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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

   Bad Ideas Come In The Form of Fashon

Howdy ya'll, I am getting stoked for going home and let me tell you a little story about that. Plus thank you for the comment Sinny. But I was reading last months Shojo Beat manga and they had fasion on how to look like Zero and Kamu..(whatever, I like Zero better). Anywho, they had a lot of cool accesories to get the look, but the website they gave was gentlemansemporium.com. It is the coolest damn site of crap I don't need but want. I can so dress like Gilderoy Lockheart from Harry Potter in no time. So I am going to find a suit and buy it on there and look like I am from the 1800s, so damn cool!

So, on to the home front. I booked through priceline and then my leave dates got changed. I tried to correct it through an email, and they told me to call, so I told them I am deployed on a ship in the ocean, so they replied to call them. I was so fricken angry but I went way out on a limb. I never met my real father, still haven't, but my mom found him on myspace in 2007 and me and him e-mailed here and there, well I have been talking to him a lot in the last 2 months. Well I asked him to see if he could call them and try to sort it out giving him all my info and hopes of going home. And sure enough he came through. It is going to cost me a pretty penny to fix my mistake, 175 bucks to be exact, but luckly the Dragon Prince Damanex is never short on fortune or luck. So it's no skin off my nose. Not only that, this is the first thing I have asked my father to do for me in 21 years and he came through for me with flying colors, I have so much faith and trust in him now that I can't ever express with words. You rule Dad!

Well that is all for now. I am counting down the days till I am safely back in Pearl Harbor for a day and a half before I hit home in California for two weeks, I can wait at all!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

   Update Time!

Hey hey ya'll, what is good in the hood. You'll have to excuse me for the next week. They are working us to the bone until we hit home port which sucks but there is nothing we can do about it. Grin and bear it is all you can do sometimes. But here is what's happening in my neck of the woods.

Finnally got the bulk of my nerd stuffs. Books, Cards, yata yata. It was good times with all the crap in there, took long enough but I guess when you work in my line, you gotta take what you can get.

Next, finally started on my Princess/Knight theme. I think it looks great but as soon as I am at home where nothing in the world can bother me for 2 weeks, thanks god, I will set it up a little mo betta. Then we will be good to go.

Last but not least, the internet has been acting up a lot lately, so excuse me if I can't get to your posts, PMs or Guestbooks in a timely fasion, in a I week it will be easy as pie, but this last week of this long deployment is going to make or break the host of this parasite. Be strong and Keep fighting.

Well that's it, nice, short because I don't know when it's going to drop on me. Keep it cool and easy, lifes going to keep on rocking.

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

   Guam Time!

Hey hey team, it's been a couple of days since I have gotten on here. Thanks for tuning in for my boring love life story, I feel strange being only with and after one woman, but then again, I am not the run of the mill jerk who wants to break hearts just to get by. Knight's Code won't allow me to do that. But here I am in Guam.

They don't really have a lot to offer on the part of the island I am at, but on the otherside is everything from Guchi to Tiffany's, it's really high class, more then I can spare. But if you are looking for an island get away, this isn't a bad choice, plus Hard Rock Cafe makes great fruity rum drinks, my favorite. I always like to feel like I am on vacation at the beach with Jimmy Buffet.

Been working my toush off, but hopefully today they cut us off early so we can enjoy one last night here. Then it is a week of solid, butt kicking work until we pull into Pearl Harbor for the first time in almost 6 months, I am stoked. As soon as we moor and put the brow up, I am throwing up duces and kissing the boat goodbye for some much needed R&R.

Other then that, my nerd packages came here in Guam and I couldn't be happier. There is a cluster of nerd in my office with Magic cards and D&D stuff. I am rethinking my D&D story for the third time. Hopefully I get it right so my players can fully enjoy themselves as I illustrate a wonderful story for them. Other then that, I am all good.

Last but by far not least, please pay a visit to Kittenlark's page. Her and her mother were in a car accident and Kitten broke her wrist. She had enough will power and strength to write that in what may be her last post for a while. So please let her know she will be missed and that we'll be waiting for her to come back safely. Kitten is one strong person, I know if I broke my wrist I would just lay around all day and whine until I got what I wanted. She's a warrior and makes me proud to be a less tough but still charming Knight. Be well Kitten and please keep rocking like you are! ^^

That's it for now, I will comment you guys later on today if I haven't already. It's going to be a fine, long, but fine day. Get you some!

