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Thursday, April 13, 2006

yes, its the return of that guy we love to make random comments about when HE'S NOT IN THE FRICKIN COUNTRY! i read your comments on y last post. you guys are crazy....

seriously, yes, i am now back in england and will probably return to regular posting shortly. i had the most excellent time out in malaysia and i will be posting a Post Expedition Report here shortly, along with piccies and anecdotes. ^^ but right now i am soooo frickin tired I cant think straight so you will have to make do with the knowledge that i am alive and back in ole blighty. im going to have to spend the next coupla weeks getting my life back together too, but thats cool. i will talk to you all soon, with my many tales of my adventures. take care my friends...

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

hiya everyone. i hope y'all are ok. i got the chance to pop online, so i took it.

cant stick round long, so i wont be visiting y'all but just wanted to let ya know i am having a blast, and itching like crazy. ^^;

no cdd (obviously) but i'll see ya all soon i hope.

Love n Peace.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

So this is it, i guess...
My last post for a while. I was gonna do a "last post" style thing, but quite honestly, im not in the mood...

but i will try to say a few things...

first off, a shout out from Yukina about you blasted MyO Spammers:

This is a place for anime lovers to converse and talk about themselves and their passion. Not for you to waste our time with stuff that we get everyday. If you want to forward crap, we have e-mails for that and if we don't, it's probably because we got sick of getting it from people like you.

and you can quote Yukina on that. ^^

ookay...sorry i didnt update yesterday...i didnt have much to talk about and well...*shrugs*
Yesterday i did my packing. and that was tiring. phew. I also started to make up my Sword Impulse Gundam model...hopefully ill get it finished today.

oh yeah, i also watched some Doctor Who yesterday. I love this new series.. ^^

Ive been trying to watch all of Zone of The Enders: Dolores I this week before i go...i had forgotten how much i love this series...Dolores is one of the cutest characters ever. aww. ^^;

uhm...oh yeah

this morning i went out with my friend Nick to have breakfast and a farewell chat. Breakfast consisted of Bacon Sarnies, and chat consisted of using condiments to explain where Malaysia is in the world...Tomato Ketchup was europe. lol
Nick has already done something similar to what im about to do (although he went to Madagascar) so he knows his shit. im gonna miss him whilst im gone...probably. LOL ^^;

Today i got tonnage of stuffage to do-age. so i cant hang around today. Im going to email several people hopefully today. and for those of you who dont recieve an email, im gonna miss you and hope that everything goes ok for you over the next few weeks.

here. have a cdd...
Image hosting by Photobucket


man, i cant believe that in under 24 hrs im going to be on my way to Malaysia!! 10 weeks w/out anime or computers! arrgh!! im going to have so much to catch up with when i get back!!!

heh. well, *fingers crossed* this trip will be worth it. A trip of the lifetime.

Take it easy my friends. Sorry this isnt humorous or anything... ^^; i'll see y'all when i get back. if not before. *ish mysterious*


Image hosting by Photobucket


"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Miriam Beard

"Its not the war that brings me, its the chance to learn...what im made of," - Shirow Amada, MS Gundam: 08th MS Team

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meow, dodge, evade, fat man rape, meow!
lol that comment on yesterdays post made me laugh. Thanks kitten-chan!

yesterdy went pretty well all in all. me and my bro went to see "Just Like Heaven" at the Bluewater (out of town shopping centre/mall thing) cinemas. course, its been a while since my brother has been there (what with him being in america for so long) so we kinda took a few wrong turns before we got there. ^^; when i go, i dont normally take the motorway, i normally take the local roads, which takes a bit longer, but Luna can normally negate most traffic problems...

The film was awesome. We both really enjoyed it. It kinda reminded me of "Midori Days", one of my top three favourite mangas of all time. (the other two are "Saikano", obviously, and "Gundam SEED Astray")

i could tell my brother enjoyed it cuz the way he sits changes throughout the film. Stage one is a comfortable slouch. If he stays like that thoughout the whole film, it means he thinks the film is ok. Stage two is sitting up in his seat, which means he is starting to enjoy it. Stage 3 is him leaning forward, leaning his elbow on his knees. This basically means he is really into the film and thoroughly enjoying it.

