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Friday, May 30, 2008

   Some good, some bad...(mostly good^^)
6:30-something p.m.

Hello my friends, genki desu ka? (how are u?)^^

Ahhh its Friday, huzzah! That means that today was my last real day of school, YAY!!! All thats left now is for me to go on Monday just to take my biology exam, and on Tuesday just to take my civics exam, and I'm done, WOOT!

Blech, yesterday was terrible!! I was sitting in third period and I just suddenly felt like I was gonna puke...I got really weak, broke out in a cold sweat, and got really pale (well, paler than usuall...). They had to call the nurse and they wheeled me out of the class in a wheelchair cause I couldnt walk... I think it was something I ate XP The good news tho is that I got to ride in the staff only elevator (which I've always wanted to do :3). They called my mom to get me, so I got to skip fourth period XD I was a little worried cause that was my fifth absence from that class, and u cant skip exams if u miss more that four with an A average...but she didnt count it against me, so I still get to skip it :3 I'm feeling better now^^

Sunday I'm going with my friends to 2 study sessions; one for biology at Books-A-Million (yay!), and one for civics immediately afterwards at Pizza Hut (free pizza!!) lolz

Also, I submitted a new piccy. Its for somegirls' contest, and I really worked hard on it (its the same piccy thats in my chatbox^^). (Thanx Magnus-chan for commenting on it ^_^)

1. Are u out of school yet?
2. Got any plans for the summer?

My answers!
1. Almost...!
2. None, exept to be lazy, draw more, and maybe...MAYBE...get a second or third shift job (I need money 2 buy manga with!! >.< lolz)

Blech...sorry for the long post^^"

~Ja ne!

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