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Friday, June 13, 2008

Smoke and Random Scary Objects and Vaction o___o
8:50-something p.m.

Hello my friends! ^__^ Ok, this will be my last post before I go on vacation tommorow....blech...XP I dont wanna goooooo! T____T We go to the same place for vacation every single year! Do u have any idea how repetitive that gets?!?? Theres no computer there either T___T We're going to the beach....*sigh*

U no what today is? Its Friday the 13th OoOoOOoOOOOooooOOooooo! Now random everyday objects become scary random everyday objects!! R u scaaaaaarrreeedd?????? *sighs* I really hope not...no offense if u are...but I think its a dumb day...people get scared for nothing....ITS JUST A NUMBER PPL!!

Anywho...remember that smoke that I mentioned a few posts back, that was being blown in from the wildfires? Well, its back, and it reaks like smoke in my house now...well, exept my room, cause I keep the vents blocked... XP

My cold is finally diminishing...I took some allergy medicine cause the symptoms on the package were the same as my symptoms...even so, Y on Earth would my mom get me allergy medicine if I have a cold??? Idk....but it worked a little too well. It knocked me out for a few hours, then when I woke up I was reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy hyper and giddy and randomly laughing at things like I was on weed...XDDD That was kinda fun...lolz.

I finished my entry for the NYAF mascot contest thingy, yay! I needed to finish it before we leave.... but now my room is a complete and total MESS. o____o Look at my desk, its pathetic!


And a close up...

Lets play I Spy!!! XD I spy...a Pepsi can thats full of Sunny-D! Really. o.o (...what???) lolz
I didnt draw the dragon pic, or the pic in the frame fyi...my friend Caitlin drew those ^.^

~Ja ne!

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