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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

System Booting…

Program running…


LOOK OUT! THERES A GIANT MOSQUITO BEHIND YOU! I am the Fleece ninja! LISTEN to your heart, yay its ready! Standing at both ends of the flame I am here. I always feel like somebody’s watching me


But your lips are venmous poison I'm the garbage man, engaging six AND SEVEN! THE Toast will get j00. PH34R MY L337 N3K1D 5K1LL5 PH0R TH3Y 4R3 L337 AND NEKID! ARRRH MOTHERLAND!!!! This hand of mine glows with an awesome power it tells me to BURN THINGS! I AM NOT A DOLL!!! Its alright to be
little bitty,
good night sweet dreams to you. TEACAKES! How much pu could a puchuu chu if a puchuu could chu pu? All I wanna do is sing a THOUSAND WORDS TO DECIEVE YOU MORE AND MORE, THE GAME IS AFOOT, sugah. I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, TAAACCCCHHHHIIIIKKOOOOOMMMMAAAAAAAA deep within the shell, I CANT FEEL YOU ANYMORE,

I hit her with a beanbag,

Sorry. You’ve gotta carry that weight, funny funny smell. GO GEKIGAN BEAM!! Theres no problem, suddenly I have a refreshing mint flavour…
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ICANT SEE AND I CANT FEEL and all my hate cannot be bound by your thoughtless feelings, but ill still be here cuz you’re all that ive got, if you’ve got a powerful connection to your firearm collection then draw a bead and shoot, APPLE! A cosmic castaway Heterodyne, Humaritt, Angels and DEATH. I don’t wanna be alone no more, I WANNA FLY THROUGH THE SKY TO THE HEAVENS ABOVE TO THE PLACE PROMISED!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

To recognise one owns sin is to have no sin,

IVE GOT MAGIC FINGERS!! Every thorn has a rose. Hullo. Just a minute. Logic cant make us understand you know our raison d’etre. Give guidance to the lost lambs, well YOU SHOULDN’T BE FIGHTING AT ALL! CANT TAKE YOUR HAND, Ill save myself, because the night belong to your hazel eyes. Dammit I died again she’s a magical mystical woman. You can leave your hat on. The deck is stacked and we’re split seven ten,


Take a highway to tomorrow and ask yourself, cages or wings, which do you prefer?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Its inside me, its going to explode, nobody else does any work around here, chains binding, GAT x-105 STRIKE cannot fly, PS Armour modded to rouge, Bi-Lateral angle cannot exceed 4.5 before ECS gives way. I WAS WATCHING TV! JEEZ. Do you mind not farting whilst I'm trying to save the world? At 15 you’re a love-fool, look!

"It is a good family -- ours," said Satan; "there is not a better. He is the only member of it that has ever sinned."

answer. A fragment. A memory. A reflection. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A Ghost. Who crawls into my shell and whispers to my ghost and have they not noticed I DON’T CARE ANYMORE? Sorry old man but that’s just the way that it is, I HAVNT GOT ANY KNEES! Yes but this system is fitted with a Drive-12 circuit that negates the effect. I don’t want the world to see me because I AM NAKED and lying broken on the floor, break off the wings of a lullaby, AND COME WITH ME WE WILL FALL DOWN DOWN to a little place I like to call home on the range target and FIRE! The EGGS ARE FRIED BUT I CAN SALAVAGE THE arms. WE’RE LOSING HIM! SANTA IS THE FUHRER!! WHY? BECAUSE
THE Azumatrix has j00!! a new religion that will bring you to your knees, DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com






Rebooting. Press f1 to bring up your internet options.








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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Because ONE person demanded it, Darke is updating again!!!
im easily swayed...lol

so how has everyone been these past few days? good? gut.

I ended up working on thursday, even though i had that day off too, but i didnt have any real plans and i need the money so...

wednesday was fantastic, I met up with Rhian and we kinda pottered about London. We did some window shopping, had lunch, went into the British Museum (its free entry) and had fun in there. Its amazing how much fun you can have in a museum if you share it with a friend. ^^

after that we went for a quick drink, then she had to go back to cambridge, but we had speant an awesome day together, and i really enjoyed it.

I also bought Chrono Crusade vols 4 and 5 that day. ^^ im really getting into it now.