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

   My Princess: Part 3

So here it is, the possibly anti-climactic finish to this three part edge of your seat tear jerker. So sit back, relax, and let this train come to a halt so you can get back to the real world back on time. You're life will be right back after these messages.

RECAP: So I stopped myself and Aly made plans to pick me up from the airport when I came home on leave in september...

Early September 2008, It was time to get a little time off with my family before we got deployed. But my plane was going to land in LA way early, but Aly told me she would pick me up. I was still not trusting and wondered if it was a trap but against my better instincts, I followed my heart and went with it. We talked on the phone more and more in the next week. I even got her some local treats and tresures from Hawaii to give to her as a thank you. The night came for me to head home.

Late September 2008, My plane pulled in and I got the word that I could make phone calls. Sure enough I had 3 messages telling me to hurry up and get here. On the way down to bagage claim, I made up the little goodie back for her with candies, postcards, and a flower hair clip. Grabbed my bag and walked outside, and as crazy as this sounds, some people you become psychicaly attached to in your subconsious mind. Kinda like Mwu La Flagga and Rau LeCrusset from Gundam Seed, it was like that little lightning bolt connected me to where she was. I looked and she was there, beautiful, more so then when I last saw her. I felt like everything we had been through in the last two years was nothing. Then when we hugged, it was like finding something you thought was missing forever. We went to Denny's and ate a huge breakfast. We even gave my step-dad wrong directions so we could keep talking. Finally she took me to my step-dad who was with my gay uncles, Uncle Mike and Aunt Rick, but Rick is the more manly one in all irony. She said goodbye and we split. My step-dad asked if she was the one I dated, and I said yea, he asked me how I let her get away. Sorry dad, it's a long story. After some much needed time off I went back to Hawaii and left Pearl Harbor for the middle east.

October-January 2008-2009, Me and Aly kept in touch through e-mail, I started to regain some old feelings but wasn't sure if it was right for me to feel that way again. I bought her a huge christmas present, like a fool, 2LBS of Gummy Sharks, Kare First Love the manga series, and A Moonstone Necklace that she absolutely loved. We have been taking it real slow to build our friendship back up.

Febuary 2009 - We have made plans for when I come home this time to have more then just breakfast. We plan on seeing Phantom of The Opera in Hollywood, going to Disney Land or Six Flags Magic Mountain for a day of fun, and then just doing the regular stuff like Karoke and Fancy Dinners. Where we're going after that is up to the future.

It's true what they say, you never stop loving somebody. I don't know if we will ever be in love again, but I know we have something that two people take forever to find. And for all of this, every little detail, I am thankful. I will always think of her as my princess but she may never see me as her knight. But all in all, it was worth it and I would do this all again.

Well that was one story from the deepest parts of my heart that doesn't get to see the light too often but I am glad I got to share it with you. I hope you enjoyed it. I still have many more stories so just shoot off whatever you want to hear. What's the Navy like, what do you like to do in your free time, what was the Captain like in high school. Anything you wanna hear about, I am more then willing to share as long as someone reads it. ^^

Be well and merry, life's a garden, dig it. You will never break as long as you're bending and no matter what, everything will work out as it's supposed to. It's going to all be all right, I promise that for sure.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

   My Princess - Part 2

Hello, Hello, here it is, part two of this story of love. But this time I am going to put out a warning to my beloved fans. If you think I got to be this figure of love and always doing the right thing out of the box, you're wrong. I was never this "holy." This is probly the darkest you are ever going to see of me, this is a point where I hit rock bottom. So if you want to stop reading right now to keep that image of me in your head, then don't read ahead, but if you want to see my transformation into the dark knight, then read on. You have been warned.

RECAP: Early June 2007, I got a call from Drea, telling me that she had been thinking about me for months. I sent her a text message to tell her hello and that all was good, especialy me and Aly. Then Aly called me and told me that if Drea tries to contact me that I shouldn't talk to her, if only I had listened then...

