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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

   Singapore, Land of Wonder
Sorry for the delayed absense but I haven't had a day off in over a month in a half, and out of the four days we were in, I had 3 of them off. And let me say, Singapore was one of the best places I have yet to have visited, it was second only to Japan becauase well, that one should be self explanitory. So here is how my trip went.

The night before I pulled in, I figured out where me and Ben should stay overnight for one night. My friend Ryan suggested the place he booked, the Swissotel in Singapore. So I was looking at some rooms, and we ended up settling for the most expensive room they had. For 250 Singaporian dollars, we got the executive room.

We showed up at Singapore in the morning and got to leave the boat a little after lunch, me and Ben went strait to the hotel which was one 20 minuete train ride away. When we got there I about crapped a brick, this was the nicest place I had ever been. The place was clean, classy, and looked like something I couldn't afford. We went to the front desk to check in and the lady told us that we couldn't check in at this desk, then a gentleman took us to the 60th floor. We were brought to the executive club check in, it was Mr. Reed this and Mr. Ke that. Amazing, we were waited on hand and foot the whole time. So we booked it for one night but the lady asked if we would like another night but I said we would think about it.

We got to our room and it was fantastic. Huge tub, huge room, balcony, to nice beds, a huge desk, and nice TV. It was top of the line luxerey that only movie stars can afford, it was amazing. So what did we do, went and grabbed some food and the kicked it in the room the whole night for some well deserved R&R. At about 11 PM, we decided to book the room for another night.

The next day in the afternoon we got up and left to go back to the boat and get our chit re-signed to stay another night, went back to the bar area at the hotel and bought some really nice cigars, in Singaporian dollars, I bought one cigar for 48 bucks, but it roughly translates to about 29 in american so that is ok-ish, but it was worth it. We got back to the room and I had the most relaxing night in a long time, let me set up the scene. Bathrobe, Slippers, Balcony, a wonderful cigar, Singapore sunset over the harbor, and Micheal Buble music to set the mood. I felt like James Bond in his off time. It was great, another wonderful night all around.

The next day we had to work which meant a 24 hour period of bull busy work but once that was over the next morning, it was our last day of adventure.

Me, Ben, Tom, and Aaron all went out and had some great times. We went and did a lot of shopping. I got some books like the Huge Book of Riddles, Puzzles, and Enigma's. Perfect for a Riddler type me. Then we took in some local eateries. Found a game shop that had a Nintendo DS of every color, I have a pink on but I wanted the Neon Green one, or the Gold Triforce one, or the Black Pokemon one. It was so awesome! Then we ate again at a really expensive sushi resterant but it was so worth it, I have never eaten food like that before, it was one of the best ever. Worth every cent. Then we had some drinks at an Irish Pub, a great way to end the wonderful evening. Me and Ben sang Backstreet Boys in the Cab and durring the walk back to the boat.

Now I am back to work which really sucks but there is nothing I can do about it, in a couple weeks we'll be back at home and then a day later I will be back at home home with my family.

Other then that wonderful trip, I tore up some Itunes. My choices this time, Micheal Buble, Dragon Force (Original and Strings versions), Ace of Base, Enrique Iglasias, Pachabel's Cannon in D Minor, and One Winged Angel.

That is all from me, hope I didn't miss to much. I am going to enjoy my night off and I hope you guys have a good one as always, it's always a great day to be rocking the world, I hope you all do the same. Peace out peeps!

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