Thursday i worked. thrillsville.

yesterday i worked. rah.

but yesterday evening i went up to London (yet again, lol) to see Lee Mack (the comedian) at the Bloomsbury theatre with my friend Paddy. It was so good, i was in stiches. and that was just the warm-up guy. Lee Mack himself was brilliant. absoutely brilliant. I felt really good after that. Laughter is indeed the best medicine to cure any qualms you might have. after work that day, i had a few qualms. ^^;

today Im going up to ELtham (my local town) to buy some more stuff for my trip to Malaysia and
also buy a DVD tower for my room so I can free up some shelf space. ^^;;

No chibi darke today, im still in a drawing funk right now, but i can feel it wearing off, mebbe next time i update k?

so instead i leave you with DARKES WEIRD-ASS RANDOM DREAMS!

this was sorta the dream i had this morning literaly right before i woke up. Me and some friends who i havnt seen since year 11 (when i was 16) were late to this thing the school were running and when we go there we had just missed some activity involving building a tower out of cake. The teachers were like "ok everyone, Put the cake back where you got it from and we'll see you next week. Remember, the cake is school property, so dont steal it."
so we left, and as we left, my friend Nick Ashby showed us he had stolen some Angel Cake (which is like my fav type of cake) and me and my other friend Dan were like "w00t!" so we took the cake back to Nicks house, but his sister was there, so we decided to go back to the school and we ate it on the school grounds. twas nice. ^^

welp, thats it from me.
i dunno when ill update again...probably next week. ^^;


and remember: Im not as funny as you think i am.

Im funnier...^^

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Work tried to get me to come in again today, but i had already made plans to go and see Rhian up London this afternoon, so no dice. His (my boss) exact words were "we're in dire poo-poo down here,"

How nice, he condensed it to terms that a reasonably smart four year old could understand what he meant...

but i aint giving up today and cancelling my plans for hell or highwater....well, maybe high water. Its hard to find London if its been submerged....

My saturday went pretty well too. I managed to get up to London and pick up the following:

-Chrono crusade vols 2 and 3 dvd
-Ghost in the Shell movie (for 6.99! sweet!)

Tori Koro vol 2
Gundam SEED vol 5
Midori Days vol 3

Newtype Janurary Issue (im going to miss that mag when im in malaysia)

Ghost in the Shell poster (yes, another one! but a different one from the first one got)

and thats it. Damn, im going soft. If this had been a few years ago, i would have bought half the damn shop! I guess i've got better self control these days. ^^

Sunday was boring.

Monday and Tuesday I worked my rear end off at work. (another reason i aint going in today. I dont care how short staffed they are.)

and today im meeting rhian. (hooray)

man my hands must hate me. My job requires me to be in and out of hot and cold environments constantly and its beginning to show on my hands. At least it hasnt effected my ability to draw! the only reason i havnt done any chibi darke recently (or any drawing for that matter) is that i havnt had the drive. Ive got a coupla idead for comics, but no real urge to do them. i keep getting distracted. damn wi-fi internet. ^^;;;

so, thats all from me. Ill update again tomorrow or on Saturday.

I dont want the world to see me,
cuz i dont think that they'd understand,
where everythings made to be broken,
i just want you to know who i am...

"Iris" Googoo Dolls. Who doesnt like that song? i mean comeon, honestly...


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Saturday, January 7, 2006

how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Phil?
i reckon alot myself...human saliva isnt very good at breaking down skin n bones...

Thank you all for my birthday greetings and wishes. you guys are the best.

The day wasnt too bad in the end. I should be getting time and a half AT LEAST for the work i did. ^^

after work i came home, and the day got better from there.
I got Doctor Who complete 9th doctor series on DVD from my parents and from my brothers i got some choccies and "Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig" vol 1 DVD!!!! w00t! tis awesome!!

Oh, i also got some moddeling clay from my grandparents. so now i can build chibi darke models! sweet!

My birthday cake was a wallcae and gromit curse of the ware rabbit one from the shop. Mum normally bakes a cake for our birthdays, but she's been really ill recently. ^^;

I finished the day off with a glass of Baileys on ice, my choccies and "City of Angels" on DVD. perfect end to what wasnt a brilliant birthday, but it could have been alot worse.