Early June 2007, Drea and I had gotten back into fully communicating with one another, which was great, I felt like I had both of my friends back, but I didn't know that Drea had betrayed Aly's trust, stole from her, and that the two were no longer speaking with one another. Aly found this out and questioned my loyalty to her by not listening. At the time, I had no idea that Drea was evil in a word. But I gave Aly time to collect her thoughts. Drea on the other hand took advantage of my doubts, she told me that Aly had been sleeping around that I was a fool for still wanting to be with her. I began to foster feelings of fear and mistrust. And when Aly wouldn't even answer my calls, I started to believe it was true. Me and Drea began to talk a lot more.

Late June 2007, Aly called me and we talked, I didn't bring up anything, but I felt like my heart was bleeding from the inside, if Aly had done these things, then she would have told me right. I couldn't take it, I described our relationship as slow dancing in a burning room. We ended it right there. Respectfully, we agreed to remain friends, but in my head I blamed her for everything. I wanted to wash her off of me for something she didn't do, so what did I do? I asked Drea out. Within a couple of hours, Drea had routed that to Aly and Aly left me one of the worst messages I had ever gotten. "I hate you so much, you never loved me, it was all a lie, you wanted Drea more then me the whole time." I never cried more then that in my life, why would she say that to me. I wanted to marry her, help her pay her debts, to be her knight in shinning armor, she knew I loved her more then I loved myself. Drea though, even though she instigated, told me that she would take care of me, and that I wouldn't have to cry anymore, I believed her.

July 2007, Me and Drea had gotten pretty close, but not as close as me and Aly. ALy would send me the occasional hate message like, I hope you are miserable forever and that her friends threw the ring I bought her into the subway. I held onto her necklace because I was never over her. At the end of the month, me and Drea had a day date, it was alright and it made me realize that I lost something special. I wanted Aly back at any cost, I would do anything regaurdless of who I had to step on or who got hurt. I stoped talking to Drea, I told her that I needed to make it right. Then when I got Aly to listen to me after numerous emails, we started talking again. When the question came up about me asking Drea out, I told her that Drea sent that and made it up, the first lie is the easiest to make up. Aly was relieved but wanted me to earn her trust again. I was willing to. But our biggest test was about to come up.

August 2007, I moved to Hawaii to join my ship and Aly moved to Virginia to be far away from all those bad memories. We talked each night, I just wanted to be with her again. But I noticed a change in her, she was posting provokative photos on her myspace, she was smoking, she was wearing things that she would never wear. I was confussed but I wasn't too worried. She told me she was waiting for me to win her back. But the next month proved that wrong.

September 2007, I felt as though we were getting closer as the texts and calls became fewer. But one day, I sent her a text message picture, the reply "This is Steaven, Aly's boyfriend, she doesn't want to hear from you, you're pathetic." I was at a loss, why did she make me wait when she had someone else? That night I threw the necklace I still had into the ocean, I told myself that is where my heart belonged. I then got a hold of Drea. Drea said she hated that I ran to her when I got hurt so if I was going to stay with her, that I needed to quit running away. Then I found out that Aly was wearing slutty clothes, smoking, and taking those pictures all for Steaven. I was at a loss, I hated her, I hated her so much that I had to get even. I wanted her to burn so much. I wrote a letter and let everyone and their mother see it, it called her an unfaithful slut, and I even quoted our favorite movie, Moulin Rouge, to end it. "There, now I've payed my whore, you mean nothing to me." We never spoke to one another after that.

Time went by and I had no reason to go on, I hated life, I just wanted to be involved in meaningless realationships that wern't going anywhere, to be just a one night stand guy. I thought all women were untrustworthy without even thinking about what I had done to her. I hated being alive. But to captivate this moment, this is what I call a character defining moment. I had the choice then and there. I could stay this way, be another regular asshole guy who could care less or I could be something more then I was, to remember I was raised to be better then that, that I could find forgiveness for anyone for anything, that I could trust in myself and in love once more. And so I did, the months to follow I grew up and wanted to make ammends for everything. So that is in a nutshell the guy you know now, It's easier to give up then spend a year and a half trying to make up for it all. I advise you all to rise come you run into a defining moment like this. Back to the story.