my brother was in stage 3 quite quickly yesterday. ^^

uhm, what else...not a lot i guess...hopefully today i can get another comic done and another model made up. ^^ mum wants me to go food shopping with her later. and i gotta quickly pop back to work to give back the locker keys.

oh, yah, cadets last night. Supposedly they had had a whop around to get me a card and maybe a pressie, but they didnt realise that it was my last night. eh. *shrugs* i dont care. what the hell would i want with a card signed by 20-30 kids i couldnt give a rats 455 about?
they also promoted the ch1x0r ive been telling you about recently to full corporal as well as her boyfriend (cuz yah, THATS gonna work >.< )
and one other guy who isnt that bad i guess.
I was so totally in a "Dr. Cox from Scrubs" mood last night. I was scowling at everyone and being super moody and cynical. heh. ^^; my farewell speech to the cadets included this line:

"and if when i come back i find this squadron, God forbid, any WORSE than it is now, im going to come down on you like a tonne of f**king bricks. I would like to say "I'll miss you guys" but my mum told me never to lie, so F.U."

yah...i really dont like these cadets. sometimes i wonder why i still go. Dont get me wrong, I dont ever regret joining cadets, or regret anything ive done with cadets. But make no mistake, I sure as hell aint going to miss it.

anyway, enough rambling about my petty little life.

no comic (still) but instead i'd like to pose a question to you. normally after we watch a film, we like to pose a question to each other, a sorta "what would you do in that particular characters situation?"

So i ask you guys a question with two parts.
If you died (or as in the film, was in a coma) but had the chance to "haunt someone" that is to say be seen and heard by one living person only...

a: if you could choose who to haunt, who would you and why?

b: if you didnt have a choice, and were bound to your soulmate, who do you think that might possibly be? Granted, you might not have met your "soulmate" yet, and i guess some of us might never do. if you dont have an answer to this second part, dont worry about it. I sure as hell dont.

welp, see ya tomorrow... perhaps with a CDD, perhaps not...

4 DAYS TO GO (inc today)

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Monday, January 30, 2006

hey everyone. im updating, though i havnt really got anything to say. but im gonna do it anyway, cuz like..i want to...so there...

glad to see everyone enjoyed my last post. lol.

yesterday was my last day at work. huzzah! i left early, mainly cuz it was quiet and we had got all our work done, but also because a large cook named Mark was expressing an interest in doing some sort of "farewell" torture to me. and he's the kinda guy who would do it. so i took the liberty of moving most of my stuff into Luna early, devided the remaining bits of my kit and hid them so that the kitchen staff couldnt find em and hide them from ME, and then planned a escape route. then when opportunity presented itself, i took my chance and ran like the dickens. ^^; I do combat evasion exercises as a hobby, i was going to be damned if i woud be captured and tortured by a large cook and his assosiates. ^^; i kinda left in such a hurry though that i didnt have time to say goodbye to anyone or leave my stuff behind (like my locker keys etc) so i gonna go back tomorrow with a card or something, and the kit i have to return.

speaking of evasion exercises, i have another one planned for tonight, although not as flashy.
basically whenever a cadet who has been at the squadron for a long time and risen fairly high in the ranks leaves the sqaudron, they get egged and floured and water bombed etc. But, although this is my last night, it so AINT gonna happen to me. I used the ole skilful art of misdirection. they think my last night is gonna be next week, or on thursday at the earliest. whilst technically i COULD go on thursday, i have to be at the airport at 6:30 AM so i need an early night...ergo, no cadets. course the cadets aint gonna find this out till tonight. he he he....

ooh im such a sneaky b4574rd.

uhm...this weekend i made up one of my Gundam models that i recieved in the post like last week. ^^; Gundam Astray Red Frame. It comes with this awesome katakana sword and has superior poseability, almost as good as a Master Grade kit. I still have Blue Frame and Sword Impulse to build, but they're gonna take a lil longer,cuz they're more complex.

i also wemt out for a sorta "farewell" dinner with my family last night. We went to the same resteraunt we normally go to. its a very nice resteraunt. its the type of place id take my GF, if i had one. lol. i had chicken smothered in tika misala sauce with veg and chips (fries). and for dessert i had the all time favourite: Profiteroles and cream. yum.

this morning me and my older bro are going to watch "Just Like Heaven" at the cinema. We saw the trailers whilst i was in New York last summer, but it only got released here recently. and we both wanted to see it. and now we both got some time off, we can. yay.

ive got some other stuff to do too today, mainly visit my grandparents on my mums side and go to cadets. i might have a farewell drink at cadets, for old times sake. lol

no comic. gomen.

wow. for someone who had nothing to talk about, i sure can ramle on a bit, cant i? ^^;

welp, have a good week y'all. i will post everyday until thursday if i can. thursday will be my lastpost for a while.

