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Hello, everyone! My name is Michelle, also named as "Chii", "Chii-chan" or "Mich". It's a pleasure to meet you. *bows and hugs* And welcome to my site! Want to know more about me, eh? Well...by talking to me and adding me as a friend you'll find out. *wink wink* ~.^ Anyway, if you have time on your fast-typing little hands, please sign my guestbook, chat with my friends in the chat box o' love, and most simply; HAVE FUN.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm here.
Hello all. Sorry again for not posting on here in ages.

And I know my page looks like shit. But I just don't feel like messing with the codes all that much right now. Really...I don't. So the fixing of that will have to come later.

Not much has been happening with me since I last post. Though I wish I were an interesting human being. I'm just trying to get by day by day. Though I find myself growing distant and lonely more and more. Even when I am surrounded by people.

But I am trying to kick myself out of an art block. That's really what's keeping me down right now. (besides the fact that I can't seem to get ahold of my dad still...) But I have been dabling a little in photography and although they aren't grade A pictures I thought you'd like to see them. Here are only a couple. I'm still trying to get use to DA and I don't have batteries for my camera so I just have two...

anti-violence no text by ~septimalmoon on deviantART

Pixie Hollow by ~septimalmoon on deviantART

Both of these were originally suppose to be for a biology lab...but I never turned it in. So they morphed into an art project.

I hope you like them.n_n

I'm busy with Annie (our school musical) but i'm going to try to post at least once a week. =]

Have a great day all

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