March 2008, Some time had passed before I heard from Aly, but one night I got a call. I really didn't want to hear from her at all but I wasn't going to push her away, I owed her that much. It was a long conversation, a really really long one. She was a mess, her life was in shambles where mine was begining to come back together. She told me about all the things that happened, about why she acted like she did, why she dressed like that, and why she smoked. Her boyfriend made her do it, he raped her, it was the worst thing I have ever heard, especialy because I loved her. I didn't know what to say, she betrayed my trust like I did hers, I didn't know what to believe. So I asked her what was next. She said she was an addicted smoker, gross at that point, she wanted to be with me because she was in LA again, I wasn't, and that she met a guy who lived in Japan, I told her that her life was so fucked up that I didn't know what to do with her. She was a mess, Virginia really ruined her. But I could do nothing. I still had my feelings of hate fostered deep down.

April 2008, My ship did a surge deployment, where we get two weeks to prepare to leave for an unknown amount of time. I left Drea on her own with a lot she had taught me to be a better person again, I also left Aly with my feelings of disgust, I didn't want her while her life was in shambles. I was gone for two months.

June 2008, My first call back was Drea, glad to hear I was back safely. But in the middle of it, Aly called, she didn't even know I was gone, but I turned her away. I didn't want to be with anyone, I didn't know what to do. As the next month unfolded, I learned Aly was getting back on track and so was I, it was nice but I felt nothing for her. Then one night we got into it. A fight over nothing for no reason. I was about to let Aly have it about things that wern't in her control when Drea of all people stopped me, she told me enough was enough, that Aly loved me and that I should show her more compasion, Drea had enough of me trying to get rid of Aly. So I stopped myself and Aly made plans to pick me up from the airport when I came home on leave in september...

Well that is one of my least favorite stories of my life but there it is, with a lot of details cut out. Trust me, if I wrote them all, I would be in horrible mood and you would feel even worse. But there is one more part for you guys, not as long, but I know you are dying to hear the rest of it.

As always, be excellent to each other and rock on till next time.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

   My Princess, Part 1

Well well well, Sinny commented to hear about how I kinda destroyed someone's heart. Well then so be it, I shall tell it in a three part story like a made for tv Lifetime channel story filled with love, romance, sorrow, loss, mistrust, explosion (well maybe not). So if you're willing to listen to this story, then please enjoy it, plus, my avitar will be changing as each part goes along. Now without further Adu, my story.

When I was still a senior in high school, I was big on myspace where I met many anime fans and such. Well one night I met two girls, Aly and Andrea. Aly was really cool and Drea was pretty, I wanted to get to know her more. Aly being taken thought it would be cool as well, as far as long distance goes, they lived in Los Angeles, about four hours away from my home. Well nothing happened and Drea stoped getting online but we talked on the phone occasionaly. Me and Aly kept in touch as well.

November 2006, I went to Great Lakes Illionois for boot camp as a Navy sailor. It was easy to a point, a lot of it was more BS then anything. But a lot of guys there spoke of loves and wives they left behind to make their sacrifice, I had nothing to fight for along those lines, but I wanted something. I thought about Aly and Drea and wondered if I would ever meet them and then maybe more.

January 2007, I went from Great Lakes to San Diego, California to start A school to become a sonar technician. Well being close to Los Angeles now, I figured I would reconnect with them. Drea was no where to be found, I was told she was out everytime I called. For Aly, I didn't have her number, but I had her myspace. Ironicly, our character profiles were Cagalli and Athrun, the lovers in Gundam Seed. I e-mailed her with my new cell number to reach me so we could talk again, and within an hour we were talking like old friends. It was so awesome to have a friend like that again.

For a week we talked on the phone until one of our batteries died. We talked about anime, flirted shamelessly, and spoke about what we wanted to do with our lives as irresposible 19 year olds do. It was a special time in my young life.