Today Im going up to London to engage in a little retail therapy. ^^

and next week I might be meeting up with my friend Rhian to go for a belated birthday drink. which would be cool. and i get to see the comedian with Paddy on friday. ^^

Oh, speaking of belated birthdays, I want to do a shout out to my psuedo-twin sister Mina a.k.a Watasefan

She was born on exactly the same day and year i was, so it was her birthday yesterday and she's 19 too like me! we're a coupla old farts now. ^^ (as eloquently put by my dear friend Purgatory ^^; )

well, i hope everyone has a most excellent weekend. Thank you to all who commented, special mentions to Princess Ookumae and Shadowtiger69 who both sent me e-cards. you guys are sweethearts. ^^

Toodles my friends...

*waltzes off singing GiTS SAC 2nd Gig theme*

I am a soldier, that means Im, both defendant and the judge, standing at both ends of the flame...

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Friday, January 6, 2006

   oh FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!

>.< Work called me this morning. They have some people off sick and are understaffed. So they need me to go and fill in. ON. MY. FUCKING. BIRTHDAY. any day but today! unfortunaly im a fucking temp, so i really cant afford to flip them the bird and tell em to fuck off, cuz i need the money and they could easily turn round and fire my ass. fuck.

sorry for all the swearing. >.< Its just that in the course of my employment, ive missed Christmas, New Years and now my fucking 19th birthday. FUCKS SAKE! im probably gonna miss easter too at this rate. >.<

AUGHUGHUGRIHHGG AHH ghiuhu h ihagah ug

*sigh* i gotta get going now. hope you lot have a good day. take it easy. ill post again tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

i had forgotten how hard it was to cycle to school...im shattered!

*huff puff* well, i do need to get fit...

i was back at school today to get back my music coursework. it makes me laugh to hear this stuff again. one of my pieces is an almost blatant ripoff of the Pirates of the Carribean OST and the two recorded pieces include my bad singing voice. LOL. but i dont care, i still like it. My piece entitled "Warmth" is here to. For those of you who dont know, or cant remember, I wrote a story called "See No Evil, Speak No Evil," and "warmth" was the theme tune i composed for it. ^^

ahh, nostalgia.

Next friday (not tomorrow) Im going to so see Lee Mack, a comedian, up London. My brother got me two complimentary tickets, so me and Paddy are going. it promises to be an awesome night. ^^

we've moved into a temp kitchen at work whilst construction takes pace aove the exisitng resteraunt. The new place is 5HI7! seriously, its cramped badly designed and just cr4p. we even had a power cut yesterday (just in the kitchen you understand, not in the hospital) so all the freezers and cookers shut down and everything. man. at least im only there for another few weeks. dayum.

oh well, at least i got three days off. today, tomorrow and saturday. today i took down the ole xmas decs and then did the whole school thing.
tomorrow is my birthday! w00t!
and saturday i might spend up london or something...

oh well, enough from me. ill post again tomorrow or saturday. ^^

i hve no cdd for you today (although there is one in the pipeline) but instead its the return of RANDOM PICTURES!!!

Today i have piccies of my 1/100 Gundam SEED plamos!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aegis and Blitz

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Buster and my newly acquired Duel.
i still wanna get Red Frame, Blue Frame 2nd L, the Justice and the Master Grade Freedom Gundams (all 1/100). I also want to get the new Sword Impulse from Seed Destiny. ^^

well, thats it from me.

i bid you adieu.

AUCTIONEER: we have adieu, any advance on adieu? going....going...gone, SOLD! to the gentleman at the front...

pah. ebays got nothing on me...

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

How is everyone?
Im pretty good.

On Sunday I had a haircut (it was waaay too long) and today i shave for the first time in like...two weeks. ^^; i was very hairy, and now im not...and it feels GOOD.

Today I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch n Wardrobe. Fantastic movie! Brilliant. The Battle scene is epic. has to be seen. It was funny and action packed and just...awesome. I think i can safely say its been the BEST film i've seen this year...of course, thats not saying alot now is it? ^^;

I need to start exercising more, if i want to be fit for Malaysia. So I walked to the cinema today and back. Which may not sound like alot, but the nearest cinema to me is in Bexleyheath, which is about 4 or 5 miles away, and on a hill, whereas I live in a valley (well...not really a valley per se, but to get anywhere from my house involves going up a hill of some kind) so it was...interesting. My legs kinda ache now. ^^;;

oh yeah, on the way home, I bought a 1/100 Scale Duel Gundam. ^^;
so now i have all the Stolen Gundams from SEED in 1/100 scale!!! w00t!!!

welp, i gotta get an early night tonight. I gotta be at work by 6:30. we've transferred into a temporary kitchen at work whilst they're building a new ward above the current one, and we gotta get set up. Course this means i have to GET UP AT 5AM!!! 455. but then i have Thurs, Fri and Sat off, so i guess its not too bad all in all.

