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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   32 hours and home alone...*yawn*
7:40-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how r u? ^__^

OK, so I got up on Thursday at 6:30 p.m., stayed up all night, went picking friday morning at 6:30 a.m. Normal for me, exept Mr. Butler (the guy that pays me for picking...my bossish) Decided to take all the neighborhood kids to Pizza Inn...all 11 of us....and he payed for all of it o_o That was really nice of him...and we got to ride there in his Winnabago (like an RV sorta) XD It was fun...Exept I wound up staying up all day and half the night last night...making the time I was awake 32 hours strait..A personal record, yay! XD I was sooo hyper last night XD But today I'm really tired (even tho I slept for 12 hours)...

This morning my mom and dad suddenly decided they were both going to the beach for a day (I knew my dad was going cause he has to cut the grass (he's the manager of the campground) but y did my mom have to go too?!?? =__=')...they woke me up at 8 this morning to make me choose between going and staying here and spending the night with my g-ma...I was so mad I started crying >__< I wanted to stay here tonight, but NOOOO, apperently I cant handle watching my sis and the house overnight, even tho I'm up all night anyways =__=' *siiigh* So I wont be on the comp tonight since my g-ma doesnt have one T_T Depending on how long my folks decide to stay, I might not be able to get on for the next few days...no more than 2 or 3 days at most T___T They'll probably be home tommorow (they better be!)

~Ja ne! =__='

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