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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

   Vacation, Tags, and Blueberries! o.o
6:30-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how are u?? ^___^

Heh...I'm so lazy...I was planning to update a few days ago but...heh... XD And I've been a little busier than usual over the past few days >__> I originally had a ton of things I wanted to post this time, but now that I'm actually typing I've forgotten most of it X3

And now for the vacation description! It was ok...we went to the beach, took a ferry boat over to Ocrocoke and Cape Hatteras like we do every year (which is my favorite part of the trip^^), and I mostly just tried to stay out of the sun...the sun doesnt like me >__> I also went to Waterboggan, which is a small waterslide park...I didnt slide much, I mostly hung out in the game room and played pool...I beat my dad 2 out of 3 times (thats a major achievement!) I wonder how I wouldve fared against Jae-chan...? *thinks* ....not very well... XD While I was there, I also finished reading The Host. It was really, REALLY good!!!! I recomend it to everyone!! ^___^
Sorry, I know this isnt a very good vacation description (I suck at describing things T.T), but its hard to make something sound good when its a really boring topic...well, for me anyways...^^"
Also, I discovered that I'm apparently good at cooking steak :D lolz

Hmmm...what else...? Friday at 5:45 a.m. I went down to Mr. Butlers blueberry field and picked $19 worth of blueberries...Its not the easiest thing to do (my back was kiling me when I was done T.T), but its the closest thing to a summer job I have and its the only way to earn money around here...But its ok, cause when I was done me and my sister and my cousin got to get in Jackies pool ^_^ (Jackie is Mr. Butlers granddaughter)
I went to bed when I got home cause I didnt go to bed Friday night...so I woke up at about 9 p.m. XD

Yesterday we all went to Jackies pool again and we had grilled hot dogs courtesy of Mr. Butler, that was really fun ^__^ But after a came home I went to bed cause I was exhausted (I had been up for nearly 24 hours by that point). Originally, I was just gonna take a nap at 7:30, I woke up at 10 and was like, "Meh...just 5 more minutes..." ...and five minutes later I looked up and it was midnight o__o...so I just stayed asleep X3 (I didnt get to get on the comp yesterday tho T_T) I woke up at 6:30 this morning, THATS TOO FRICKIN EARLY FOR ME!!! o____o But I couldnt get back to sleep cause I had already been asleep for 11 hours^^" Oh well...

Also, I've been tagged by somegirl (yay!!) ^_^
Birthday: October 27, 1991
Birthplace: ...the hospital (I forget the name of it >__>)
Hair: Just past my shoulders, strait and brown.
Height: About 5 feet 8 inches ^__^
Tatoos: I have none, but my dad wants me to design his next and last one (which I think is a really bad mistake, mostly because I dont know how to draw tatoos =__=")
Righty/lefty: Righty
First sport: Bfore I got so lazy, I used to play softball XD
First Pet: I had a goldfish named Goldie (creative, ne? XD)then I had a few more fish...I was a fish killer T.T But now I have 3 cats ^.^
First love: I think it was Hunter Walston in kindergarten...I still know him, he turned out to be a really nice guy^^ (but I dont like him anymore^^")
Favorite movie: Hmm..tough one... Probably Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, FF7: Advent Children, or the FMA movie...any of the Miyazaki films are great tho ^__^
Favorite colors: Black, purple, and seafoam green for some reason XD
Favorite band: UVERworld, AKFG, HIM, Evenescence, Flyleaf, NIGHTMARE, the pillows, Three Days Grace, etc.
Favorite song: ...I hate this question. Currently its "My Pace" by Sunset Swish...but I have a lot.
Favorte restaurant: K&W Cafeteria
Favorite store: Books-A-Million!!!^^ I luv Michaels too, but I rarely get to go T.T
Currently Admire: ...idk *shrugs*
Currently thinking: "Hmmm...this is taking a long time..."
Future:kids: Hell no!! o___o
Future:living: Idc as long as its not here...
Future:car: Idk as long as its not a gas hog and is cheep....^^"
Future:guy: It doesnt matter as long as he luvs me for who I am ^___^
Ever:cried when someone died: Depends on who it is...if its my family or someone close then yes...And I cry when my favorite characters die T.T Cause I'm an uber dork...lolz
Ever:cheated on a test: Oh heck yeah! Lmao, whenever I tell one of my school friends that they're like "What?!?! YOU cheat??!?" They dont know me very well apparently... X3
Ever:faked being sick to get out of a test: Umm...I really dont remember...I havent recently...But I threw up right before I had to present my Spanish project this year (food poisoning...), does that count? o.o
Believe in:'god': Nope. The whole idea seems rediculous, to be quite honest. But then again, who knows...maybe there is, maybe not; I've never died, so idk. It all comes down to the fact that I really dont care either way... But no one in my familly knows I feel this way.
Believe in:ghosts: Nope. Its all in ppls imaginations...but, again, who knows?
Believe in:aliens: Absolutely. Theres no way we're alone in the universe, as large as it is.
And now I tag...Linden Rathan, chezaswulf, Iruka Sensei, and Magnus Lensherr ...have fun! XD If anyone else wants to do this, knock urself out.^^

Wow, that was a lot of stuff! Sorry, this post turned out to be a lot longer than I orriginally anticipated T.T

~Ja ne!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

   I have returned from the abyss!! (aka vacation) XD
12:00-something a.m.

