOX! >_<

But now the reality of school has hit me once more, with homework, and teachers...and tests...I knew it wouldn't last.

Anyway I hope to talk to some of you soon again...


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sick days, daze days......
Hello all, yes I have gotten a cold over night, and it really sucks. *sneezes* So I have been in a daze for most of the day. And that doesn't mix well with a math test. Not at all.

But the good news is, I got to RP yesterday! Yay! *does a happy dance* I am going to draw today. Probably chapter pitchers for my story. I have already been working on chracter pitchers. I think the painter turned out really well....and no he is not some old crazy guy, he is about 15, and yes he is suffering from writer's block just like me. *sigh* *sneezes*

We just had a party for newspaper class, we made $80 at a quarter a peice, not too shabby. ^_^

Anyway, time for the question of the day.

Who on American Idol can you just not stand?And Why?


If you where to make an anime music video, what anime would you use? What song? And what would it symbolize?

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bored out of my mind.
I haven't Role Played with Lisa in about three weeks, and its tearing me apart! I have come up with some ideas, and I can't even use them. This is what happens when you are one of those rare peaople, who doesn't own a computor. Yeap thats me. *Sinks into a chair and watches tv* And people in my class are looking over my shoulder all the time. But the good thing is, I might go to Best Buy this friday, to get my keyboard, (finally) and some DVDS! I don't have too much to say. Which really sucks, seeing as though this might be my last post in a while.

I might be AIMing alot of you people tonight, I just went through and looked you all up. Its a big possibilty I won' though. Wish I could but.......

Sorry I have nothing else to say.


If you could create a series, what genre would it be.

If you had any anime related job, What would it be.

My answers:

I would create a action/fantasy or romance/ fantasy

And I would be a voice actress. (I have high hopes that are going to get knocked down, it really sucks.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   The Painter and The Theif
Yes, I am working on a story, and i'll try to post some of it tomorrow. It has the DNAngel type of thing going for it, because it is suppose to be a fan~fiction, but about three quarters of it is my own ideas, so I really don't know what that is considered. Does anyone know?

I am continuing to record myself with a tape recorder, so I can work my way into the anime way of life, as a voice actress someday. But so far, I sound like nothing more then your average teenager, that sounds like a five year old. I want to send a fan-letter to Vic Mignogna, without sounding like a fan-girl, and the only problems are...1:I have no clue where to send it, and 2:I am a fan-girl. It really sucks. And my mom is not supportive, she wants me to have a job where I make lots of maney, but I want a job, where I can just enjoy myself. She wants me to go into consturction, but i'm interested in anime, art, and music. So it sucks all around. I hopefully will be able to go to a con this year, but I doubt it.

And another bad thing, is after tomorrow, I won't be able to post for really long periods at a time. I am being put in gym....I don't like gym, not the pyhsical type. So sorry if I don't visits your sites as often, because I will have almost no internets acess, so try to bear with me.

Syanara, with regrets and a heavy mind,

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Monday, March 27, 2006

   Do the manga dance!
Hello all! Yes the secound day of sex-ed, was today. We got to colour the female reproduction system, goodie..... but you got to do what you got to do, right? Such is the life of someone inexperianced. But at least he makes it funny.

I am happy, I got a few new clothes this weekend, and three new manga. I'm waiting to find a store that accually carries the 11th volume of DNAngel. But I have bought volume one of loveless (an awsome series by the way.) Voulme 5 of Full Moon O sgashite. (A music related series *cheers for Shojo manga&*) And volume 6 of Fullmetal Alchemist. (One of the best planned out series on the planet) So I had some reading to do, not really, it only took me an hour to finish all three. But I did start my secound shelf of manga, I finally ran out of room on my first shelf.

When I was at Boders, I got one of those membership cards. And keep in mind, I do complain about my hight. I was reading over the rules, and it said you had to be, at least, 16 to do anything with it. And that they could ask for identification. The guy accually thought I was 16! That made me feel like turning my music on full blast and dancing, then it hit me.....I can't use the card. *Sigh* I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I have money left, so i'll probably get the secound Loveless dvd when it comes out....but shush, don't tell my mom it is for 16 and ^, she'd kill me!

