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Thursday, January 15, 2009

   Journey In the Land of Yore!
Well howdy howdy friends, it has been a little time since I've posted. Sinny and Narret, thanks for commenting on my salty conquest, I have had a few days to rest (but very little, possibly 8 hours in the last 48) but no excuse for not stoping in. But since I has some free time in the last few days, I have been using a friends DnD 4th edition books to make up a Campeign for me and my friends. Check it out.

Our story starts in the Land of Yore, in the territory of Malon. Our adventures start in the small village of Vault. A retirement comunity for veterans of great wars, but not limited to just elderly citizens. The population is made up mostly of humans with a large handful of halflings as well. From here, the characters are going to fight rats and beetles, move up to a zombie infestation the the prestigeous Vault Appothacary, search for adventure while dueling bandits on the way, and end the first chapter of the story squaring off with a formidable dragon. Sounds not to shabby for a first timer I think.

So far it's only me and Ben for players but more will join I am sure. But our character are one of a kind. Ben is playing Ziggy, a Tiefling Warlock, who unlike his races nature, is kind, caring, social, and very bubbly. With his demon like looks, it might not get taken well amongst smaller populations of people at first, should be fun. As for me, I am playing a Dragonborn fighter known as Barthus Broadscale or Bart for short. My character looks like a mix between a dragon and human, covered in redish brown scales and with golden eyes. He fights for good and to help his fellow man. He is on a quest to find his brother after they were seperated at birth, he spent his years being raised by humans, one of which being a blacksmith who taught him how to fight with light blades. But little does Bart know that he is heir to his fallen kingdom. I swear I am too into this, but I do want to be a writer, this might be worth telling. So now I am waiting for more characters to enter otherwise, Bart and Ziggy might be on their own to fight the evil scorge of villianry.

Other then the extream nerd fiesta, we pull into Singapore tomorrow, it is supposed to be an incredible place to shop, take in sights, and rest the old bones. I am excited because I can get a hotel room for cheap and enjoy the night life but perhaps I am speaking too soon. Apperently the crime level here is low and that is because the law is so strict. You can get arrested for the following: spitting, chewing gum in public, jaywalking, and littering. Penalty for such crimes, three lashings with a cane, let me break that down for you. They take a curtain rod type stick, surrade it, cure it and make it hard. Then you are taken out to public, straped down and hit once in the back so that your ribs and spine are slightly showing, that's one lashing, then they give you a year to heal in prison before they do it again. So basicly a lashing is a year of pain and torment for things gradeschool teachers used to write you up for. Yikes, so you can bet I'll be minding my manners and buisness. But it should call for a good time with lots of memories.

So a recap, DnD should prove to be most excellent in the way nerds would say cool, Barthus Broadscale could become an actual story, and Singapore is going to rock as long as I don't get stupid. That's all from me, take it easy everyone, and remember to keep pushing to be awesome people, you're doing a hell of a job right now, groovy!

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