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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

   My Wog Day Part 2
Well here goes off the top of my head so I remember it all for you, I will try to describe it the best I can recall.

Six AM rolls around and the first thing me and my Wog brethren hear is four bells and "Davey Jones, arriving." Then all the shellbacks came in and started yelling at us, it reminded me of boot camp. We got on our hands and knees and crawled all the way to the mess decks. While all the Shellbacks were eating a one of kind breakfast, us wogs shared a hearty breakfast of three random things dyed green, blue and purple off the ground. We only had 5 minuetes to eat and then we were rushed out. We crawled all around the ship before going up a level to the weather decks outside.

Still crawling, if we looked up we got yelled at, if they asked us a question, our answer would include Honorable Shellback. It was crazy, then we crawled up to the Focastle, the foreward most part of the boat, there we were pelted with salty water from fire hoses, doused at 7 AM, not fun, and then we did jumping jacks, sit ups, and push-ups until King Neptune arrived.

8 Bells rang and a whole speach came over the one MC1 by finaly saying "King Neptune, arriving." Then King Neptune told us slimey wogs that today was our day to prove ourselves and become one of his subjects. In lamen's terms, run an obstical course. While still on our hands and knees, we had to not only take abuse from the shellbacks like making active sonar noises (funny because I'm a sonar tech), calling for flipper to come see us, and getting sent back to the begining(only happened once, once was enough for me ^^). But the obsticle corse was as follows, Emptying a boat of water with our hands, rolling a TNT barrel with one hand over hills and traps, raising a sail in the rain, carrying a fallen comrade through, over, and under nets and boueys, tossing a heaving line into a target, having a dance off to move on, blowing out the water in a padeye (a small hole in the deck to secure things, a tug of war with fire hoses blairing and soaking the opposing team, a long boat row while we waited to dive for peices of eight in the slime tank, then we finally stood before King Neptune. He asked us two nautical questions and then we were able, by his blessing, to be hosed off of our wog slime (figuratively and actualy), and join his league of Honorable Shellbacks. Sadly if you messed up at all, you got penalties, especialy if you coulding answer his questions.

My questions were easy, What does it mean to be caught between the Devil and Davey Jones and How many feet are in a fathom. EASY, your drowning and about to die and 6 feet. So I was good to go, all the Shellbacks congratulated me and welcomed me in, they were as happy as me. Then the day went as planned, and for dinner, we had a bomb as seafood dinner. It was an awesomely incredible, once in a lifetime day, I seem to have one everytime I deploy for extended amounts of time.

Well back to the norm, I know it seems like I order a lot, and I do, I made back in the North Arabian Gulf, so I order about 100$ of DnD minitures and 20 anime posters from my room back in Hawaii. I can't wait to get back because I only need two things in my room now, a new phone because mine is el broko, and some new bedsheets and a comfortor, I am thinking Optimus Prime sheets and a blanket to match my pillow and poster. I just hope my next girlfrient knows she is going to be dating a nerd man-boy otaku who will lay down his life for her in everyway to be her knight in shining armor and prince charming. Sounds like a great package to me, call me ^^

By decree of King Neptune, I am an honorable shellback, a man of the seas in the eyes of ancient lords of nautical adventure and exploit, so better hope we don't meet at sea, or ye ass be mine. LOL, keep on rocking guys and thanks for staying tuned to this awesome story and experience with me.

Current Song: Love and Attraction by Darren Hayes

The Dark Rose Enigma (Honorable Shellback) ~~<@

Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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