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Monday, July 7, 2008

   Meh Kittehs! ^.^
4:20-something p.m.

Hello my friends, How are u? ^__^
I hope everyone had a great 4th...u know what I got for the 4th? FOOD POISONING! o__o Lolz...something I ate on Friday really screwed up my stomach...It was awfull on Friday and Saturday, but yesterday I felt better and today I'm completely fine...so yay ^.^

Hmm...I dont have much else to say so heres some pics of meh kittehs!! =^_^=

This is Kyo, hes my baby X3 Look at him hamming it up for the camera XD

This is Snowy (well, her name is Snowflake, but I call her Snowy for short XP) I luv her eyes!! o__o I wish my eyes were like that T.T Lolz...I think she's preggy again >__> I hope her kittens live this time if she is T__T

The multicolored one is Cookie, and she was my first cat. I luvs her, even tho she has a bad temper sometimes^^" Lmao, she's uber jealous of Snowy and Kyo...look at her glaring at them X3 (sorry this pic is smaller^^")

K, thats all for now^^

~Ja ne!

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