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Saturday, June 7, 2008

   Ummm....what was I gonna say...?
5:0-something p.m.

Gah...I feel so disorientated today =_=" I couldnt remember what day it was until I read Magnus Lennshers post...XD

(Warning: This whole post is gonna be kinda random!)

So far my summer vacations going well^^ Its just really hot...and boring as usuall...well, exept for last night cause I went to CHUCKE E. CHEESE!!! XDDDD *ahem* Haha... that fact that I still luv C.E.C. when I'm going on 17 years old probably makes be the most immature person ever, but thats ok ^___^ lolz

I got pretty nervous the other night...my mom got me off the computer at like... midnight I think and told me to go outside, and there was smoke everywhere o.O She said that our neighbor told her that the town next to us ws on fire, and thats where the smoke was coming from O___o Well, as it turns out, there was no fire. The smoke was being blown in from the coastal wildfires that were over 75 miles away; the winds shifted towards us, thus the smoke. I got all worked up over nothing XP (tho honestly I wasnt that scared...I figured the fire department would put it out if there was a real fire...) But oh well...

Last night I was pretty depressed =__=" Idk y, I just get like that sometimes; I just feel like I'm worthless, y'know? But Linden-kun helped cheer me up, so thankies again ^__^ Today I just feel...zoned out...lolz @___@

Announcement!!! I checked yesterday and I have over 500 votes! (it was 527 last time I checked) Thank u to everyone who has ever voted, faved, or commented on my art, I luv u all =^___^= *glomps* Also, thanx to all my artistic friends here, ur works are big insperations for me ^__^ Its kind of embarassing tho...idk, I get embarassed when ppl complement me; I mean, dont get me wrong, I appreciated it, really, but I just..idk...I'm not making any sense o____o But I'm making a piccy to mark my achievement of breaking the 500 vote barrier, so I'll submitt that tonight or tommorow....

I think I'm gonna enter that NYAF conest...I've got an idea for it...but its kinda gonna suck if I win cause I dont live near New York T__T

Also, if anyone can find a good piccy of Kenichi Matsuyama thats big enough, I'll be eternaly gratefull! I was looking fors a good piccy of him last night, but they were all to small >___> Grrr...

One last thing (this is really then end), the pics of my trip to Phillidelphia, which I promised to show u, will probably be in my next post^^

~Ja ne (and sorry for the long post -__-')

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