Yay I'm back!!!!! I missed u alllllll!!! T.T
This is gonna be a short post, I'm too lazy to tell everything that happened while I was on vacation...I'll update in a day or 2 with a more detailed post.^^"
I got back last night, and as soon as we got home we had to go to a Chuck E. Cheese party for my now 5-year old cousins b-day. I looovvvvee C.E.C.!!! I think I'm gonna have my 18th b-day party there XD well, I'd have my 17th there this year, but I had my party there last year....dont want to have to party at the same place 2 years in a row^^"
Gah, I'm rambling!!! >__< Anywho... after we got home from the party, I got to check a few of ur updates, but I didnt get to everyone, gomennasai T___T I dont have a lot of time tonight either, but I'll do the best I can! @_____@ lolz

Btw, I saw Kung-Fu Panda today!! It was really good!^^ (I think so at least XD)

~Ja ne!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Smoke and Random Scary Objects and Vaction o___o
8:50-something p.m.

Hello my friends! ^__^ Ok, this will be my last post before I go on vacation tommorow....blech...XP I dont wanna goooooo! T____T We go to the same place for vacation every single year! Do u have any idea how repetitive that gets?!?? Theres no computer there either T___T We're going to the beach....*sigh*

U no what today is? Its Friday the 13th OoOoOOoOOOOooooOOooooo! Now random everyday objects become scary random everyday objects!! R u scaaaaaarrreeedd?????? *sighs* I really hope not...no offense if u are...but I think its a dumb day...people get scared for nothing....ITS JUST A NUMBER PPL!!

Anywho...remember that smoke that I mentioned a few posts back, that was being blown in from the wildfires? Well, its back, and it reaks like smoke in my house now...well, exept my room, cause I keep the vents blocked... XP

My cold is finally diminishing...I took some allergy medicine cause the symptoms on the package were the same as my symptoms...even so, Y on Earth would my mom get me allergy medicine if I have a cold??? Idk....but it worked a little too well. It knocked me out for a few hours, then when I woke up I was reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy hyper and giddy and randomly laughing at things like I was on weed...XDDD That was kinda fun...lolz.

I finished my entry for the NYAF mascot contest thingy, yay! I needed to finish it before we leave.... but now my room is a complete and total MESS. o____o Look at my desk, its pathetic!


And a close up...

Lets play I Spy!!! XD I spy...a Pepsi can thats full of Sunny-D! Really. o.o (...what???) lolz
I didnt draw the dragon pic, or the pic in the frame fyi...my friend Caitlin drew those ^.^

~Ja ne!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

   Pics and a sore throat XP
7:00-something p.m.

*Glares at my germ-infested sister* Baka Brandi! U got me sick!!! XP Ugh...my throat hurt so bad yesterday that it was painful to even breathe o____o Its a little better today...in my expirience, when u get a sore throat, it hurts really bad for a day or two and then gets numb...yeah..not fun T.T

Anywho, on to the main event! Here are the piccys from my Philly/D.C. trip ^__^

These are from Phillidelphia:

This ones small, sorry o.o This was when we were coming into Philly...look how smoggy it is! O__o

This is the first thing we did when we got to Philly, we went to prison O_o Lolz XD This is Al Capones (aka the original American gangster)jail cell in the Eastern State Penetentiary, which is the oldest prison still standing in America. Prison cell? Pffft, more like a hotel room! They talked like that place was supposed to be haunted and scary, it wasnt scary at all! XP

This is a clock tower in the middle of Philly; it was in the movie National Treasure, so I thought that was pretty cool.

This was in the National Constitution Center. Every flag in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, are displayed here.

Josh(left), Jeremy(centrer), and Taylor(right) acting like slowtards =_=" lolz. Ahhh this was cool tho, in the National Constitution Center theres a room with bronze statues, and they all look incredibly real, it was so disorientating! O___o I half expected one of them to jump out and scare me or something o____o

The rest of these pics are from Washington D.C.

This was outside of the Hollocaust museaum(sp?). It pretty sad...
We werent supposed to take pics in the Holocaust museaum...but I snuck this one. All the ppl on this wall were killed. T__T

This is the Vietnam Wall. Its reeeeaaallly long, and every name on that wall is of someone who died in the war.

The Washington Memorial.