*looks at statistics*

Popularity Ranking # 269 (out of 43,734 active sites)

yah, thats gonna drop whilst im away. dammit, i was almost in the top 200 hundred too. ^^

oh well.



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Friday, January 27, 2006

Damn, you guys are perverts *sigh* the things I do for you people..
I don’t think you’ve begged nearly enough for these…oh well. I'm like a dancing monkey. You say: “dance,” I say: “name that tune!”

H19HL19H7 73H 8L4(KN355 70 PH1ND WH47 J00 533K…




I'm secure enough in my masculinity to do this, but not so secure that I didn’t lock the bathroom door first… ^^;

And no, I'm am NOT nekid underneath that sarong…

Dammit, I had too much fun with that. lmao.

But I kinda needed to laugh after yesterday. Man that sucked. I had to work in the dining room (as apposed to downstairs in the fridges and freezers). I HATE working in the dining room. Its too hot, and the dining room staff aren’t as cool and relaxed as the guys downstairs. I kept getting all the shit jobs too, like having to empty the rubbish bins which were overflowing cuz no one else could be bothered. I also got moaned at cuz there were no forks. There was one point where there were like several jobs to do and I was expected to do them all cuz everyone else decided to take a break at the same time whereas I had already had mine. THERES ONLY ONE OF ME DAMNIT! One woman there keeps bothering me, and calling me “John” too. I keep telling her, it Phil, its even on my damn name tag, but nooo…. Stupid rasszle frazzin plastic… >.<

Man, I almost left early, it was doing my head in. but I'm back downstairs today. Yay. I think. *Shrugs* oh well, its only till Sunday. Then ive got all next week off. Sweet.

Oh, and you guys remember about that female NCO I told you about, the one I was slightly concerned about being too harsh with?

Turns out it seems that I was. Supposedly according to some of her friends, she wanted to take a swing at me when I told her that. do you know what I did when they told me this?

I laughed my head off.

Aww. She’s so petite too. I really couldn’t care less, even if I tried.
Ive been doing cadets for almost 6 years, I KNOW what makes a good NCO. I might not fall under that category myself, but I definitely know that she isn’t even close.

She, along with several other cadets were taking part in an NCO board last night to see if they might be promoted. We’ll find out the results on Monday, which also happens to be my last night there. Thankfully. These newbies were SHAKING with nerves. The two girls, the one I spoke to and another one, were practically crying about it. Now call me a heartless prick, but COME ON! If this is where the squadron is headed, I'm glad I'm leaving. I don’t honestly think I could work with such WEAK people. My guardian angel is being the voice of reason here, leaning on my shoulder as I type this whispering in the back of my mind that I, too, am a weak person really, but at least I hide it. At least I can put on a mask of strength and authority in front of the cadets. I worry about the squadron. I don’t know why, cuz I'm fairly certain I don’t care anymore, but then again, you can’t do something for 6 years and not feel something for it on some level. I think the squadron will collapse if they promote who I think they’re gonna promote. Maybe I'm being arrogant, maybe it will do just fine, maybe even better after I leave. Either way, I'm glad I'm not sticking round to find out. I wash my hands of those cadets. That’s not my squadron anymore…it hasn’t been for a long while…

Sorry, here I am rambling on about cadets…gomen. ^^;

Well, I hope you all have a great Friday, and if I don’t update over the weekend, I hope you have a good weekend too.

