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Sunday, May 3, 2009

   *le gasp~!* a post o.o
12:50-something a.m.

oooooooooooooooooomg long time no update @_@ gomen folks *bows* i've been on a bit of a hiatus from myO....*bows again* i will try to get back into the posting and commening spirit ^.^

yay new theme~

SURVEY! saw this on shreds site first, so the answers i put are about him. if u want to do this u can either post it like i did or just do it in the comments lolz

Would/will you?
[sure if that was possible lolz] Come to my house to do nothing at all but chill?
[no x_x] Fight me?
[no x.x] kiss me?
[umm no @_@]Let me kiss you?
[sure] Watch a movie with me?
[umm...bring some other ppl and sure XP] Go out to dinner with me?
[LOLZ y not?? XP] Sing car karaoke with me?
[sure] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[umm..no x.x lolz] Hold my hand?
[ooo sure, i'll take an egg and cheese toasty XD] Let me make you breakfast?
[if i could] Help me with homework?
[sure??] Tickle me?
[well i'd put up a fight D:] Let me tickle you?
[yeah] Instant message me?
[LOLZ of course] Greet me in public?
[sure] Hang out with me?
[i suppose @.@b] Bring me around your friends?
[thats what friend r for, ne??] Be down with me no matter what?
[lolz, that would be a no] Go out with me?

Do you?
[well everyone has something cute about them @.@b] Think I'm cute?
[most of the time] Think I'm serious?
[yes] Think I'm a good person?
[lolz not at all] Think I'm conceided?
[XD no] Want to kiss me?
[no] Want to cuddle with me?
[no] Want to hook up with me?
[as a friend] Love me?

Am I?
[yes] Smart?
[@_@] Cute?
[yes] Funny?
[LOLZ umm well not to me personally] Sexy?
[yup] Cool?
[dunno] Romantic?
[of course ^_^] A freak?
[LOLZ doubt it] Gangster?
[sure] Lovable?
[LOLZ] Adorable?
[yes] Trustworthy
[i'm sure u r about some things] Compassionate?
[lolz sure] Great to be with?
[*feels deja vu...*] Attractive?

hmm not much else to report.....lets see....a few new fan arts...oh, only 5 more weeks till the end of school =3 yayz~

~Ja ne!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

it snowed O.o
9:00-something p.m.

hello my friends, how r u?? ^_^ (yesh jae ik ppl have posts to tell how they're doing but i wanna know how they are right now XD)

havent updated since 2008 o.o lolz not much has been going on....i started my second semester of 11th grade, seems like my classes r all ok for the most part....i dread english tho =_=

also it snowed last week...it was the first big snow we've had in a year, we got 5 inches (which might not be much to u folks in the north and west, but around here thats like....a ton @_@) Heres some pics:

omg its Narnia O_O

awww look at my poor baby in the snow...heheh he looks kinda pissed in the pic but he was actually enjoying it...this was his first snow X3

the side of my yard...

Ooo i went to chuck e. cheese today :3 that was fun heheh

hmmm i think thats all...nothing else to report for now^^'


1. Has it snowed yet where u live?? (i dont mean flurries, i mean measurable amounts lolz)

2. do u like mac 'n cheese?? o.o (RANDOM!! XD)

~Ja ne!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11:30-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how have u been?? ^_^

last post of the new year, woot!! its 11:30 here now, 30 mins to the new year (i cant beleve it, its 2009 already) @_@

well thats prettymuch all....just wanted to add one more post for 2008 XP also, i like my new layout X3

~Ja ne!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

11:20-something p.m.


no need to tell me lolz....i'm remodeling XP but i feel like updating soooo...

*ahem* hello my friends, how have u been?? ^_^

currently, i'm sick....i feel like crap T.T i did absolutely nothing all day cept lay down...i didnt even bother to get dressed so i've been loafing around in my pj's all day XP

hmm...i'm officially on xmas break now, tg!! two whole weeks of going to bed at 6 a.m. and getting up at 3 p.m., woot~! lolz

i'm trying to catch up on comments now *nods* i've gotten to a few of ur updates but i have a lot more to go -.-' sorry about that....

i think thats all i have to say...my post is boring >.>' lolz


1. is there anything u want for xmas??

2. got any plans for xmas/new years??

~Ja ne!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

9:20-something p.m.

yup i'm not dead believe it or not, but i am ashamed to say i still havent changed this layout...i never even changed those other 2 navi icons to aerith ones *hangs head in shame* -_-" I was going to change this theme to a Twilight one, but i'm having trouble finding good pics, so i think i'm going to do a winter theme with various anime >.> but idk...

anyways....not much going on with me...school, boredom, hyperness, back to boredom, more school (even tho i'm on turkey day vacation now), etc, etc.

Oh, heres something i got off of zero guardian's world on theO, its pretty cool:

DO THIS!!!!! ITS FUNNY!!!!!!!

Spell your name


Spell it backwards


Spell it with your Elbow:

nikki (wow i did it! O_O)

Spell it with your eyes shut

Niokki (.... ">_>)

Spell it with your forehead

hyujn8iiiuui (the hell??)

Your nose:

nikki (yay! XD)

Spell it with your chin

n kikkiik9 (... ._.')

