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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

   Pics and a sore throat XP
7:00-something p.m.

*Glares at my germ-infested sister* Baka Brandi! U got me sick!!! XP Ugh...my throat hurt so bad yesterday that it was painful to even breathe o____o Its a little better today...in my expirience, when u get a sore throat, it hurts really bad for a day or two and then gets numb...yeah..not fun T.T

Anywho, on to the main event! Here are the piccys from my Philly/D.C. trip ^__^

These are from Phillidelphia:

This ones small, sorry o.o This was when we were coming into Philly...look how smoggy it is! O__o

This is the first thing we did when we got to Philly, we went to prison O_o Lolz XD This is Al Capones (aka the original American gangster)jail cell in the Eastern State Penetentiary, which is the oldest prison still standing in America. Prison cell? Pffft, more like a hotel room! They talked like that place was supposed to be haunted and scary, it wasnt scary at all! XP

This is a clock tower in the middle of Philly; it was in the movie National Treasure, so I thought that was pretty cool.

This was in the National Constitution Center. Every flag in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, are displayed here.

Josh(left), Jeremy(centrer), and Taylor(right) acting like slowtards =_=" lolz. Ahhh this was cool tho, in the National Constitution Center theres a room with bronze statues, and they all look incredibly real, it was so disorientating! O___o I half expected one of them to jump out and scare me or something o____o

The rest of these pics are from Washington D.C.

This was outside of the Hollocaust museaum(sp?). It pretty sad...
We werent supposed to take pics in the Holocaust museaum...but I snuck this one. All the ppl on this wall were killed. T__T

This is the Vietnam Wall. Its reeeeaaallly long, and every name on that wall is of someone who died in the war.

The Washington Memorial.

And finally, the White House.

I really had fun; I cant wait till next years trip, we'll be going to Atlanta, Georgia and Burmingham, Alabama. ^__^ Unfortunately Taylor and Josh wont be able to go with us cause they graduated this year T.T

I got The Host this weekend too, but I'm only 30 pages into it =.=" lolz...Also, I've started on my entry in the NYAF contest, but I have to finish it before Saturday cause we're going on vacation for a week, and I dont have a computer at the beach XP I think thats all I've got for now...

~Ja ne!

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