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Friday, August 8, 2008

   Tucker Lake...NO COMP!!! T.T
1:10-something a.m.

Ok, SO....I'm going to Tucker Lake tommorow...all kinds of stuffs to do there lolz, I'm exited^^ Buuuut...when we get back my moms making me go to a lock-in at the church...I dont want to go, they have no comps!! T___T Also, I think we're going to the beach this weekend for my moms b-day...SHES GONNA BE HALF A CENTURY!!! LMAO XD Happy b-day mom ^_^

So no comp this weekend...maybe tommorow night if I can convenve my mom to let me stay home..but not on sat. or sun. T__T

Nothing else going on...so...

~Ja ne!

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