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Sunday, August 17, 2008

   The mall, old friends, and a good old fashioned prank X3
6:00-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how r u? ^_^

Hmm...not much has been going on lately...But yesterday I went to the mall with my sis, my aunt, my cousins Andrew and Jessica, and my bff Maggie XD It was really fun...and out of the blue I ran into my friends Jeremy and Josh (from the Phillidelphia trip), we said if only Elizabeth and Taylor would show up, it would be just like old times X3 I got Chibi Vampire vol. 5 while I was there (I spent money T_T I've been trying not to do that...)...So the mall trip was a nice one, exept the fried rice was pretty bad this time .__."

Heheheh, I think I was laughing in my sleep last night *evil grin* ...for those of u who have no clue what I'm talking about, dont worry about it...But those who do, I'm sorry *bows* but that was hillarious XD

...school starts next Monday, and open house is on Thursday -__-" I DONT WANNA GO BAAACK!!! T__T Somebody kill me plz...

~Ja ne!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2:50-something p.m.

Ok...so I made it back from the beach...It was ok, exept for sunday night...but I dont really wanna talk about it...-__-'

ANYwho...Nothing much else to report...school starts on the 25th I think...I wonder when open house is??

OMG ALICIA!!! Where have u been?!??? It was nice to get a comment from u again! ^_^ Ne, u dont know when our open house is do u?? o__o"

~Ja ne!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

   Tucker Lake...NO COMP!!! T.T
1:10-something a.m.

Ok, SO....I'm going to Tucker Lake tommorow...all kinds of stuffs to do there lolz, I'm exited^^ Buuuut...when we get back my moms making me go to a lock-in at the church...I dont want to go, they have no comps!! T___T Also, I think we're going to the beach this weekend for my moms b-day...SHES GONNA BE HALF A CENTURY!!! LMAO XD Happy b-day mom ^_^

So no comp this weekend...maybe tommorow night if I can convenve my mom to let me stay home..but not on sat. or sun. T__T

Nothing else going on...so...

~Ja ne!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

   BREAKING DAWN!!!!!! (god I'm tired @__@)
2:20-something p.m.

OMG, OMG!! *jump jump* BREAKING DAWN COMES OUT TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for months and ITS FINALLY HERE (almost)!!!! Its the 4th book in the Twilight saga fyi, and my bg is the cover of the book ^.^ I cant wait!! *squee~!*

Okies...SO! I didnt go to bed again last night...I was actually gonna, but my friends Casey and Caitlin called me at 3:30 a.m. so I just talked to them till 5, and I had to get up at 5:30 to pick anyways...so what was the point?? o.o Sooooo...today was the last day for picking blueberries, and I only picked 1 bucket (I'm so lazy >__>)..I guess this means I'm out of a job...Oh wellz, I think Ima apply at the Food Lion down the road, theyre practicly begging for help XD

Ummm...what else? Ohhh yeah, until yesterday I've had a bit of artists block...I just havent felt like drawing (I get like that every now and then XP) But after I take a much needed nap, Ima finish that one drawing I've been procrastinating on...yeah....^^'

Y is there so many things going on tommorow???? @__@ 4 things happening at once...
...I just realized something...if I go tommorow night to get Breaking Dawn like I've been planning all summer, I wont be able to get online tommorow night.... o___o NOOOO! Idk what to do!! T.T

~Ja ne! (I'm off to take that nap...ZZzzzZZZzzz...)

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   32 hours and home alone...*yawn*
7:40-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how r u? ^__^

OK, so I got up on Thursday at 6:30 p.m., stayed up all night, went picking friday morning at 6:30 a.m. Normal for me, exept Mr. Butler (the guy that pays me for picking...my bossish) Decided to take all the neighborhood kids to Pizza Inn...all 11 of us....and he payed for all of it o_o That was really nice of him...and we got to ride there in his Winnabago (like an RV sorta) XD It was fun...Exept I wound up staying up all day and half the night last night...making the time I was awake 32 hours strait..A personal record, yay! XD I was sooo hyper last night XD But today I'm really tired (even tho I slept for 12 hours)...

This morning my mom and dad suddenly decided they were both going to the beach for a day (I knew my dad was going cause he has to cut the grass (he's the manager of the campground) but y did my mom have to go too?!?? =__=')...they woke me up at 8 this morning to make me choose between going and staying here and spending the night with my g-ma...I was so mad I started crying >__< I wanted to stay here tonight, but NOOOO, apperently I cant handle watching my sis and the house overnight, even tho I'm up all night anyways =__=' *siiigh* So I wont be on the comp tonight since my g-ma doesnt have one T_T Depending on how long my folks decide to stay, I might not be able to get on for the next few days...no more than 2 or 3 days at most T___T They'll probably be home tommorow (they better be!)