Febuary 2007, After a week of extensive talking all the time, I asked Aly out to be my girl friend. I'll never forget her reply, "Why me?" I laughed kindly at it but told her that she was cute, we shared similar interests, and that it felt right to try and become something more with her. After that she said yes, it was a match made in heaven. We talked every night about how she hated her job as Baskin Robbins, How her mom would make her cry and I was there to help her, and about anime as if we were the characters in love with one another. But one day, my friend Steave asked when I was going to meet her face to face, I didn't care let alone think about it, so I asked her if she could come stay for a weekend with me, and she said yes.

April 2007, I was so nervous, she was coming to stay two days and one night with someone she had never met face to face, what if she thought I was ugly or my smile was weird, ohh god I was a wreck then. She had been on the phone with my mom the whole time she was coming down to San Diego. Well it was 9 in the morning at the Amtrack station downtown when I walked in, heart beating uncontrolably. As I was on the phone I tried to scout her out but I couldn't see her, so I told her to throw up her hands. Sure enough in front of me with her back facing me, two hands went up and with all the courage I could muster, I told her "turn around goober." She was stunning when she ran to my arms, where she stayed most of the day. We went to an arcade, to a decomision aircraft carrier, and then to a statue where a sailor is kissing his girlfriend after coming home from a long deployment. A nice old couple was kind enough for us to capture our first kiss imitating the statue right underneeth it. It was a movie moment. After that we took a bus around town where she fell asleep on me, when I nudged her to wake up she felt so bad but all I could do was smile at her. We went to a small hotel and got a room, we didn't pay a lot but got a beautiful view of the bay. Dinner was wonderful and then we went back to the room. We talked about how happy we were as we watched Joe Dirt on tv. And then it happened, and it's exactly what you think, I gave my V-card to her. Then we fell asleep embracing one another as we slept late into the next morning. The next day was similar to the first only even more holding. We even bought each other a necklace and a ring like Cagalli and Athrun. Then the sun began to set and she had to catch her train home, it was the worst ever. I held her in my arms as she cried telling me she didn't want to leave me, that this was the best weekend she had ever had. It took every ounce of energy to hide my tears behind my smile. I held her hands close to my mouth and told her what the ring I gave her meant, that it was my promise to protect her, to make sure she was always loved, and that I would never break her heart. I only made her cry more with my speach but they were happy tears. The conductor called last boarding as me and her locked our lips together for the last time that night and then she was off to LA once more. I will never forget that weekend ever.

May 2007, We became closer and closer as the days went by meeting once more and sharing another romantic weekend in San Diego, before she flew to Virginia to go to her cousin's wedding. She made a promise to go to her cousin's wedding as long as she would come to mine and hers. We talked on the phone every night to keep one another sane until we could see one another once more. Then when she came back to LA at then end of the month, I went up there to see her. We visited Hollywood, downtown LA, and Little Tokyo, it was such a great weekend. The relationship was going so well that nothing could ruin it.

Early June 2007, I got a call from Drea, telling me that she had been thinking about me for months. I sent her a text message to tell her hello and that all was good, especialy me and Aly. Then Aly called me and told me that if Drea tries to contact me that I shouldn't talk to her, if only I had listened then...

Well that is all for today. Hope I got you hooked to see the darkest part of the story tomorrow or the next day. As always, keep rocking and a warm hello to Anna, I am slightly embarrased that this is the first post of mine you get to see. ^///^ I'll see you classy people next time.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

   A Little About Me

Well hey hey team, good to see you and thanks for the comment Sinny, it seems that not a lot of people are getting on anymore due to school, bummer for me, because I get on for everyone else, so I hope to hear from you a little more often. All is good in the hood yo!

So it was a great day on the boat today, got to sleep all day, do about 30 minuetes of work and then slacked the rest of the day. Well played sir, but then I realized that my least favorite holiday is coming up. Single's Awareness Day, great. Valentine's Day is great if you're in love, but since I have no one, not even a person who is remotely intersted, it's going to be the one day of the year where I am going to be angry and disgusted with all sights of love and affection that I see, which is completely opposite then my usual self. So hopefully someone wants to be my valentine so I don't have to hate this holiday. Enough about that now ^^

Here is a little survey deal for lack of better conversation starters, enjoy.

