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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

   It's deployment time in the 09!

Greetings travelers! It's the Captain coming in for an over-due hello and to say hello to you after what has been a huge big month and more gap. What's new with you guys, I know I have a lot to tell you guys about. So let me put my playlist on and we will go on an adventure.

So we blew our INSURV away, had another inspection called ULTRA-S and passed that with flying colors and then went into a slowdown period called POM where people who want to take leave can go home and spend time with friends and loved ones while others stay and keep the boat safe until turnover day where those who stayed get a chance to go home while the others coming back gaurd the boat. I stayed behind both times so I can get a better chance of going home for more time when we get back from deployment in December. I would love to spend Christmas, New Years and my birthday at home so we will see.

I started dating an old ex girlfriend about 3 weeks ago. We have been through a lot of junk since we broke up a little over 2 and a half years ago. I tried to get back with her for a long time. But it never happened for one reason or another like her seeing another guy while I was waiting for her or me not seeing her as a stable person to get with for financial reasons. But the person that split us up in the first place was what we determined was keeping us appart so we told her to get along with her life so we could get along with ours. Then we started dating again. I am honestly not sure where this relationship is heading, and I feel kind of foolish for being in it. My girlfriend has been through a lot of stuff that I can't mention right now on a public thing but if you care to know, a PM would be appropreate to dicuss this. But the way we see it is that I have a Monte Cristo complex that if someone betrays my kindness or generosity that I get my revenge in a very devious way and that she has trouble making the right decisions. So if she can keep me from backlashing and I can guide her on the right path, this relationship might work again. I would be glad to get where we were years ago again. But I told her if Taylor Swift ever asked me out, that I would dump her because she is my dream woman for having my same taste in lame boybands, believing in prince and princesses, and the fact she loves sarcastic and synical men, nice!

Well aside from the sad but uplifting relationship stuff, we're just out cruising on the boat so now I have a lot more time to get on MyO then I had in home port. It was like we were still on deployment but we stoped in Pearl Harbor to visit, pretty sad if you think about it.

Well let me know how it goes and I will be visiting you guys in the furture, take care now!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

   INSURV and the whole crazy thing

Hey hey fellow Otakus, it's been a good couple of months *snicker* not really. I've been über super quasi busy at and with work on the boat. We just finished a shipwide inspection that comes once every 4 to 5 years known as INSURV. A bunch of grumpy old officers and civilian contractors come on board and decide if the ship is qualified for sustained combat operations at sea. It takes months of maticulous work, late nights and weekends working, and a large sacrifice of free time to even stand a chance to pass. Failure means almost forfiet of your free life. Well we finally had ours last week and we blew it away. So much so it took us 3 1/2 days vice the 5 your given. Reward: 4 days off.

So I spent the weekend playing WoW, hanging out with friends, beating the masses at beer pong, and updating MyO for the first time in months. I hope you are all well and I'm here to say I'm back and not jamming off for a long while again. Hit me up anytime and I'll reply ASAP. I missed this, great to be back.

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

   Long Time, No See

Well hello hello gang, sorry for the delayed reply and return, it was a long month and a half of R&R but now things seem to be getting back to normal after half a year at sea, yikes, I sound like an old salt. Anywho, here's what you missed.

Leave was great this time around. Spent Singles Awareness day with my friend Justin, we had a man date because we arn't seeing anyone. My friend Patrick and his family put the long running Whitewater Cafe, where I literarly worked for three years in high school and grew up, got closed down forever. And my friend Kenny embraced his nerd side and decided to join the many defenders of the Horde in World of Warcraft. Then after all the great times at home I went to LA for four days to see Phantom and to see if me and Aly had a chance for a spark. The first night together I knew it was going to be nothing more for us, which sucked because I am tired of being single, it has been 2 1/2 years since I have had a serious girl friend. But after we realized it we decided that is wasn't right, plus the vicious word attack in the past I was never forgiven for, but in return, I still haven't forgiven her for what she did with those guys and yea. NEW SUBJECT, went to my grandmother's birthday which started off as a mello horray to over 80 years of pure awesome Grammy and turned into me and my Uncle Jim being the drunk life of the party. He took me back to my hotel room then had a few more beers and we watched videos of my world exploits. It was one of the best nights ever. Then it was time to go back to Pearl to assume my duties as a military member.

Back in pearl started off as work, work, work, two days on, one day off for two weeks which quickly turned into two and a half days on, half day off. But finally in the midst of all the chaos, there was a small break. My friend Ryan, being all alone for most of the break invited me to downtown Wikiki where he lives comfortably in the luxurious 21st floor appartment. We decided to tear it up that night and go bar hopping. Here is the deal, the guys I work with on the boat are notorious for being able to consume the most drinks without blowing chunks or losing control of themselves. Since I got here, I had taken 3 guys home to the boat overseas by out drinking them. I am not bragging because I am not a frat boy, but I can just hold my liquor. Well that night after 7 or 8 bars, countless drinks until 3 AM, I had to take Ryan home, who is the king of kings, because he was too drunk to get into any more bars, I still wanted to keep the night going. Got up the next day at 6AM and hitched a ride to work, it was a long long day, lesson learned, sometimes it is fun to be young and stupid. And no, I didn't drive, I got a ride from a friend, if you drink and drive, I will find you, and justice will be dealt.

Other then that, I have done it, after almost a year of searching, I found Yukina, I was able to track her down on Facebook. I was so happy to hear from her and I believe the feeling was mutual. It was a huge surprize to her and it was a great feeling to me. So now me and her are talking almost everyday and I couldn't be more content with that. Well that is all I have for you guys for now, if you ever need to contact me now that I am in port, reedinthenavy@yahoo.com is the way to do it. Even put that in on Facebook, I might add you, maybe ^^ Take care and see you next time.

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Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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