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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1:40-something p.m.

The last day of school has finally come and gone!!

Innocent Heart made this card^^ (btw, I'm almost done with ur request, I didnt have much time to work on it in the past 2 day cause of exams T.T)

YAY!!!!!! I got out early today and yesterday because of exams^^ Yesterday was biology, and I made a 96 on it :3 Today was civics, but idk what I made yet...(I know I passed tho! XD)
So summer is finally here...this year has flown by!! o.o But this means I'll have more time to be on here, yay! ^__^ And more time to draw =3 I find myself becoming more interested in realism all of a sudden...I'm gonna draw Kennichi(sp?)Mastuyama next! (He's L in the Death Note movies) =^__^= lolz

~Ja ne!

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