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Sunday, January 25, 2009

   My Princess, Part 1
Well well well, Sinny commented to hear about how I kinda destroyed someone's heart. Well then so be it, I shall tell it in a three part story like a made for tv Lifetime channel story filled with love, romance, sorrow, loss, mistrust, explosion (well maybe not). So if you're willing to listen to this story, then please enjoy it, plus, my avitar will be changing as each part goes along. Now without further Adu, my story.

When I was still a senior in high school, I was big on myspace where I met many anime fans and such. Well one night I met two girls, Aly and Andrea. Aly was really cool and Drea was pretty, I wanted to get to know her more. Aly being taken thought it would be cool as well, as far as long distance goes, they lived in Los Angeles, about four hours away from my home. Well nothing happened and Drea stoped getting online but we talked on the phone occasionaly. Me and Aly kept in touch as well.

November 2006, I went to Great Lakes Illionois for boot camp as a Navy sailor. It was easy to a point, a lot of it was more BS then anything. But a lot of guys there spoke of loves and wives they left behind to make their sacrifice, I had nothing to fight for along those lines, but I wanted something. I thought about Aly and Drea and wondered if I would ever meet them and then maybe more.

January 2007, I went from Great Lakes to San Diego, California to start A school to become a sonar technician. Well being close to Los Angeles now, I figured I would reconnect with them. Drea was no where to be found, I was told she was out everytime I called. For Aly, I didn't have her number, but I had her myspace. Ironicly, our character profiles were Cagalli and Athrun, the lovers in Gundam Seed. I e-mailed her with my new cell number to reach me so we could talk again, and within an hour we were talking like old friends. It was so awesome to have a friend like that again.

For a week we talked on the phone until one of our batteries died. We talked about anime, flirted shamelessly, and spoke about what we wanted to do with our lives as irresposible 19 year olds do. It was a special time in my young life.

Febuary 2007, After a week of extensive talking all the time, I asked Aly out to be my girl friend. I'll never forget her reply, "Why me?" I laughed kindly at it but told her that she was cute, we shared similar interests, and that it felt right to try and become something more with her. After that she said yes, it was a match made in heaven. We talked every night about how she hated her job as Baskin Robbins, How her mom would make her cry and I was there to help her, and about anime as if we were the characters in love with one another. But one day, my friend Steave asked when I was going to meet her face to face, I didn't care let alone think about it, so I asked her if she could come stay for a weekend with me, and she said yes.

April 2007, I was so nervous, she was coming to stay two days and one night with someone she had never met face to face, what if she thought I was ugly or my smile was weird, ohh god I was a wreck then. She had been on the phone with my mom the whole time she was coming down to San Diego. Well it was 9 in the morning at the Amtrack station downtown when I walked in, heart beating uncontrolably. As I was on the phone I tried to scout her out but I couldn't see her, so I told her to throw up her hands. Sure enough in front of me with her back facing me, two hands went up and with all the courage I could muster, I told her "turn around goober." She was stunning when she ran to my arms, where she stayed most of the day. We went to an arcade, to a decomision aircraft carrier, and then to a statue where a sailor is kissing his girlfriend after coming home from a long deployment. A nice old couple was kind enough for us to capture our first kiss imitating the statue right underneeth it. It was a movie moment. After that we took a bus around town where she fell asleep on me, when I nudged her to wake up she felt so bad but all I could do was smile at her. We went to a small hotel and got a room, we didn't pay a lot but got a beautiful view of the bay. Dinner was wonderful and then we went back to the room. We talked about how happy we were as we watched Joe Dirt on tv. And then it happened, and it's exactly what you think, I gave my V-card to her. Then we fell asleep embracing one another as we slept late into the next morning. The next day was similar to the first only even more holding. We even bought each other a necklace and a ring like Cagalli and Athrun. Then the sun began to set and she had to catch her train home, it was the worst ever. I held her in my arms as she cried telling me she didn't want to leave me, that this was the best weekend she had ever had. It took every ounce of energy to hide my tears behind my smile. I held her hands close to my mouth and told her what the ring I gave her meant, that it was my promise to protect her, to make sure she was always loved, and that I would never break her heart. I only made her cry more with my speach but they were happy tears. The conductor called last boarding as me and her locked our lips together for the last time that night and then she was off to LA once more. I will never forget that weekend ever.

May 2007, We became closer and closer as the days went by meeting once more and sharing another romantic weekend in San Diego, before she flew to Virginia to go to her cousin's wedding. She made a promise to go to her cousin's wedding as long as she would come to mine and hers. We talked on the phone every night to keep one another sane until we could see one another once more. Then when she came back to LA at then end of the month, I went up there to see her. We visited Hollywood, downtown LA, and Little Tokyo, it was such a great weekend. The relationship was going so well that nothing could ruin it.

Early June 2007, I got a call from Drea, telling me that she had been thinking about me for months. I sent her a text message to tell her hello and that all was good, especialy me and Aly. Then Aly called me and told me that if Drea tries to contact me that I shouldn't talk to her, if only I had listened then...

Well that is all for today. Hope I got you hooked to see the darkest part of the story tomorrow or the next day. As always, keep rocking and a warm hello to Anna, I am slightly embarrased that this is the first post of mine you get to see. ^///^ I'll see you classy people next time.

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