001. Real name -> Captain Jace Reed
002. Nickname -> The Captain or Pooter
003. Status -> Single *sigh*
004. Zodiac sign -> Capricorn
005. Male or female -> Male
006. Elementary -> Kernville Elementary School
007. Middle School -> Woodrow Wallace Middle School
008. High School -> Kern Valley High School
009. Smart -> Lucky, yes
010. Hair color -> Dark brown
011. Long or short -> Short sadly
012. Loud or Quiet -> Outspoken
013. Sweats or Jeans -> Jeans, sweats are for commoners
014. Phone or Camera -> Phone always
015. Health freak -> Nope
016. Drink or Smoke? -> Depends on the situation
017. Do you have a crush on someone? No TT.TT
018. Eat or Drink -> Food baby!
019. Piercings -> Nope
020. Tattoos -> Not yet

023. First piercing -> None
024. First best friend -> Kenny, you know it's always been you buddy ^^
025. First award -> Poetry published in the newspaper
026. First crush -> 7th Grade, Jessica Holcomb
027. First pet -> Chester, the Siamise Cat
028. First big vacation -> Magic Mountain
030. First big birthday -> Dunno really, not big on celebrating my birthday because it's the day after Christmas

049. Eating -> Notta
050. Drinking -> Notta
052. I'm about to -> Get back to watch
053. Listening to -> "Be With You" - Enrique Iglasias
054. Plans for today -> Work, sadly
055. Waiting for -> my princess

058. Want kids? -> Hell yes, at least a little girl
059. Want to get married? -> Do chickens wish they could fly? Yes, and I would like to think they do.
060. Careers in mind -> Teacher or work for Wizards of the Coast

068. Lips or eyes -> Eyes
070. Shorter or taller? -> Shorter
072. Romantic or spontaneous -> Romantic
073. Nice stomach or nice arms -> Nice Arms
074. Sensitive or loud -> Sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship -> Relationship
077. Trouble maker or hesitant -> Trouble of course

080. Lost glasses/contacts -> Nope, I see fine
081. Ran away from home -> Naw
084. Broken someones heart -> Somewhat, long story
085. Been arrested -> Almost, luckly I know all the 5-0 in my area
087. Cried when someone died -> Yea, and it was just a TV show

089. Yourself -> Of course
090. Miracles -> yep
091. Love at first sight -> Of course
092. Heaven -> kinda
093. Santa clause -> Yea
094. Sex on the first date -> Well ^///^ If we were truely in love
095. Kiss on the first date -> Again, if it was truely love and not lust

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now -> Yea, and she is out there somewhere. Why can't she be here though damn it
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life -> Kinda, give me a couple years to make something of my time
099. Do you believe in God -> No
100. Post as 100 truths and tag -> Not happening but I hope my fans enjoy this.

Well that is all from me, so give me something you guys want to hear, I have so many stories about everything. My first love, where I grew up, what I have done or seen, anything, give me an idea to inspire a post. I am here for you all.

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

   Singapore, Land of Wonder

Sorry for the delayed absense but I haven't had a day off in over a month in a half, and out of the four days we were in, I had 3 of them off. And let me say, Singapore was one of the best places I have yet to have visited, it was second only to Japan becauase well, that one should be self explanitory. So here is how my trip went.

The night before I pulled in, I figured out where me and Ben should stay overnight for one night. My friend Ryan suggested the place he booked, the Swissotel in Singapore. So I was looking at some rooms, and we ended up settling for the most expensive room they had. For 250 Singaporian dollars, we got the executive room.

We showed up at Singapore in the morning and got to leave the boat a little after lunch, me and Ben went strait to the hotel which was one 20 minuete train ride away. When we got there I about crapped a brick, this was the nicest place I had ever been. The place was clean, classy, and looked like something I couldn't afford. We went to the front desk to check in and the lady told us that we couldn't check in at this desk, then a gentleman took us to the 60th floor. We were brought to the executive club check in, it was Mr. Reed this and Mr. Ke that. Amazing, we were waited on hand and foot the whole time. So we booked it for one night but the lady asked if we would like another night but I said we would think about it.

We got to our room and it was fantastic. Huge tub, huge room, balcony, to nice beds, a huge desk, and nice TV. It was top of the line luxerey that only movie stars can afford, it was amazing. So what did we do, went and grabbed some food and the kicked it in the room the whole night for some well deserved R&R. At about 11 PM, we decided to book the room for another night.

