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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The thing that went bump in the night!
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Hi everyone. I hope your week has been going by good. *Yawns* I'm just got up and it's like 2:30 in the afternoon where I live....

Why do you ask I got up so late? Well because I stayed up late scared out of my wits. You might not beleive me....so i'll start at the beggining.

Well one day...I think it was last Wensday....yeah it was...we stayed up late watching ghost hunters. And usually I don't really care, it dosn't scare me.

One half of the episode stated something about a doll changing expressions and it's eyes dialating.

So i'm like, alright, cool, I hope it does something.

And then it happened! My Mom pipes up. "You know I have one of those."


So I learned of the doll, that I always had the creeps about anyway, that was sitting on my back pourch.

And then it started happening. I started noticing little things happening to it. Like nither myself or my Mom put it where it was...and it was in a taped up box before....

Or when it was sitting up one day, then the next it was laying down, and the next it was sitting up again and, once again, neither of us had touched it....

And one day it was smiling and the next it was making some wierd face!


So after about a week of being on edge I bugged my mom long enough to get her to throw it away.

Well last night I kept hearing lound noises outside my door. And things banging on my window, I don't have tree's or anything near my window, which made it more odd. And then I kept hearing something running up and down my roof.


And the weirder thing is when I heard the garbage people come early this morning and take out the trash, the noises vanashed!


My mom had told me that she found it in a shop years ago and it had belong to a girl that burned in a fire. The little girl even wrote her name on it....

I'm just glad I survived the night and that it's gone. -_-'

I'm going to go visit all of your sites now.

Have a good day


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