Hope everyone has a good week. i understand a lot of you are back at school this week, yes? LOL oh i remember school... ^^

actually, i might be going back there on Thurs to see if i can get my A level coursework back. I was quite impressed with my cursework (even if the exam board wasnt) and want to have it back rather then see it deleted and destroyed.

nehoo, hope you all have a good week. Ciao for now. ill probably update again on my birthday (friday).


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Saturday, December 31, 2005

this is it folks. officially the last post of 2005
So another year has passed. I was speaking with Flueky on Messenger and she mentioned doing a “review” post. Well, anime has review episodes right? Ok, so it’s Normally half way through the series, but stuff that. Here’s a short review of my life circa 2005

Ok, first off, I turned 18! W00t! legally allowed to drink in my country…which proved interesting later in the year at several parties… ^//^

And at the other end of the scale, my pet dog Sandy died. I still miss him, but at least he’s now at peace.

I also finished school this year! Huzzah! I got some pretty decent grades on my a-levels too. Most of my friends went off to college, but I stayed behind. ^^;

And as a reward, I went on a six week vacation by myself to the U S of A! I had a most excellent time in New York with my brother (I saw many many many movies, and bought much manga and anime).New York is one of the coolest cities in the world. And such a brilliant place to be when you’re on your own. I mean, my brother was there (I was crashing at his place), but otherwise I had free reign of Manhattan. Brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant. I was also in LA too. Hollywood, Disneyworld (twice), Universal Studios, and of course, the most excellent trip to Las Vegas. My brother and I driving through the desert (we went through a lot of CDs…and petrol) and then spending the night in Vegas. Awesome.

Course the highlight of the trip (and indeed THE WHOLE FREAKING YEAR!!!) was the week I spent in Tennessee with two of my bestest best friends, Amber and Chrissy (Flueky and Cee-Kari) and the last day with Mindy too (Mitzy). I. HAD. THE. MOST. EXCELLENT. TIME. EVER!!! Seriously it was sooo awesome getting to meet you guys for real, after spending so much time with you online. I am so grateful for meeting you here on MyO, and now I’ve met you for real, I feel like I’ve made some permanent friends for life. The lake, roller coaster hill, and the lil Chibi Darke you made Chrissy. And your AWESOME hospitality. You people are waaayy to fricking kind! You guys fed me the whole week and Chrissy; your folks gave me that hotel voucher thing. You guys are the best; I wish I could do more to repay you! Man! *stomps foot* I miss you guys! You were the best! I'm gonna keep saying that! Damn! Make sure you stay in touch as long as humanely possible! I want the grave to be the only thing that separates us! Daaammmmnnnn!!!

Phew. Take a chill pill phil.

Uhm, what else this year? Oh yeah, Stephen, my older bro came home. That was cool. Uhm…I crashed Luna…twice. ^^; ok, the first time I was in the snow, and the second, the woman crashed into ME! But yeah, it’s been an eventful year for me and Luna. And when I get back from Malaysia, Ill have to redo my basic training if I wanna ride her again. *sigh*
Uhm…started to learn how to drive. Which is cool.

Started to get things rolling for Malaysia. Done a few fundraisers. The Brecon challenge (which involved a lot of walking up near-mountains) was hard work, but a lot of fun, and worth it. And the other fundraisers I did. Cool.
I done a lotta Chibi darke this year on and off…lack of the darkester was usually a result of getting access to a scanner or the fact I was away. But again, an eventful year for me and him. Lol

I also managed to get a few stories rolling. Unfortunately, 3 of them never went anywhere ^^;

And I quit my shitty job at tescos and started an equally crappy job in the hospital. With a 5 month gap in between. ^^;

I bought a lot of manga and anime this year.

And basically, that’s more or less it. If I think of anything else, I might add some more.

Essentially what I'm trying to say is, although its been a hard year in some places (fundraising, A-Levels, Sandy dying etc) 2005 has been a fantasmagoricalllysplendifirous year for me and I hope it has been for you. But whilst 2005 had been great, I can’t wait for 2006 and the surprises it holds.