The next day in the afternoon we got up and left to go back to the boat and get our chit re-signed to stay another night, went back to the bar area at the hotel and bought some really nice cigars, in Singaporian dollars, I bought one cigar for 48 bucks, but it roughly translates to about 29 in american so that is ok-ish, but it was worth it. We got back to the room and I had the most relaxing night in a long time, let me set up the scene. Bathrobe, Slippers, Balcony, a wonderful cigar, Singapore sunset over the harbor, and Micheal Buble music to set the mood. I felt like James Bond in his off time. It was great, another wonderful night all around.

The next day we had to work which meant a 24 hour period of bull busy work but once that was over the next morning, it was our last day of adventure.

Me, Ben, Tom, and Aaron all went out and had some great times. We went and did a lot of shopping. I got some books like the Huge Book of Riddles, Puzzles, and Enigma's. Perfect for a Riddler type me. Then we took in some local eateries. Found a game shop that had a Nintendo DS of every color, I have a pink on but I wanted the Neon Green one, or the Gold Triforce one, or the Black Pokemon one. It was so awesome! Then we ate again at a really expensive sushi resterant but it was so worth it, I have never eaten food like that before, it was one of the best ever. Worth every cent. Then we had some drinks at an Irish Pub, a great way to end the wonderful evening. Me and Ben sang Backstreet Boys in the Cab and durring the walk back to the boat.

Now I am back to work which really sucks but there is nothing I can do about it, in a couple weeks we'll be back at home and then a day later I will be back at home home with my family.

Other then that wonderful trip, I tore up some Itunes. My choices this time, Micheal Buble, Dragon Force (Original and Strings versions), Ace of Base, Enrique Iglasias, Pachabel's Cannon in D Minor, and One Winged Angel.

That is all from me, hope I didn't miss to much. I am going to enjoy my night off and I hope you guys have a good one as always, it's always a great day to be rocking the world, I hope you all do the same. Peace out peeps!

Current Song: Heroes Of Our Time by Dragonforce

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

   Journey In the Land of Yore!

Well howdy howdy friends, it has been a little time since I've posted. Sinny and Narret, thanks for commenting on my salty conquest, I have had a few days to rest (but very little, possibly 8 hours in the last 48) but no excuse for not stoping in. But since I has some free time in the last few days, I have been using a friends DnD 4th edition books to make up a Campeign for me and my friends. Check it out.

Our story starts in the Land of Yore, in the territory of Malon. Our adventures start in the small village of Vault. A retirement comunity for veterans of great wars, but not limited to just elderly citizens. The population is made up mostly of humans with a large handful of halflings as well. From here, the characters are going to fight rats and beetles, move up to a zombie infestation the the prestigeous Vault Appothacary, search for adventure while dueling bandits on the way, and end the first chapter of the story squaring off with a formidable dragon. Sounds not to shabby for a first timer I think.

So far it's only me and Ben for players but more will join I am sure. But our character are one of a kind. Ben is playing Ziggy, a Tiefling Warlock, who unlike his races nature, is kind, caring, social, and very bubbly. With his demon like looks, it might not get taken well amongst smaller populations of people at first, should be fun. As for me, I am playing a Dragonborn fighter known as Barthus Broadscale or Bart for short. My character looks like a mix between a dragon and human, covered in redish brown scales and with golden eyes. He fights for good and to help his fellow man. He is on a quest to find his brother after they were seperated at birth, he spent his years being raised by humans, one of which being a blacksmith who taught him how to fight with light blades. But little does Bart know that he is heir to his fallen kingdom. I swear I am too into this, but I do want to be a writer, this might be worth telling. So now I am waiting for more characters to enter otherwise, Bart and Ziggy might be on their own to fight the evil scorge of villianry.

