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Friday, August 22, 2008

Must...kill...internet..! O__O And happy b-day ppl ^_^
8:00-something p.m.

Waaah, my internets retarded T_T It just suddenly went out last night at about 2 a.m.... idk what happened, everything just stopped working, I tried refreshing, I tried shutting down the comp, but nothing worked >__< I was on it earlier today and it went out again, but it was working again after I opened a new window...*sigh*

OK! Theres been a lot of b-days this month so...

Lets see, in order as best I can remember: Lin, Shred, Jae, Sui, my mom, and my sis, happy b-day to u all, and to any upcoming August b-days ^_^ I think ima start doing this every month^^" Oh, and if i missed ur name and u had a b-day this month, just let me know and I'll add u to the list on my next post^^"

Also, I got my schudule for this school year on thursday...I hate it -__-" I dont think ima have many classes with my friends T_T The s word starts for me on Monday...*sigh* I need to get everything ready...

~Ja ne!

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