In one month I am going to Malaysia. I will be away for three months at least, so you probably won’t hear from me for ages. After that, I plan on taking a short break, then joining the Royal Air Force, possibly at the end of the summer.

So this is it folks. 2006 is the year I leave my childhood ways and traditions behind and stride forth into the great unknown called “Real World”. It’s gonna be tough, but as long as I have a pencil and a piece of paper, my connection and obsession with anime will not die. And if my obsession remains, so will my memories of you guys. And that will give me the strength to face anything the so called “real world” can throw at me.

Thank You.

Happy New Year!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

its friggin freezin mr bigglesworth....
howdy folks! unless i post tomorrow or saturday, this is my last post of 2005! and its gonna suck cuz i have no material! w00t!

so how has everyone been? I've been cathing up with a lot of you guys, and sounds like your all doing well. Just like to say that im glad you liked your e-cards 9if you got one from me ^^; ) and Flueky, Cee-Kari, Mitzy, Shadowcat69 and my dear onee-sama Sailor Firestar, im glad you managed to get your cards, and that you seemed to like em alot. ^^

its been snowing here...sorta...its a kinda weak dandruff-like snow that melts pretty quickly. which is fine with me. Its dangerous to ride on Luna when the snow has settled.

i got my rota for the next week. I've got a lot of next week off (tho i do haveta work over new years, but luckily im home for the main event)

but thats ok, cuz i get paid double time.

however, next Friday (the 6th of Jan) im glad i have the day off. Why?


wow. 19. i feel so old. considering my usual activites of gaming, drawing cute things, watching "cartoons" (anime), reading "comics" (manga) etc etc are normaly the activities considered to be the norm of like...15 year olds...i guess im young at heart...lol

oh yeah, i hope everyone had a fantasmagorical christmas. i wont go into details what i got, but i got some pretty cool stuff which will come in handy over the next few months. ^^; i also got a bottle of baileys from my parents. Happy Fun Solstice Darke. ^///^

oh yeah, i wanna do a shout out for my dear friend Allie, a.k.a ShadowTiger69
she's currently running some anime award thingy where you can vote for stuff like hottest bishie, most deadliest weapon, sexiest girl etc etc from anime. kinda like the Oscars but w/out that tacky gold statuete thing. so hop on over there, check out the categories, place your vote. ^^


ive been reading alot of manga "novels" recently (ike actual books with text and few/no piccies) based on anime series. I got stuff like Ghost in the Shell, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam SEED, Howls Moving Castle etc. my mum and younger brother were all like "you're reading a book that doesnt have pictures?" all shocked like im some kinda moron. Um, excuse me, FYI, i have been reading proper novels since i was like 8. just cuz most of my book shelf holds manga these days, doesnt mean im "reading" any less. i swear. some people. at least i do read and dont spend most of my time glued to the TV or computer like some people (he types whilst having been on the computer for the last hour) ^^;

oh well, I hope you have a splendiforus new year and if i dont see ya again before sunday, I hope you had a fantastic 2005 and that your 2006 goes even better. I know mine was, and im certain this new year will be!

toodle pip folks. and may old aquaintence be forgot and new ones made instead...or not...

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Friday, December 23, 2005

man...i really must get some sleep the night before work...at the mo im staying up till 1-2am...and then i wonder why im tired when i have to get up at 6am...^^;

no tonight though. Im meeting up with my friend Paddy and we're gonna go to this Jazz gig, then go drinking. I hvat seen Paddy since i left school in July, and i cant wait to catch up with him again! ^^

This will probably be my last post before xmas day. I might post once more again before new year. Im gonna try to get an E-card or PM to all you guys though (except for you guys who should have, by now, recieved "teh project" ^^)
y'know...cuz i want to. Even though i havnt had as many people visitng me as i did back at the beginning of the year, I still feel like i owe you guys, cuz you lot rock. ^^

if you dont get either an ecard or a PM from me, then please accept my apologies and this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Merry Christmas guys! Hope you have a great one! if you do, think of me having to work, eh? LOL ^^

take it easy peeps. see ya soon.

EDIT: jus go back from the gig with paddy. it twas an awesome night, and carcing up with paddy took about 20 seconds. ^///^ but now im sooo fuckin drunk, it aint even funny. im gonna hate myself in the morning. have a merrry crimbo y'all. i lov you guys...

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