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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5:30-something p.m.

Hmmm....this is odd. Odd indeed. I woke up this morning at 11 o'clock (more like I was awakened by the sound of my sister squeeing >__>)...and stayed awake....wtf??? I suppose thats good tho, cause I've been sleeping waaay too much lately...its been screwing me up T__T

But what was my sister squeeing about?? This:

A while back my cat Snowflake(Snowy) got pregnant, she had the babies somewhere but we never saw them, so we assumed they all died...but this morning my dad and sis found the kitten under our porch. ONE LIVED!! I'M SOOO HAPPY!! =^___^= Awww, look at its floppy little black ears!! ^.^ I assumed Kyo was the dad, but...the kitten doesnt look anything like him o__o I think the real dad might be this stray back and white cat thats been hanging around lately...but idk, maybe Kyo really is the dad...I hope so T.T We havent named it yet cause we dont know what gender it is..we'll find out soon^^'

Ok, soooooo....I was in a super emo mood yesterday... =__=' I'm really sorry about that...but when I get like that I start blaming myself for everything...The war in Iraq: MY FAULT! ....so yeah....I'm better today tho^^'

I went to the mall today and got some much needed fried rice...I've been wanting some for a while XD And I got 2 new volumes of Chibi Vampire, yay ^.^ I'm going to Sonic in an our...Mmmm chicken sandwhich...lmao X3 I think its done me good to get out of the house *nods*

Thats all for now...sorry I've been so lazy about checking ur updates...I finally got around to it today^^'

~Ja ne!

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