No comic. You know why…

*wanders off singing*

“Off to work I must go, where the minutes and hours go oh so slow…and ive got dolphins on my sarong…”

ONE WEEK TILL MALAYSIA. (8 days inc today)

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

   Dammit…another early morning…
This job is gonna be the death of me…*stretches and yawns*

Yesterday went well. I got all the stuff I went up to town to get. Vol 7 (dvd) of Getbackers hasn’t been released yet, neither has Haibane renmei vol 4. But I did pick up vol 6 dvd of chrono crusade and vol 1 dvd of FMA. Cuz it has never been shown on tv over here, I kinda missed out, but now I think I understand all the hype. ^^ this is gonna be another addition to my collection. Thankfully ive almost finished collecting several animes anyway, so its nice to get some new ones. Mebbe over the summer I will watch ALL my series that I own…that’s gonna take a while. LOL

Ohohoh, I also picked up the final volume of SAIKANO yesterday!!! I LOVE THIS MANGA!!!! Best Manga EVER! ^^ this last one is probably the dirtiest book ive ever read though. ^^; but its such a cool story, I'm willing to overlook that. I'm so happy ive finally finshed collecting the manga. Now all I have to do is watch the OVA when its released and see if I can watch the Live Action Film too. ^^

Oh, and if you wanna see me in a sarong, you’re gonna have to beg me for it. *sticks tongue out* besides my “lil twin” sis, I'm fairly confident I'm bigger than you. ^^

Uhm, I dunno if you emailed me back or not allie. If you did, I didn’t get it. ^^;

Welp, that’s it from me for today. I got cadets tonight, so its gonna be a long ass day.

Hope everyone is ok. No piccies or comics. Was too busy watching FMA and Chrono Crusade last night. ^^;


9 DAYS TILL MALAYSIA…I am coming back y’know…I aint going away forever… ^^;

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hey im updating again. cuz im here and i feel like it.

Yesterday went fairly well i guess. I had to work, but i buggered off early. Stupid patients and their "im intolerant of pickle". nitpicknitpick. >.< WE DONT HAVE ANY PLAIN CHESSE SANDWICHES, ALRITE? CHEESE AND PICKLE WAS THE CLOSEST I COULD GET!
and if you had said that you didnt care what kind of sandwich you wanted as long as it was plain, it would have saved me doing a double trip. >.<

anyway, after work i had to go to Crayford to pick up my Malaysian Ringgets (money). Trust me, from the Hospital (Orpington/Farnborough) to Crayford is a long ass drive. Good job today i have the day off, so Luna can put her wheels up and have a rest.

oh, and yesterday my Gundam Models came in the post. w00t! now i gotta find time to build em.

today i have to go up town to London to go and get some more stuff for malaysia. Im basically looking for some sunglasses stuff (neck-cords and case), some other lil things im gonna need, my Malaria tablets and...

... a sarong! w00t. lol

^^ seriously, we were told to buy a sarong for the trip (guys as well as girls) because of its "multi-functionality". i think they just wanna see which guy brings the girliest sarong...


otherwise, things are not too bad here with me. My dad wa in a mood last night, which kinda darkens the atmosphere in my house, but we'll see how he is today when i meet him uptown.

oh, i might also try to pick up some more anime today. ^^;
my wish list includes:
Getbackers vol 7
Haibane Renmei vol 4
Full Metal Alchemist vol 1 cuz 29 showed me the first episode on her site and switched my interest from "vague" to "uber". damn you. *shakes fist* ^^
any more chrono crusdade i can get my grubby mitts on
and anything else i might see...

i really should be saving my money for after i get back from malaysia. especially if i wanna head West and stop by in the friendly little locale known as Morristown this summer. heh. i really need to get that sorted before i leave. ^^;

oh well. no CDD this morning, ive been busy with other things.


(Including today) 10 DAYS TO GO TILL MALAYSIA!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ugh…so tired…
Its my last week of work! Woo! I'm getting so sick and tired of the crap I get from the other staff in the hospital. “I didn’t order this!” “where is product x?” blah blahblah… Arrgh! I actually had to take something up to ICU the other day, which is normally locked magnetically, and you can only open it with a swipe card or by pressing the buzzer. I was never issued with a card, so I pressed the buzzer. They let me in and delivered the food, and then asked if someone could let me out again. They say “sure”. I go and wait by the door (which for some reason is no where near the device which unlocks it) and wait for like 5 minutes. Still locked. I go back and ask again, and the woman was a bit irate and said “just hang on, we’re kinda busy here!” and I'm like, “yeah well, I’ve got other jobs to do too y’know” and she looked at me as if I had swore at her or something. F*cking interns.


I'm working pratically all week. Today I have to pick up my money for Malaysia, tomorrow (my only day off) I'm up in London sorting my malaria tablets out.