Other then the extream nerd fiesta, we pull into Singapore tomorrow, it is supposed to be an incredible place to shop, take in sights, and rest the old bones. I am excited because I can get a hotel room for cheap and enjoy the night life but perhaps I am speaking too soon. Apperently the crime level here is low and that is because the law is so strict. You can get arrested for the following: spitting, chewing gum in public, jaywalking, and littering. Penalty for such crimes, three lashings with a cane, let me break that down for you. They take a curtain rod type stick, surrade it, cure it and make it hard. Then you are taken out to public, straped down and hit once in the back so that your ribs and spine are slightly showing, that's one lashing, then they give you a year to heal in prison before they do it again. So basicly a lashing is a year of pain and torment for things gradeschool teachers used to write you up for. Yikes, so you can bet I'll be minding my manners and buisness. But it should call for a good time with lots of memories.

So a recap, DnD should prove to be most excellent in the way nerds would say cool, Barthus Broadscale could become an actual story, and Singapore is going to rock as long as I don't get stupid. That's all from me, take it easy everyone, and remember to keep pushing to be awesome people, you're doing a hell of a job right now, groovy!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

   My Wog Day Part 2

Well here goes off the top of my head so I remember it all for you, I will try to describe it the best I can recall.

Six AM rolls around and the first thing me and my Wog brethren hear is four bells and "Davey Jones, arriving." Then all the shellbacks came in and started yelling at us, it reminded me of boot camp. We got on our hands and knees and crawled all the way to the mess decks. While all the Shellbacks were eating a one of kind breakfast, us wogs shared a hearty breakfast of three random things dyed green, blue and purple off the ground. We only had 5 minuetes to eat and then we were rushed out. We crawled all around the ship before going up a level to the weather decks outside.

Still crawling, if we looked up we got yelled at, if they asked us a question, our answer would include Honorable Shellback. It was crazy, then we crawled up to the Focastle, the foreward most part of the boat, there we were pelted with salty water from fire hoses, doused at 7 AM, not fun, and then we did jumping jacks, sit ups, and push-ups until King Neptune arrived.

8 Bells rang and a whole speach came over the one MC1 by finaly saying "King Neptune, arriving." Then King Neptune told us slimey wogs that today was our day to prove ourselves and become one of his subjects. In lamen's terms, run an obstical course. While still on our hands and knees, we had to not only take abuse from the shellbacks like making active sonar noises (funny because I'm a sonar tech), calling for flipper to come see us, and getting sent back to the begining(only happened once, once was enough for me ^^). But the obsticle corse was as follows, Emptying a boat of water with our hands, rolling a TNT barrel with one hand over hills and traps, raising a sail in the rain, carrying a fallen comrade through, over, and under nets and boueys, tossing a heaving line into a target, having a dance off to move on, blowing out the water in a padeye (a small hole in the deck to secure things, a tug of war with fire hoses blairing and soaking the opposing team, a long boat row while we waited to dive for peices of eight in the slime tank, then we finally stood before King Neptune. He asked us two nautical questions and then we were able, by his blessing, to be hosed off of our wog slime (figuratively and actualy), and join his league of Honorable Shellbacks. Sadly if you messed up at all, you got penalties, especialy if you coulding answer his questions.

My questions were easy, What does it mean to be caught between the Devil and Davey Jones and How many feet are in a fathom. EASY, your drowning and about to die and 6 feet. So I was good to go, all the Shellbacks congratulated me and welcomed me in, they were as happy as me. Then the day went as planned, and for dinner, we had a bomb as seafood dinner. It was an awesomely incredible, once in a lifetime day, I seem to have one everytime I deploy for extended amounts of time.

Well back to the norm, I know it seems like I order a lot, and I do, I made back in the North Arabian Gulf, so I order about 100$ of DnD minitures and 20 anime posters from my room back in Hawaii. I can't wait to get back because I only need two things in my room now, a new phone because mine is el broko, and some new bedsheets and a comfortor, I am thinking Optimus Prime sheets and a blanket to match my pillow and poster. I just hope my next girlfrient knows she is going to be dating a nerd man-boy otaku who will lay down his life for her in everyway to be her knight in shining armor and prince charming. Sounds like a great package to me, call me ^^

By decree of King Neptune, I am an honorable shellback, a man of the seas in the eyes of ancient lords of nautical adventure and exploit, so better hope we don't meet at sea, or ye ass be mine. LOL, keep on rocking guys and thanks for staying tuned to this awesome story and experience with me.

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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