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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

   My Princess: Part 3
So here it is, the possibly anti-climactic finish to this three part edge of your seat tear jerker. So sit back, relax, and let this train come to a halt so you can get back to the real world back on time. You're life will be right back after these messages.

RECAP: So I stopped myself and Aly made plans to pick me up from the airport when I came home on leave in september...

Early September 2008, It was time to get a little time off with my family before we got deployed. But my plane was going to land in LA way early, but Aly told me she would pick me up. I was still not trusting and wondered if it was a trap but against my better instincts, I followed my heart and went with it. We talked on the phone more and more in the next week. I even got her some local treats and tresures from Hawaii to give to her as a thank you. The night came for me to head home.

Late September 2008, My plane pulled in and I got the word that I could make phone calls. Sure enough I had 3 messages telling me to hurry up and get here. On the way down to bagage claim, I made up the little goodie back for her with candies, postcards, and a flower hair clip. Grabbed my bag and walked outside, and as crazy as this sounds, some people you become psychicaly attached to in your subconsious mind. Kinda like Mwu La Flagga and Rau LeCrusset from Gundam Seed, it was like that little lightning bolt connected me to where she was. I looked and she was there, beautiful, more so then when I last saw her. I felt like everything we had been through in the last two years was nothing. Then when we hugged, it was like finding something you thought was missing forever. We went to Denny's and ate a huge breakfast. We even gave my step-dad wrong directions so we could keep talking. Finally she took me to my step-dad who was with my gay uncles, Uncle Mike and Aunt Rick, but Rick is the more manly one in all irony. She said goodbye and we split. My step-dad asked if she was the one I dated, and I said yea, he asked me how I let her get away. Sorry dad, it's a long story. After some much needed time off I went back to Hawaii and left Pearl Harbor for the middle east.

October-January 2008-2009, Me and Aly kept in touch through e-mail, I started to regain some old feelings but wasn't sure if it was right for me to feel that way again. I bought her a huge christmas present, like a fool, 2LBS of Gummy Sharks, Kare First Love the manga series, and A Moonstone Necklace that she absolutely loved. We have been taking it real slow to build our friendship back up.

Febuary 2009 - We have made plans for when I come home this time to have more then just breakfast. We plan on seeing Phantom of The Opera in Hollywood, going to Disney Land or Six Flags Magic Mountain for a day of fun, and then just doing the regular stuff like Karoke and Fancy Dinners. Where we're going after that is up to the future.

It's true what they say, you never stop loving somebody. I don't know if we will ever be in love again, but I know we have something that two people take forever to find. And for all of this, every little detail, I am thankful. I will always think of her as my princess but she may never see me as her knight. But all in all, it was worth it and I would do this all again.

Well that was one story from the deepest parts of my heart that doesn't get to see the light too often but I am glad I got to share it with you. I hope you enjoyed it. I still have many more stories so just shoot off whatever you want to hear. What's the Navy like, what do you like to do in your free time, what was the Captain like in high school. Anything you wanna hear about, I am more then willing to share as long as someone reads it. ^^

Be well and merry, life's a garden, dig it. You will never break as long as you're bending and no matter what, everything will work out as it's supposed to. It's going to all be all right, I promise that for sure.

Current Song: Young Love by Gavin DeGraw

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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