And finally, the White House.

I really had fun; I cant wait till next years trip, we'll be going to Atlanta, Georgia and Burmingham, Alabama. ^__^ Unfortunately Taylor and Josh wont be able to go with us cause they graduated this year T.T

I got The Host this weekend too, but I'm only 30 pages into it =.=" lolz...Also, I've started on my entry in the NYAF contest, but I have to finish it before Saturday cause we're going on vacation for a week, and I dont have a computer at the beach XP I think thats all I've got for now...

~Ja ne!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

   Ummm....what was I gonna say...?
5:0-something p.m.

Gah...I feel so disorientated today =_=" I couldnt remember what day it was until I read Magnus Lennshers post...XD

(Warning: This whole post is gonna be kinda random!)

So far my summer vacations going well^^ Its just really hot...and boring as usuall...well, exept for last night cause I went to CHUCKE E. CHEESE!!! XDDDD *ahem* Haha... that fact that I still luv C.E.C. when I'm going on 17 years old probably makes be the most immature person ever, but thats ok ^___^ lolz

I got pretty nervous the other night...my mom got me off the computer at like... midnight I think and told me to go outside, and there was smoke everywhere o.O She said that our neighbor told her that the town next to us ws on fire, and thats where the smoke was coming from O___o Well, as it turns out, there was no fire. The smoke was being blown in from the coastal wildfires that were over 75 miles away; the winds shifted towards us, thus the smoke. I got all worked up over nothing XP (tho honestly I wasnt that scared...I figured the fire department would put it out if there was a real fire...) But oh well...

Last night I was pretty depressed =__=" Idk y, I just get like that sometimes; I just feel like I'm worthless, y'know? But Linden-kun helped cheer me up, so thankies again ^__^ Today I just feel...zoned out...lolz @___@

Announcement!!! I checked yesterday and I have over 500 votes! (it was 527 last time I checked) Thank u to everyone who has ever voted, faved, or commented on my art, I luv u all =^___^= *glomps* Also, thanx to all my artistic friends here, ur works are big insperations for me ^__^ Its kind of embarassing tho...idk, I get embarassed when ppl complement me; I mean, dont get me wrong, I appreciated it, really, but I just..idk...I'm not making any sense o____o But I'm making a piccy to mark my achievement of breaking the 500 vote barrier, so I'll submitt that tonight or tommorow....

I think I'm gonna enter that NYAF conest...I've got an idea for it...but its kinda gonna suck if I win cause I dont live near New York T__T

Also, if anyone can find a good piccy of Kenichi Matsuyama thats big enough, I'll be eternaly gratefull! I was looking fors a good piccy of him last night, but they were all to small >___> Grrr...

One last thing (this is really then end), the pics of my trip to Phillidelphia, which I promised to show u, will probably be in my next post^^

~Ja ne (and sorry for the long post -__-')

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1:40-something p.m.

The last day of school has finally come and gone!!

Innocent Heart made this card^^ (btw, I'm almost done with ur request, I didnt have much time to work on it in the past 2 day cause of exams T.T)

YAY!!!!!! I got out early today and yesterday because of exams^^ Yesterday was biology, and I made a 96 on it :3 Today was civics, but idk what I made yet...(I know I passed tho! XD)
So summer is finally here...this year has flown by!! o.o But this means I'll have more time to be on here, yay! ^__^ And more time to draw =3 I find myself becoming more interested in realism all of a sudden...I'm gonna draw Kennichi(sp?)Mastuyama next! (He's L in the Death Note movies) =^__^= lolz

~Ja ne!

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Friday, May 30, 2008

   Some good, some bad...(mostly good^^)
6:30-something p.m.

Hello my friends, genki desu ka? (how are u?)^^

Ahhh its Friday, huzzah! That means that today was my last real day of school, YAY!!! All thats left now is for me to go on Monday just to take my biology exam, and on Tuesday just to take my civics exam, and I'm done, WOOT!

Blech, yesterday was terrible!! I was sitting in third period and I just suddenly felt like I was gonna puke...I got really weak, broke out in a cold sweat, and got really pale (well, paler than usuall...). They had to call the nurse and they wheeled me out of the class in a wheelchair cause I couldnt walk... I think it was something I ate XP The good news tho is that I got to ride in the staff only elevator (which I've always wanted to do :3). They called my mom to get me, so I got to skip fourth period XD I was a little worried cause that was my fifth absence from that class, and u cant skip exams if u miss more that four with an A average...but she didnt count it against me, so I still get to skip it :3 I'm feeling better now^^

Sunday I'm going with my friends to 2 study sessions; one for biology at Books-A-Million (yay!), and one for civics immediately afterwards at Pizza Hut (free pizza!!) lolz

Also, I submitted a new piccy. Its for somegirls' contest, and I really worked hard on it (its the same piccy thats in my chatbox^^). (Thanx Magnus-chan for commenting on it ^_^)

1. Are u out of school yet?
2. Got any plans for the summer?

My answers!
1. Almost...!
2. None, exept to be lazy, draw more, and maybe...MAYBE...get a second or third shift job (I need money 2 buy manga with!! >.< lolz)

Blech...sorry for the long post^^"

~Ja ne!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

   Friday! Huzzah!!
5:0-something p.m.