~Ja ne! =__='

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5:30-something p.m.

Hmmm....this is odd. Odd indeed. I woke up this morning at 11 o'clock (more like I was awakened by the sound of my sister squeeing >__>)...and stayed awake....wtf??? I suppose thats good tho, cause I've been sleeping waaay too much lately...its been screwing me up T__T

But what was my sister squeeing about?? This:

A while back my cat Snowflake(Snowy) got pregnant, she had the babies somewhere but we never saw them, so we assumed they all died...but this morning my dad and sis found the kitten under our porch. ONE LIVED!! I'M SOOO HAPPY!! =^___^= Awww, look at its floppy little black ears!! ^.^ I assumed Kyo was the dad, but...the kitten doesnt look anything like him o__o I think the real dad might be this stray back and white cat thats been hanging around lately...but idk, maybe Kyo really is the dad...I hope so T.T We havent named it yet cause we dont know what gender it is..we'll find out soon^^'

Ok, soooooo....I was in a super emo mood yesterday... =__=' I'm really sorry about that...but when I get like that I start blaming myself for everything...The war in Iraq: MY FAULT! ....so yeah....I'm better today tho^^'

I went to the mall today and got some much needed fried rice...I've been wanting some for a while XD And I got 2 new volumes of Chibi Vampire, yay ^.^ I'm going to Sonic in an our...Mmmm chicken sandwhich...lmao X3 I think its done me good to get out of the house *nods*

Thats all for now...sorry I've been so lazy about checking ur updates...I finally got around to it today^^'

~Ja ne!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10:50-something p.m.

Yay, I'm back!!! I missed everyone!! T_T It was pretty boring at the beach...I had no one to have midnight conversations with! >.< lolz

I prettymuch spent the whole time loafing around...doing nothing..I went to the beach twice, the waves were HUGE cause of tropical storm Bertha sitting in the Atlantic...so that was cool I guess...The highlight of the trip for my was the lightning storm we had last night. Nothing beats a lightning storm at the beach!! XD I'm a little sad that I didnt get to play pool this time tho... T.T

~Ja ne!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

12:10-something p.m.

I am being forced by my parents to go to the beach until Tuesday...I tried to scream, cry, and fight my way out of it...but it didnt work T__T I have to go (Why the heck cant I just stay with my g-ma?!? >__< this sucks....) Some of u already know this, but I thought I'd post anyways...we're leaving in a few minutes...

Nikki is beyond pissed...*sigh* =__='

~Ja ne! T.T

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Monday, July 7, 2008

   Meh Kittehs! ^.^
4:20-something p.m.

Hello my friends, How are u? ^__^
I hope everyone had a great 4th...u know what I got for the 4th? FOOD POISONING! o__o Lolz...something I ate on Friday really screwed up my stomach...It was awfull on Friday and Saturday, but yesterday I felt better and today I'm completely fine...so yay ^.^

Hmm...I dont have much else to say so heres some pics of meh kittehs!! =^_^=

This is Kyo, hes my baby X3 Look at him hamming it up for the camera XD

This is Snowy (well, her name is Snowflake, but I call her Snowy for short XP) I luv her eyes!! o__o I wish my eyes were like that T.T Lolz...I think she's preggy again >__> I hope her kittens live this time if she is T__T

The multicolored one is Cookie, and she was my first cat. I luvs her, even tho she has a bad temper sometimes^^" Lmao, she's uber jealous of Snowy and Kyo...look at her glaring at them X3 (sorry this pic is smaller^^")

K, thats all for now^^

~Ja ne!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tagged again^^
3:40-something p.m.

Alrighty, I've been tagged again by Nanao44, I have to say 10 things about myself XD

1. I hate turkey o__o
2. Whenever I do these things, I always forget what I wanted to tell about myself when I start typing >__>
3. I realized recently that I'm a very insecure person...
4. I hate being awake in the day XP
5. I just got FF12 and I'm stuck in one place =__="
6. I hate my voice T.T
7. I dont like the beach very much anymore :/ I mean, its ok, but...meh...
8. Umm...*thinks* I can do the whole Hare Hare Yukai dance!!! XD But I suck at dancing in general >__>
9. Cats PWN!! :D
10. I feel that I am destined to be alone forever...*siiigh*

I'm supposed to tag 10 ppl...but since only 10 ppl ever visit me (=__='), I tag everyone that reads this! X3

~Ja ne! (Yay, this post was shorter! XD)

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