And yes my usual thanks to all of you who post and don't just read, I got into a fight with my mom this morning. She said i'f i didn't find my money, I could barrow some of hers, and when I couldn't find it and I asked her, she started yelling about how I was old enough to start taking care of myself, and how i'm taking all of her money. (Sorry I always am boring you with family issues. It must be annoying) But anyway, my usual thanks! ^///^

Question of the day: What would you do, if you where a famous singer, and some rival got mad because you got into the top ten on the charts, then started hurting your friends? (jelousy, don't ever let it consume you!)


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Friday, March 24, 2006

This is a weird week. You know...knowing I don't have to stay up for FMA anymore........geeze that was hard to type. *tears* I'm going to miss the wonderful story-line of Fullmetal Alchemist, but it brings new light. Now I can look forward to the movie.

Our school is even more concerned about internet saftey, so I can't even get into my Photobucket account. Which sucks. Cause now I won't be able to change my theme for a long while. Oh well, glad I have one I like!

Guess what subject we started today? Sex-ed. Now we get to learn about the oposite sex's insides. That makes me a little uncomforitable, but not much. Its just a little weird.......O.K. Very weird. But I guess my science teacher makes it a little more easier....

I am getting better with Once upon a Dcember. Which is that song I chose to try out with. One of my REALLY good friends,Jena, let me barrow the sheet music, and is helping me with it. I am soooo grateful to her for that. So just incase she is reading this THANIES JENA! ^_^

And once again thank you to all of you who post on my site, your support and regular posts, helps me through the harder times, and I thank you. It made me feel better yesterday when I read over past posts you all made, after my mom said her life would be better off if I lived with my dad.

Question of the day is: What is you favorite quote?

Mine is."teachings that do not speak of pain, have no meaning. For human kind cannot gain anything without giving something in return."

Of course, a lot of you know where that comes from. But if you think about that in the grand scheme of things, do you all relize how true it is!?

Anyway, good luck, and good wishes on your gloomiest of days.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

   Stranded on a desserted wensday
I don't like wensdays very much. But last night was kind of cool. I watched Saw 2, I REALLY didn't expect that ending. And when the girl got thrown into the pit of needles, it made me cringe. I have a fear of needles, ever since I was 7 and steped on a yellow jackets nest, not something I want to relive, thats for sure.

I also watched Howl's moving castle, which in my opinion was a great movie. I recomend it. (Sorry if I misspell anything) I like Howl better with black hair, for some reason he reminds me of Krad from DNAngel with blonde....... (And there she goes talking about nothing again)

I might try out for a solo in our last choir4 concert. I probably won't get it, but I was thinking about using Concrete Angel:Martina Mcbride or Once upon a December:From Anastasia.

I might get to go to the mall, not this weekend, but next weekend, and meet my other anime loving friend, that I have only met once, but we have talked back and forth on the phone for a year and a half. We will be acting stupid, and fan-ish, of course. Look out Borders and Hot Topic...here we come....... Tax returns will be back by then, and my mom will give me some money to buy some new clothes, which I need.

And just to add into the mix, I think my favorite person on American idol is Chris. I like last night when he did "I walk the line" My granma's brother, accually knew Jouhny Cash's parents personally, and got to meet Jouhny Cash. So thats pretty cool.

Any way, I think the questions today will be...

If you watch American Idol, who is your favorite person?
What is your favorite movie of all time, and why?

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sadness creates hope
Hello all. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. But I am here to tel you that we got a 1 rating at choir festival. We could advance to state, but or school can't afford it. Oh well.

I have an American hero project that I had to do a visual for, I'm going to draw an anime style sodier on a poster.

Yeah still haven't got my DVDS yet, so I still have to make an excuse for that.

Okay I have nothing really to talk about so here are some questions you can answer.

How did you like the end of FMA?

What would the wold, in your point of veiw, be without music?

Whats your anime crush?

Who is your favorite VA?

What is your veiw on the war?

What are you best at?

What is your best subject? (math, social studies ext.)

If you could change the ending of one anime, which would it be, and what would you change?

If you could say one thing to your parents, about something you hated, what would it be?

if you where to change one thing about your life what would it be?

That about all i have, so answer those please! ^_^


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