Your tongue:

...yeah i'm not doing this part. I share this keyboard with 3 other ppl, who knows where their fingers have been?? >_>

Its funny when someone walks in the room while your slamming your head on the keyboard. So send this too all your friends and to the person that sent it to you. We want to see how you do!

haha that was fun XP now u have to do it too heheh


1. How have u been since last time i updated??

2. How was ur thanksgiving?? (if u dont live in the u.s. i guess this question doesnt apply to u ._.')

3. peanut butter or jelly??

4. if up is down and down is east then what does that make pruple?? (....what?? i just confuzzled myself @_@)

...thats too many questions.... >_>' lolz

~Ja ne!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

   quiz and 2 year anniversary
11:00-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how have u been?? ^_^ Forgive me for my lack of comments lately, i'm catching up on that now...but i thought i'd add a post becuz today is my 2 year anniversary here on theO X3 yayz ^.^

Mr Blue Sky updated recently with these questions in a post on his wolrd, so ima answer them, here goes:

1. Do you have a job? nope, too lazy for one of those

2. How old are you? 16 (i'll be 17 on the 27th X3)

3. Do you have any tattoos? no

4. How about piercings? i had three ear piercings, but i let the third ones grow in cuz i was too lazy to take care of them, so now i have 2^^"

5. What do you study? idk, art maybe

6. Are you in school? yup, 11th grade

7. What's your dream job? idk

8. Do you believe in ghosts? No

9. Are you superstitious? No

10. What's your favorite hobby? drawing, watching tv, reading

11. What's your bad habit? for me to know and for u not to find out ^_^

12. What sport do you like? none, i hate sports >_>

13. What color is your room? white (with lotsa posters and art^^")

14. Do you like Jewelry? not really

15. What's your clothing style? jeans and a t-shirt, mostly dark colors *nods* but if u call me goth or emo i'll kick ur butt >.< lolz

16. Who is it that you admire most? nobody

17. What's an embarrassing thing that happened recently? Hmm...i'm not really sure, i cant think of anything at the moment

18. What's something most people don't know about you? my real first name. Some of my friends in rl dont even know it >_>


...hahahaha, now go forth and answer teh questions!! XD

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Friday, October 10, 2008

   i'm alive @_@
1:10-something a.m.

Yup i havent died, in fact i've been on theO/myO every day....I'm sorry about not commenting *bows* With that said, i dont expect any comments on this post, just letting u know i'm still alive over here lolz^^" Also, as u can see my site is in the process of being redone with a The Nightmare Before Christmas theme for October ^_^ still in the process of being reworked *points at my navigation* that has to be fixed lolz

Hmm...not much been going on...so i think this post is over. I'll try to be more diligent about commenting from now on, its just that when i'm online I end up being distracted by the chatboxes @_@ (and no not theO's, i mean the ones like mine *points up*)Plus schools been exhausting lately... =__=' Oh wellz, have a good weekend ^_^

~Ja ne!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

   Hanna o.o
11:10-something p.m.

Alrighty folks, looks like tropical storm hanna's gonna make landfall around the North Carolina/South Carolina border in the early ours of Saturday. The current path its on takes it right thru my city...I'm kinda exited X3 We're under all kinda of watches and warning right now lolz, but i'm not worried^^'

In other news, school is going, well, not good...but not that bad so far XP Its just the getting up at 6:30 a.m. part that bugs me >_< lolz. Speaking of school, we watched this hillarious vid in my history class XD

War of 1812 song XD

~Ja ne!

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

   School, tornados, laaaaazyness, and uh...stuffz
6:00-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how r u? ^_^

OK, I finally got caught up on my commenting -__- Gomen, i've been busy with school T.T ...speaking of which my first day was on monday T_T Tis first week has been torturous, but not as bad as it could have been i guess...I have at least 1 friend in every class except for 3rd period...But thats when i eat lunch and most of my friends r their so thats cool^^

On...I think it was wednesday, there was a tornado warning in my county, so at 2 p.m. the school put us on lockdown...We couldnt leave till 3:15 -_- They even made the parents waiting in the car line come inside...I thought it was gonna be exiting, but it was boooooring T.T I heard there actually were 2 tornados that touched down tho...

In other news...well, i have no other news i guess, not much has been going on...Just being lazy lolz. This monday is a holliday, so no school for me, YAY! XD

p.s. add AngelBest Dream and gnnwan to the b-day list from last time^^

~Ja ne!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Must...kill...internet..! O__O And happy b-day ppl ^_^
8:00-something p.m.

Waaah, my internets retarded T_T It just suddenly went out last night at about 2 a.m.... idk what happened, everything just stopped working, I tried refreshing, I tried shutting down the comp, but nothing worked >__< I was on it earlier today and it went out again, but it was working again after I opened a new window...*sigh*

OK! Theres been a lot of b-days this month so...

Lets see, in order as best I can remember: Lin, Shred, Jae, Sui, my mom, and my sis, happy b-day to u all, and to any upcoming August b-days ^_^ I think ima start doing this every month^^" Oh, and if i missed ur name and u had a b-day this month, just let me know and I'll add u to the list on my next post^^"

Also, I got my schudule for this school year on thursday...I hate it -__-" I dont think ima have many classes with my friends T_T The s word starts for me on Monday...*sigh* I need to get everything ready...

~Ja ne!

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