Omg its finally Friday!! Yay! Plus, I dont have to go to school Monda cause its Memorial Day!! Double yay!! And summer vacation is less than 2 weeks away now!!! TRIPLE YAY!!! lolz :3
Remember my friend that I mentioned in my last post that had to go to the hospital? Shes ok now, completely back to normal, but she had to get some blood transfusions...ew... :o

Look at this!!
Its for the Twilight movie :3 Kyaaaaa I cant wait! I wish it would come out sooner!! It comes out on December 12...too far away! T_T But Breaking Dawn comes out on August 12, so at least I'll have something to do until then ^__^


Speaking of which, I submitted my first piccy in a while, its of L, Light, and Misa from Death Note doing the Caramelldansen :3

Hmmm...oh! And this:
People Who Annoy Me
> 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. I know where my
watch is pal, where in the world is yours? Do I point at my you-know-what when I
ask where the toilet is?
> 2. People who are willing to search the entire room for the remote because
they refuse to walk to the tv and change the channel manually.
> 3. People who say "It's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why
would you keep looking after you've found it?
> 4. People who say while watching a film "Did you see that?". No, I paid $12 to
come to the cinema and stare at the floor.
> 5. People who say "Can I ask you a question?" Didn't really give me a choice
there, did ya sunshine?
> 6. People who say "It's new and improved!". Which is it?
> If it's new, then there has never been anything before it. If it's improved,
then there must have been something before it, so couldn't be new.
> 7. People who say "life is short". Life is the longest thing anyone ever has!
What can you do that's longer?
> 8. When you are waiting for the bus and the people who ask "Has the bus come
yet?". If the bus came would I be standing here?
> ?
> ?
Hahaha...a lot of these things are really true... XD

Hmmm...I think thats all for now *feels like I'm forgetting something...again* Sorry for the long post XP

Kya!! Dark Mousy has taken over this site!! XD (I'm now addicted to the DN Angel anime ^__^)

~Ja ne!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

6:30-something p.m.

I just found out a while ago that my friend is in the hospital, she's about to get some blood transfusions....it was kinda shocking cause it was so sudden...She's ok, but its still kinda scary, u know? o___o
*Sighs* Its been so boring lately...Yesterday was Mothers' Day, so I went out to eat with my mom....and almost got sick o_e Blech...I think it was food poisoning...XDDDDD (Y am I laughing???)
Thanx Linden-kun!!! Ur the only person who commented last time I posted here T_T *huggles* Its ok tho, I think everyone has been busy lately, or something... (???)
Ah, I feel so zoned out today...seems like there was something else I was gonna say but....

~Ja ne!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yay! I made it back from Philly in one piece! Without getting blown up or sniped or breaking my ankle trying to walk around DC!!! YAY!!! Yeah, we went to Washington DC, too... I would have posted sooner but I've been catching up on my sleep, I didnt sleep much while I was there ^_^" And I've just been plain lazy in the past few days...I need to start drawing again -_-'
But anywho, I had an AMAZING time!!I'm not going to tell about the whole trip cause that would take too long, but I'll give u some of the hilights:
- I went to the greatest art museum I've ever been to!! They had paintings by Monet, Piccaso, DALI!! YAY! They had all kinds of wonderful arcitectual things too, they had a whole room dedicated to the Japanese arts (the classic kind, not anime tho -_-'), they had a full size shrine, it was amazing!
- I went to a farmers market. I know that might sound kinda lame, but it was really cool, the food they had was awesome, and it was all homemade! I got the best ice cream I've ever had while I was there ^_^
- I went to the biggest mall I've ever been to! It was huge!! They had a whole skate park in there!!! We got lost...lolz. The F.Y.E. in that mall was graet, they had all kinds of anime things there that I cant get here!! I got 3 shirts, an Ichigo plushy for my sis, and some almond-chocolate pocky! Yummmm...
- We went to DC on Sunday, saw the capital building, various national monuments, etc. That was pretty cool. ^__^
- I did some educational stuff too, but...heh, I wasnt paying attention to that XD

All in all it was a graet trip, me and my friends had a blast ^____^ Sorry for such a long post...when my pictures get developed I'll post some of them^^

p.s. Thanx to everyone who actually comments anymore, and to the ppl who at least say hi in my chatbox *hugs u all* It means a lot to me that some of u actually care.... ^____^

~Ja ne!

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