Ive got a bit of a cold, but its nowhere as near as bad as the one I had at the beginning of December. I’ve taken a pre-emptive strike against it with some meds before it gets any worse.

I also ordered online the other day three Gundam Kits. Red Frame and Blue Frame 2nd L from SEED ASTRAY and Sword Impulse from SEED DESTINY. ^^ they should be here later today. I cant wait!

Oh, ive also been kinda busy…

Image hosting by Photobucket

The first of many I hope. Its Chibi Laura from my CDD comics! Made out of clay!! w00t!!!

Oh, and heres the last CDD until I can get the one I thought of yesterday drawn up ^^;

Image hosting by Photobucket


I amuse myself too easily.

Take it easy my friends. See ya round.


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Friday, January 20, 2006

Good morning
man, this is the first day off ive had since last saturday. and what happened? I got woken up by a call from working wanting me to go in, an have tomorrow off instead. luckily it was on my answer machine, so i have the luxery of ignoring it. i dont care if half the staff are ill and the other half have a day off. what about my time off huh? >.<

anyways, about the last post. ^^ the twisted logic behind it is that ive now dived so far into randomness that ive jumped out the other side into sincere enlightened clarity. as Shadowtigr pointed out to me, it probably doesnt work like that, but you never question the theorys of a madman, cuz quite often they've seen soemthing that the average Joe might have missed. but tread cautiously anyway...he is a mad person after all...

bwa ha ha!

uhm, what else has been happening in my life? Uhm...mostly work. >.<

My grandad is in hospital, has been for a little while now. my parents reckon he might not last much longer...he is really ill. i really should go and see him before i leave.

oh yah....TWO WEEKS TILL MALAYSIA!! i will try to post as much as i can over the next fortnight, cuz i wont be able to afterwards for about 10 weeks. ^^;
Im getting really excited, but also a bit nervous. there is still so much to do!!! aauhahgahauauaghauahauahuaghauahgahaaguuagaiuahuhaghuaaah!!!

Oh, and to my friends who i have been emailing quite a bit recently (you guys know who you are): my strength is your strength. if you need some more, come and borrow some of mine. any time my friends. ANY time. (well...i will be away for ten weeks, but ill talk to you guys before hand)

uhm...can i ask an opinion? here;s the situation:
at cadets we have these things called NCOs. basically they are corprals, Sergants etc. Cdet get promoted to these ranks when they show initiative, dedication, when they stand out for hard work, or just generally demonstrate leadership type qualities and experience. Ive just been promoted to Flight Sergeant, which is the highest i can go without becoming a member of the adult staff.
anyway, we have every month one cadet "act" as an NCO to see if they have what it takes to become a full one. normlly we designate this "acting" NCO based on the qualities ive wrote above.
the other day we promoted this girl up to "acting" NCO. she's just transferred from another squadron, but shes already reasonably high and established in the cadet classifcation rankings. However, she's really quiet and sorta shy and basically the oppeosite of what i think an NCO should be. She's a good cade, but i dont think shed be able to hack it as an NCO. and last night i took her to one side and told her, in my opinion as a senior NCO whos been doing the cadet thing for over five years now, that she didnt have what it takes to be an NCO. i siad it was nothing personal, and explained why i thought this, and i even asked her to prove me wrong.
was this a bit harsh? she still kinda getting used to the squadron, and to being in a position of power (an NCO) so she might possibly be a bit mentally fragile as a cadet, i dont want to break her resolve or anything. but at the same time, I cant baby the junior NCOs, i need to be tough with them. else they're just gonna break later on.
i have to admit, she did look like she was about to cry...but that might have had something to do with the fact she was chatting to her BF before i spoke to her. ^^;

oh well, anyway, i was just wondering what you thought. if you actually read any of that. no? go look at the pretty picture then...

Image hosting by Photobucket

this is actually a sorta continuation from THIS COMIC HERE

anyhoo, have a gret day. Its Friday people! w00t! well, to you guys still at school that might actually mean something. to me who has to work anyday of the week, eh whatever....


"Green Green Dress,
20 buttons and a strap,
Green Green Dress,
Such a pleasure to Unwrap,

Green Green Dress,
Oh what it can do,
What the Green Green Dress
does to me on you
me-on you..."

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